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Negotiating Policy Dealing with medicines in Belgium The European monitoring subject matter for medicines and drug addiction and is actually does not add a great deal upstart information active Belgiums law on drugs entirely it does deliver the goods a lot of information about facts and figures and the wellness risks of fetching drugs. Because almost all the information is about facts and figures I study this point of reference is objective. I think this source go away be very useful for my try because it provides make out which I backside use and it also shows that Belgium encourages prevention and do instead of legalisation of drugs. I believe this source is authentic because all the numbers can be checked and it is an cornerstone of the EU. Gatto, C. (2002). Home. Retrieved November 9, 2011, from Norml: hypertext transfer protocol:// dowry/zoo/category/european-drug-policy-analysis-and-case-studies This source is from an American organization that stands up for the people who believe marijuana should be legal. The article itself is about general information on the different drug policies in Europe and its fines etcetera. This source except also mentions something about Belgiums drug policy. It says that Belgium does not make specialization between soft of enceinte drugs but on how it is used, conjointly of individually. This source is very native because it stands up for marijuana users and as well as that, the information provided is not only correct. I do not think this source will be useful for my essay because the information does not curb with my earlier research. Therefore I also do not think this is a legitimate source. Handelsblad, N. (2001, March 8). Drugs. Retrieved November 9, 2011, from Retro NRC: This source is from the Dutch publisher NRC Handelsblad and it is about opposite EU coun tries that are giving Holland a hard measur! e because they have decriminalized soft drugs but at the same judgment of conviction these countries are becoming...If you want to put a full essay, outrank it on our website:

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