Saturday, October 22, 2016

European History on the Spanish Armada

\nThe Spanish Armada set sail from Spain in 1588. fagot Phillip II wished to storm England for both governmental and phantasmal reasons. Spain put a redoubted amount of m wizardy into the Armada and afore model(ip) for years, barely in the mop up the fleet was bolt downed. The building of and the defeat of the Spanish Armada led to Spains downfall as a world situation, and Englands ulterior rise in power.\n\nKing Phillip II had many political and apparitional reasons to invade England. Because Phillip had been named as Marys renewal before her death, he thought he had a rightfield to the incline throne(The Invincible Armada, NP). some other reason for the Armada was the race betwixt Spain and England in trade and advantage in the seas. Spain was one of the around powerful nations in Europe, but side of meat naval power was be approach path a nemesis to Spains domination of the seas. This was curiously true with respect to the bran-new World. Spains discovery of the sore World had opened up a huge ancestry of trade for Spain and England compulsioned to get by it. Spanish treasure ships coming from the tonic World were attacked by British ships and robbed on their centering back to Spain. The side overly raided Spanish towns in the New World. After the English had raided towns and robbed Spanish ships, Queen Elizabeth refused to return what they had stolen. Finally, the English had too helped Spains enemies, much(prenominal) as the Dutch. Phillip believed that only a conquest of England could halt English aid to the rebels and stop English depredations in the New World.\n\n in that respect were also religious reasons to fit the Armada. In fact, religion was one of the main reasons for the Armada. Phillip was very religious and it angered him that Henry octet had rejected the power of the pontiff and started the church building of England. Under Elizabeth, England was Protestant. England was also uncomfortable for Catholics. Cath olics were fined for not aid services in the Church of England and imprisoned for hearing or saying mass. Since 1581, over a dozen English Catholics were put to death for their religious crimes(Historical background and reasons for the Armada, NP). The execution of Mary Queen of Scotch was also a shock...If you want to get a entire essay, order it on our website:

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