Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Companies are generally drive by profits, sometimes til now at the expense of the surroundings and the welfare of members of our corporation. As capital of Singapore advances towards the status of a exceedingly-developed nation, I believe that such(prenominal) actions are not sustainable. Companies acquire to actively contribute to the lodge and integrate socially responsible policies into their business models. This leads me to savor that collective Social Responsibilities (CSR) form an serious pillar of growth for our society in the long run.\nAs a student of the initiate of Technical Education (ITE), I have experienced first-hand how my instruct is involved in CSR. ITE actively contributes to and creates new value for the bigger biotic community in which it operates, adhering about to our CSR Ethos to use our resources and skills to finagle for the community and build a sustainable milieu. Under the positive decide of my teachers, I start to feel strongly about t he richness of CSR. We have to continually bearing for our society and those who are little fortunate. Only then force out we build an inclusive society, whereby everyone progresses in concert with no one leftfield behind. In this way, we will be able to build a more closely knit community as we progress. An object lesson of CSR that really inspires me is that of Starbucks. Among the many actions taken by Starbucks over the days is to ensure that the welfare of minor(ip) farmers are taken care of through programs like loans and productivity-enhancing lessons from their experts. Starbucks alike ensures that the coffee is grown in an environmentally friendly manner. I find that this really proves that a company can actively care for its community and the environment while still staying highly profitable. Companies in Singapore and slightly the world should all take a crap towards what Starbucks is doing.\nBeing someone who walks my talk, I decided that I should as well as play an active office staff in CSR. Hence, I linked the Interact Club when I was in NITEC...

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