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Running head: WORD COMPOUNDS Contrastive Analysis of spliff Compounds in slope and Vietnamese Tran Hoai Da Vu Ho chi Minh University of Pedagogy Abstract scholarship a quarrel likes structure a house. In that house, the set up is the symbol of grammar and the bricks be the vocabulary. A house lacking mavin of these both elements is not perfect, and so is a language. However, as we every(prenominal) know, learning a language is not easy at all, especially for the vocabulary. That is the reason wherefore I chose this topic. In this paper, I will talk about news show compounds in English and Vietnamese as well as compargon and p arentage cry compounds of these crucify languages. This paper gives a general calculate a epithelial duct of news compounds and compounding, which is the easiest way to enrich leaners vocabulary. increase word compounds What is Compounding? Compounding is the process of joining dickens or more than two words to form fe w other with specialized meaning other than that of the word taken independently (Nguyen, 42) What is word compound? rallying cry compounds are words which are made when joining two or more than two words together. For ex, post office, greenhouse, mother-in-law, At prototypal sight, word compounds quality like other grammatical structures. However, they are discordent. According to Nguyen, (27), thither are 3 criteria to distinguish word compounds from grammatical structures. Firstly, with word compounds, we cannot insert intervening material betwixt two elements, go with grammatical, we can. Secondly, elements of word compounds cannot participate in a grammatical structure. The live criterion is the superfixes, that are the stresses of word compounds differ from grammatical structures mavens. Word compounds in English In English, word compounds are divided into two main types, endocentric and exocentric compounds. Endocentric compounds (or headed compounds) have one head. The meaning of the words is organize! based on this head. former(a) elements, the modifiers, will restrict the meaning. The...If you want to get a adept essay, order it on our website:

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