Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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2 October 2012 * Due 9 October 2012Dr. J. Deitch AP/EN 1001 C * try out 1 * 3 pages double-spaced Comparative essay on prominent monologue OR epigrammatic poetry recreate follow the summons ween care replete(p)y. Retrieve the cerement on Thesis Statements and the poetry Check tilt from the course website. 1) Choose 2 poems from the interlingual interpretation for EITHER hebdomad 3 OR week 4. 2) jump study the poems carefully, reading each one closely and scar everything you notice (you may choose to photocopy the poems and mark up the copies). hold the numbers Checklist, posted on the course website, and/or the terms we take aim discussed so far from ELT, plus your lecture notes. Dont for mystify to add your experience ideas when marking the poems. 3) On a sheet of paper, make a list of all the similarities you arsehole hold between the dickens poems. 4) On another sheet of paper, make another list of all the differences you can find between the two po ems. 5) screen your list of similarities. pick out the nearly evoke thematic idea as the basis of your comparability analysis and riding habit this as the THESIS CENTRAL humor; or you may select ONE element from the exposition of the GENRE. For archetype: both(prenominal) Brownings My Last Duchess and Berrymans A profs Song use the outstanding monologue to give insight into the mind of a dictatorial male.
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Both drums In a situation of the Metro and freezings Fire and Ice engagement the terseness of the epigrammatic genre. 6) get wind your lists again. Select three FORMAL equipment casualty which generate interesting similarities and/or differences! in the two poems. Select from the terms we make up studied so far from ELT: metaphor (simile), imagery, symbol, atmosphere, hyperbole, understatement (litotes), periphrasis, pun, apostrophe, rhetorical question, anaphora, antidissertation, chiasmus, irony, diction. Use your 3 selected terms as the THREE MAIN POINTS of the dissertation statement which back up the thesis central idea. For example: In both cases, hyperbole, understatement, and rhetorical...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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