Monday, February 3, 2014

Case Study

Case Study Introduction The topic of this paper is to feel a detestation news report using the internet and hence analyze this abuse from the trio theories that I accept in condition(p) from this course. These three theories ar Choice, Trait, and Social Structure. I for give-up the ghost then(prenominal) talk about the abuse story that I embed and break complicate what we know about this type of crime to include prevalence, trends, and cost. I will then discuss how utilizable a ad hoc theory within each of the three theories by explaining the crime that I have chosen. In close I will discuss which of the three theories were most reusable in explaining the pitiful incident. Additionally, I will discuss the insinuation of this theory to the miserable justice agreement policy and what should the culpable justice system try to do to address this crime. The detestation The title of the story is condition HS Football Player embed Guilty Of Rape. This is about Demarco Whitley, a former Glenbard West eminent School football player, was found guilty of genderually assaulting a 15-year- sure-enough(a) fille (Hope, 2011). The victim got into a boys car that she considered a booster dose and claimed that she was brutally raped by another boy in the car. Whitley did testify that he and the misfire had sex but it was consensual. The prosecutor argued that it was hard to believe that a 15 year old girl would agree to have oral, anal and vaginal sex with a boy she had never met before. Whitleys attorney argued that the girl is a liar and that she be to everyone including her family and the police. But when the victim testified her story was very detailed and thinkable while Whitleys was astounding and poorly contrived. Whitley is due okay in court on November 1st and could face betwixt 16 and 60 eld in prison. Forcible rape, as defined in the FBIs Uniform Crime report (UCR) Program, is the carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will. Attempts or assaults t! o commit rape by force or holy terror of force atomic number 18 also included; however,...If you want to get a undecomposed essay, order it on our website:

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