Monday, October 17, 2016

Dealing with Ethical Dilemmas

People learn honest dilemmas in daylight-by-day life. It is very important to meditate these issues thoroughly and make decisions cautiously because every act you do today will get your future. I faced an ethical dilemma last semester, took station in one of my logical argument courses, which forced me to choose in the midst of friendship and morality. At the starting of the last semester, I made a friend in the class and soon became a good study chum. We always sat together in the class and shared opinions on everything from domesticate to life. As prison term went by, we got much more long-familiar with instructors rules and ready out the class was well-off enough to be self-studying at home. However, we are required to do clicker questions in lectures in come out to receive participation points which expect as 15% of primitive average. One day, because my study buddy wanted to take a day off school in exchange for an plain day of working instrument in his pa rt-time transaction for more money, he asked me to do lecture clicker questions for him once a week. I was faced my day with a choice surrounded by assistanceing my friend and viscid with honesty. At the end of the day, I decided to keep my morality and refused his request. Since then, such friendship had gone.\nIn analyzing this case, I firstly evaluated the consequences of selecting all choice. If I agree to back up him and do clicker questions, both of us are violating the Bauer Code of ethics which may cause sedate consequences like getting an F for the course or emanation from school, and next time he may ask me to do other similar things because he knows I will help. Moreover, beingness an Accounting student, I shall purely require myself to value the sizeableness of morals and ethics. A eternize of cheating and being unethical on either of our facsimile will definitely massacre our career. If I refuse to help him, he may be very upset on me for being an unhelp ful friend, and I may end up losing this friend. While I was deliberation the...

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