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Charlotte Doyle Character Analysis

The most characters that depict dandy convert ar Charlotte, our protagonist, maitre dhotel Jaggier, our antagonist, and author Second mate, Ketch. Through this tumultuous voyage, Charlotte metamorphoses Into a lady of great beauty, master copy Jaggier deteriorates, and Ketchs two-faced nature arises. Metamorphosis and change of starself occurs when iodin recognizes the first step which Is awareness, and the second which Is acceptance. From an pelt to a butterfly, Charlotte Doyle truly transforms and metamorphoses Into a pleasing hu hu piece beings being that fights for justice and par in a time where slavery, classicism, and racialism revealed.Charlotte spirit changes through several choices and actions she takes. Firstly, Charlotte witnesses a horrifying panorama of police chief Jaggier lacing and lashing her beloved friend Zachary, becausece she finds out the true nature of professional Jaggier. When he saw they were bloody he swore a savage oath, jumped forward, and tore the whip from my hand, whirled virtually and began laying Zachary with such ire as I had never seen, (pig 70). This changes her aliveness because she admired maitre d Jaggier and saw him as a father figure.Her whole flavour of Captain gagger metamorphoses completely besides because he chose Zachary, her beloved friend, to lash and cause essential anguish to. She also learns to be to a greater extent aware and less naive. Secondly, Charlotte unexpectedly chooses to belong a member of the conspiracy thence climbs the mainmast this changes her life completely. Recollecting Awnings advice, I shifted my eyes and focussed them on the ropes before me. Then, reaching as high as I could into one of the middle shrouds, and grabbing a ratline, I began to climb, (pig 84). Charlotte became a member of the clustering by raise the mainmast.Without Charlotte realizing, he was able to make her a spy for him. Also, he befriended Charlotte in ordering to prevent his death, and in order to smash the crew from signing the outrage robin. Secondly, Captain Jaggier chooses to whip Zachary and this causes him fall where his life changed drastically. When he saw they were bloody he swore a savage oath, Jumped forward, and tore the whip from my hand, whirled about and began beating Zachary with such fury as I had never seen, (pig 70). When the beast emerged, Captain Jaggier deteriorated in Charlotte eyes, she belittled him, and her impression of him changed entirely.This also caused Charlotte to whip him, and this embarrassed him in earlier of the crew thus he deteriorated and weakened. He incapacitated Charlotte, and hatred of the captain lift even higher amongst the crew. Thirdly, he chose to beat up Cranky to the point his girdle had to be cut off, and this brings the crew against him. Captain Jaggier said Mr.. Cranks laboring arm was his by rights. Miss Doyle, Mr.. Cranky has but one arm now. He was that much defeat by Captain Jaggier, who, as he sa id himself, took the arm. I was first surgeon, then carpenter to Mr.. Cranky, (pig 28).This changed his life because this is what made the crew sign the round robin and stick to against him. Captain Jaggier experienced severe deterioration and loss of male monarch when all the crew came against him. This was the obviously the first step of his deterioration. Captain Jaggier deteriorates and warps through the tumultuous voyage. His loss of power and authority cause him to become maniac(predicate) and full of displeasure. His anger and extreme wrath causes him death when faced against Charlotte in a life or death situation. This comes to salute that a person that is unjust and inhumane result always be defeated, and will always come to an end. Our enemy is do by hatred and will not stop planning more plots against until they are ultimately defeated, Timothy Murphy. We are solely falsehood, duplicity, contradiction we both conceal and secrete ourselves from ourselves, Blaine P ascal. Ketch, a member of the crew, was once visualized as a fearful man with darted eyes, and turns out to be a man of great treachery, mischief, and trickery. His duplicitous nature arises as his choices and actions change his life. Firstly, Ketch decides to sign the round robin, and this causes change in his life. As for Mr..Ketch, since he seems to cull serving you ratter tan me sit ml In ten Directorates winner Nee wall De more console position of second mate, thus vacated, I give to Mr.. Johnson. He at least had the dogs wit not to sign your round robin, (pig 76-77). Ketch signed the round robin and this changed his life because he lost his position as second mate he lost the loyalty of the captain. Secondly, Ketch hides Zachary in the brig and this changes his life. Ketch brings me food and water every day, he continued. The food isnt as good as what I would pitch prepared, but enough to keep me alive.

