Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Diversity of American Culture

We live in a society where vicissitude is the norm. People of varied enculturations, races, and righteousnesss ar inhabitants of this melting pot we bellow America. Since birth my cultural identity operator could of have been expressed as a middle class, Moslem American male of Palestinian descent. Both my parents were born in raised in the Gaza Strip, and travel to America to start a family and a liveliness. However, my parents decision to move from their fatherland to America did not trespass their vigorous hold of our culture and religion.\nI was raised with the Palestinian culture and the Islamic religion. My parents displace me to an Islamic inform completely my life, where the facultys rush was to teach the Islamic religion and make it a strong mapping in our any daily lives, in and come forth of shoal. From my very Islamic reproduction to entrance into college I had very little contact with any unmatched who was not Muslim or of Arab descent. Upon entranc eway into college I was exposed to classmates who were not Muslim, yet assimilator of different religions and ideals. As a student in an Islamic school all my life, I was contact by individuals who were raised being taught the like religion and adopting the same culture.\nGender relations play a big role in in the Islamic school I accompanied all my life. I determine my religion and try to devour it in my life in my everyday actions, unless my school environment alsok it too farther when it came to communicating with the face-to-face gender. Students of the adversary gender were not allowed to pass around with each other for whatever reason unless given license by one of the faculty. Students however talked to each other subsequently school, which made talking to the opposite gender outside more(prenominal) tempting and unnecessarily promiscuous. I realized this idea to be a bit too extreme once I became employed as an EMT in my neighborhood.\nI realized that as a Mu slim living in America one must communicate and interact with the other gender in order to...

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