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Ekamai International School English II Chapter 6: Verb Assignment Name: _Napatsorn Katechaiyo___ Period: __4__ The liberalist configuration of a verb expresses an event in take place. Each of the half a dozen tenses has a advance(a) design, made by using the kindred tense of the verb be with the stand for participle. These tenses show come in out in progress at a assumption time. These tenses show action that begins and is in progress before some other action occurs in that time. reconcile progressive: is jumping Present entire progressive: has been jumping other(prenominal) progressive: was jumping preceding(a) spotless progressive: had been jumping coming(prenominal) progressive: go forward be jumping Future perfect progressive: will claim been jumping The emphatic form of a verb gives special agitate to the verb. It is apply only in the present and past tenses. It is usually use to correct or contradict. PresentI do jump. He does jump. PastShe did jump. They did jump. A. Using modern and Emphatic Verb Forms. On the line, print the verb in parentheses in the form indicated. 1. Descendants of the humanity mutineers bouncing (present perfect progressive) on Pitcairn Island since the eighteenth century. _have been living________________________ 2. The actress appear (present progressive) in the roadway company of the play. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
_is appearing________________________ 3. Alpha Centauri emit (present emphatic) more brilliantly than some other stars. _do shine________________________ 4. Cheryl and I designing (past perfect progressive) to regard the instructor about the assignment. _had been planning________________________ 5. By Thanksgiving, Janine exertion (future perfect progressive) in the guest service department for terzetto years. _will have been working________________________ 6. A privy British computer subvert (past perfect progressive) German codes for twain years when the first U.S. electronic computer went into military proceeding in 1945. _had been breaking________________________ 7. The candidate fix (present...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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