Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The War on Immigration

INTRODUCTION\n later the World War II came to an end, the result and consequences are static present, it left some countries in a desolation and its mass homeless and jobless. This lead community to immigrate to the unite States nether refugee status. However, as stated in the Displaced Persons Act, they did not represented a threat to Americans housing or jobs. The war destroyed many governmental groups but in addition gave birth to other, such as Communism; this led to the raw War between the United States and Russia. Since accepting communists threatened the states integrity, the McCarran- Walter Act was passed to extirpate people of certain political beliefs from immigrating. The political problems of this clip stay also created economic problems in many countries and resultantly produced an in-migration nightmare for the United States. The mid-1900s was a time of vast immigration resulting from political and economic problems finishedout the initiation. And thro ugh history the US solution to this immigrate waves has been through policies, immigration policies more specific. The US immigration policies have past bowling ball great and significant changes since the twentieth century. To this has contributed not only the WWII and the low temperature War, but as come up political problems, poverty, lack of jobs, and in changing policy. This is no offspring the location or the detail of time, the push and pulls have incessantly and will always costs, in that respect will always exist poor third world countries that cannot a good purlieu for their society live and prosper in their homeland.\nThe United States has changed its immigration policy many time in the last c years and in 2010 a new and controversial immigration bill arrive in the US Congress, the Support Our fairness Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act or commonly known as genus Arizona SB1070. This is a legislative Act of the state of Arizona that at the time it has a nnounce back in 2010 was the gather in and explained as a stricte...

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