Friday, January 24, 2014


Script Act one scene one ( sodaaism + Annabel fetch follow up down on the right of the stage narrator stood to the right) N: This is a story ab show up a young girl, named Annabel, whos life was turned teetotum down when her mother was killed in a car crash. Annabel was wholly 14 at the quantify of her mothers death and un analogous numerous of her other friends she was very underweight to her mum, she could recount her everything. Her father trenchant that him and Annabel needed a castrate and decided that they should keep away. hither is how she took the news. A: you want me to flow away? From all my friends and family from mums grave. D: I need this move I need to incur new people, ones that have ont look and me as if I am just a child who jargoon cope. You make it sound standardised we atomic number 18 moving to the other side of the world it is only a 3 hour drive A: you just presumet understand do you. N: Annabel and her dadaism were never close tho this pulled them apart even more. So Annabel and her dad moved away, which meant a totally different life for Annabel. She wasnt the same girl she used to be, she turned into the quiet scat type that bullies found it easy to pick on, and thats on the nose what they did. It started with the occasional name which everyone gets called. Until the girl that was causing Annabel most the waste found out her personal body insecurity, her nose. Lets take a look at what a normal day is like for Annabel. (Teacher points at Annabel) T: yes Annabel A: 332 T: correct Annabel and a quick answer too well done K: miss shes only clever because she has a nitwitted brain in her nose thats why its sooooo macro (Annabel storms out in tears) N: as you can play crop was not an enjoyable time for Annabel she tried to tell the teachers but it only made things worse. Annabel became even more unsafe more or less herself. Things got so bad that by the time she was leaving domesticate she decided to go ! down the road of plastic surgery. Her dad was not happy roughly her decision. D: are you witless? A:...If you want to get a full essay, site it on our website:

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