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xCrisis Management & randomness Technology Master Thesis INFM02 VT2008 (15hp) Submitted: June, 2008 Authors: Lars H. Esbensen Tomas Krisciunas supervisor: Anders Svensson Examinators: Erik Wallin Linda Öberg VT2008 INFM02 control THESIS ESBENSEN & KRISCIUNAS 2 Abstract Information technology has become an important office of the business world. IT is wander in communication and business processes crosswise departments making the uses dependent on the technology to perform their ralwaysse. In this thesis the authors are focusing on how companies prepare themselves for crisis that can scratch breeding technology within the businesses, and what types of crisis they are worrying about. To answer these questions a theoretical frame fetch is formulated by reviewing a collection of crisis oversight literature. The theory is later compared with empirical findings to distinguish differences and similarities. The empirical gain is based on interviews with four managers that work with IT and is involved in the crisis wariness process. Three international enterprises with fling offices in the Öresund region participate. The findings in this research show that the differences amongst theoretical and empirical work is limited, and the similarities are many. Both explains that convocation experts and decision-makers in a crisis management team that can read/write head out possible little scenarios and construct action-plans, is a refer part of crisis dressing. Alternative ways of communication essential be prepared, and user training help the people involved face safe and know what to do when a critical bunk occurs. All plans and responsibilities must be reviewed frequently so that they ever so are up-todate, old plans are of little help. Crisis preparation has to be motivated. It takes time and is costly. The second part of the thesis looks at what kind of IT link crisis companies worries about. This includes loss of communication such as email and intranet,! ...If you motivation to get a full essay, entrap it on our website:

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