Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sociology- Racism & Gender

Racism- Based on physical features Old Racism- in their genes, backs out(a)classed raw Racism- Cosbys- colour, middle class lawyer- like he was whiten. societal verbal expression of Race- non biological, track is arbitrary, cant reassure race by a drop of blood. Invention of the model of Racism- Gominaw Argued 3 races- Whites,Yellows- Blacks Whites superior race (intellectually, morally, relation to work ethic)- Yellows well-nigh as good as whites, (dominant ideology) blacks- worst. History Class- learn broadside finished the eyes of the Victor- many voices find left out of history books, distortion of information (GATEKEEPING- Censorship) Marcus Garvey- Jamacian born Citizen- very plainspoken leader, activist, writer- believed in black separatism- complete recite black communities with just straight black leaders, post office, etc. BTA- back to Africa- cruise puff to Africa for blacks Emmett Till- at relatives house, make said mind your manners- went to town, getting candy, suffers white woman down the street, cat calls her, tells her husband angering him beyond belief, got a coupe friends and kidnapped him, gave him the beating of a life time, whirl him, left him for utter in a river. Had an open coffin open avail to show racism. Brown V circuit board (1954)- Segregation of schools, separate but equal schools are inherently unequal, so illegal. jam Earl ray- Man who assassinated Martin Luther King- no affable connections, no wealth, go around world before he assassinates king, meets with CIA agent. When he was entrust on trial- said I was not alone- not investigated by CIA or FBI. Steering- realestate agents steer racial minorities away from certain(p) neighborhoods so to keep neighborhoods segregated. Red frontier- maps on walls, red line for communities at high risk, therefore making it impossible for pot to get loans. White Flank- when whites exit to suburbs to get away from minorities- now whites move back t o Chicago to get out of the suburbs. Gentif! ication- moo income living accommodations replace...If you want to get a full essay, army it on our website:

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