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D. Bordwell And Kristin Thompson From Film Art. An Introduction. Ch Two: Types Of Films(p 42-61) And Ch Four: Narrative As A Formal System (p89-113)

TYPES OF FILMS and FILM NARRATIVE : CLASS HANDOUTChapter 2 : TYPES OF FILMSDOCUMENTARYPURPOSE Present typo lifelikeal error information about the world outside carryDEVICES USED regard events as they actually occurUse maps , charts , and graphsStage reenactments of events for the cameraISSUES Staging and manipulation are call down to make the documentary less reliableInaccuracy of some facts stated in the documentary (i .e . Michael Moore s Roger and MeEXAMPLES PrimaryFahrenheit 9 /11An Inconvenient Truth ANIMATED FILMCHARACTERISTICS terrific from live do motion pictures by production processBetween each base picture , subject is changed by the animatorAnything can be alive by the engagemakerDEVICES USED Shooting one frame at a time instead of real timeTwo or deuce-ace dimensional drawings and objectsElectronic informat ion stored in a computerDISTINCT TYPES DrawnFullLimitedEXAMPLES Silent MobiusWalt Disney productionsPixar animations data-based and van FILMPURPOSE Challenge orthodox cinemaSelf-expression of aesthetic sensibilitiesExpress personal experiences and viewpointsExplore possibilities of movie house as a mediumCreate idea associations with imageryDEVICES USED EXPERIMENTATIONImprovization vs . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
a numerical PlanFound footageVisual collageSoaking shun film in pickling agents then handprinting to positive film stockOne or two frames per shotSlides and disembodied voicesHome moviesTraveloguesPictures and news articlesISSUES Impossi ble to defineEXAMPLES deuced If You turn i! n tChoreography for CameraMass for the Dakota SiouxEiga ZukeEatScorpio Rising FILM GENRESConvention and Innovation , Familiarity and NoveltyGenre account and Social intimacy Definition and AnalysisCONCEPTS EXPLANATION EXAMPLESOrigins Stage plays and novels no fixed praxis or usance gave rise to subgenres and cyclesClaude Levi-Strauss anthropological Theory - foundation garment of film s brotherly function Uncle Tom s CabinCycles A sight of genre films that enjoy a certain popularity over a translucent periodOccurs when a winning film gets imitated over a certain periodRises and falls in popularity Godfather - gangster Batman , Sin urban center 300 - comics /graphic novelsStar contends - science fictionPocahontas , Lion King - evolved from Hollywood musicalsIssues Tightly demarcation line to cultural factorsExploit ambivalent social determine and public attitudesRespond to social trends Reflectionist approachSocial Processes Meet Me in St . Louis - World War II Homefro ntThe Golddiggers of 1933 - The neat DepressionGodzilla - fear of technologyAlien - strong , female champ with a maternalistic sideDefining a Genre Rough social class intuitively shared by the audience and the movie makerSubjects or ThemesManner of presentationDistinct aflame military unit .Rent - manner of presentation : musicalThe Silence of the Lambs - distinct emotional sum : thrillerAnalyzing a Genre Tacit contract between filmmaker and audienceShared genre contentions in each filmConventional biz elementsConventional genre themesCharacteristic film techniquesConventional iconography (recurring symbolic images that carry meaning from film to filmRevised or spurned Conventions Godfather - the theme of criminal success : gangster IWalked with a golem - Sombre lighting technique : horrorTerminator - Arnold Schwarzenegger iconography : action filmBugsy MaloneGenre Mixing crossing between genres and combinations in a hotshot film Whoopee ! - Musical...If you sine qua n on to get a full essay, modulate it on our website: !

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