Friday, August 16, 2013

Personality Development

PSYCHIATRIC NURSING BeliefsFeelingsBehavior Sigmund Freud Father of Psycho analysis -structure of personality Id-impulsive part, enjoyment principle - feed in, urinate, have sex -its all I Superego atomic voice of God -conscience -should non tucker yet, should not eat yet Ego- arbiter, stopping point maker -in touch with reality Id___________________Superego ego ID predominant ingest a superego- unavoidably a conscience M- manic A- antisocial serial killer N- narcissistic SUPEREGO DOMINANT needs an Id O- Obsessive Compulsive A- Anorexia nervosa EGO impaired reality percept (RN impart present reality) S- schizophrenia- pietism distinguish fact from reality Libido- internal energy FREUD - psychosexual THEORY ORAL 0-18 months Cry, gushlick mouth- survival Id dominant Maternal deprivation if not feed, not given recognize out/water, not kept warm. narcissistic seeks the Id I love myself turnabout return to an earlier phase or earlier take aim Fixation stopped in a stage ANAL- 18 mos-3yrs prat breeding Mom is superego. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Superego is being formed barbarian is caught in ambivalency pulled in 2 opposing factors in addition much john training with punishment will moment to a baby who is: Obedient, organized, cleanRebel, dirty, disobedient = OC=Anti-social =anal retentive=anal expulsive priapic 3-6 yrs old - fellow member & vagina -love of boot of opposite sex Oedipal-boy loves mom Electra-girl loves dad Identification- boy imitates dad expurgation fears- fear that dad is cherry-red at him and will come forth off phallus Penis begrudge- girls admire little boys Dr. Karen Horney- detractor of Freud, didnt believe in penis envy. Freud said that it is maybe in her unconscious mind. Or repressed. Conscious- highest level of awareness Pre-conscious- at tip of tongue unconscious mind forgotten Repression-kept in unconscious....If you want to bind up a ample essay, order it on our website:

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