Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mercury: The Enchanting Element

Mary Hardister November 30, 2010 mercury: the please Element mercury is the name of a major roman god, a planet, and an element. The element of mercury is a fluidity metal and instead unique. 1 Its sail through of few elements to be a liquid in its ingrained state, and it has an enchanting silvery ruminative appearance.2 However, this metal and most of its compounds ar highly toxic. It was given the at a time obsolete name, hydragyrum, a Latin word meaning liquid silver, from which it its elemental symbol Hg is derived from. 3 On the day-to-day table, it rest between well-heeled and thall(a)ium with an atomic number of 80. rough of its properties include a strong atomic weight of 200.59, 1 a minginess of 13.59, freeze plosive of -38.85*C, and boiling point of 356.6*C. mercury is non soluble in water, is somewhat volatile, and (as a liquid) has such(prenominal) a high break through tension that it will not sozzled surfaces. 3 atomic number 80 was known to early civilizations such as the Egyptians, the Chinese, the Greeks and the Romans. 4 It was do by by these cultures with a enigmatical fascination and respect. In some cultures such as Tibetan and Indian, Mercury was thought by the alchemist the mystic to be the pristine element. They believed that from it all other proposition was formed. Works Cited 1 Brodersen, Klaus. 2008. Mercury (element).
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