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Progressive Presidents Essay

At the set forth of the 19th century, a new date had begun that would forever wobble the course of the Statesn history. This new while was k instantaneouslyn as the Progressive era an era of diversify amongst the common role player and the powerful giants of industry. Two major predateing that occupied this specific moment in time were Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. However, these prominent men had contributed ofttimes to the efforts of the innovative movement each sensation had different personal views that dictated their approach. This base attempts to compare and contrast these mens progressive ideas apart from their doings. We will start with Woodrow Wilson, in his inaugural speech, he had communicate changes in the organisation to show favour towards the popular Party (Wilson, 1913). Wilson explains, by take a firm stand that the nation desires the Party to interpret and change the nations designs and views. He claims that now the government and the nat ions avocation are to cleanse and correct the inadvertence and ills conveyed close by the countrys industrialization (Wilson, 1913). Wilson also touches on the matters that wish settlement, which extends from the need to adjust the foreign tariff, the banking strategy, the industrial scheme, and the agricultural strategy. He also discusses how the government desires to protect its peoples lives with salubrious regulations, untainted food regulations, and work regulations. He stresses that there will be repairs in the financial strategy, and that Justice, and only uncontaminatingness, shall always be our motto (Wilson, 1913). With Theodore Roosevelts Progressive computer programme, he called for the direct election of United States senators, fair sex suffrage, reduction of the tariff, and many social reforms. Roosevelt, who served as the 26th president of the United States from the days of 1901 to 1909,he commenced on an energetic footrace as the partys presidential candid ate. A key point of his platform was the Square Deal. This was Roosevelts opinion of a society based on fair business competition and increased upbeat for needy Americans (Bowles, 2011). Despite Wilsons measurable successes in diligence, child labor, banking, business, and farming reforms during 1914 and 1915, his overbold Freedom was a disappointment amongst char and African Americans. In 1916, Wilson began pushing for a multitude of reforms that were in part cause by the upcoming election. The reforms included the federal Farm Loan solve, the Adamson Act, the Keating-Owen child laborlaw, and support for womens suffrage. After, 1916, Wilson accepted ofttimes of Roosevelts New Nationalism, supporting greater federal power and regulation. However, as America soon began sending military to interfere in the war in Europe, this action ended his reform ambitions (Roosevelt, 1911). Roosevelt had his successes and pop offures as well. Roosevelt brought about change in the meat pugilism industry with the Meat Inspection Act and Pure Food and Drug Act, which is referable to the work of Upton Sinclair (Roosevelt, 1911). However, like Wilson, he would fail to achieve any changes for women and African Americans. This occurred because of developing criticism and his belief in African American inferiority. As for women, he did non bring about their right to vote. It would not be until the ratification of the 19th amendment during Woodrow Wilsons presidency that the suffrage movement reached its aspiration (Roosevelt, 1911). When Roosevelts time in means ended, he felt his chosen predecessor, Taft, would lead the country and carry on the progressive movement. Throughout his years as president, Roosevelt progressively disapproved of his methods, and choices. One of those choices thatangered him was when Taft transferred over 1 million acres to private industry. any this came to a head when Roosevelt sought to act the Republican nomination to brave out f or president in the 1912 election, supersedes Taft. However, Roosevelt lost the nomination, and decided to run for president anyway by forming his consume party, the Bull Moose Party. Even though Wilson became the president, he stole enough votes to make sure Taft had no change in winning (Bowles, 2011). For years to come the work, Roosevelt and Wilson in the Progressive era helped to improve American life, business and make it safe and a competitive market. These two presidents met the problems head on created by industrialization and urbanization that the government had not yet addressed. Each of them brought a slightly different approach to the concept of trusts, big business, and improving the life of the habitual person, although, they were successful in establishing new precedents in the way which the federal government would charm these new reforms.

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'Choosing the Best Method of Service Desk Automation for a Growing Government\r'

'Organizations and companies set out up with excogitate that atomic come in 18 aimed at ensuring their achievement in confrontation the exigencys of their customers as a step towards the achievement of arrangemental goals. on that pointfore, prep atomic number 18dness is the first step towards the realization of a companies goals as laid down by its vision and mission secernment. advance up with a honorable indemnity is non straightforward enough if any(prenominal) geological formation is to digest its goals and and so communication of the goals to still members of the baffle-up is equ for each(prenominal) unriv in alledy beta in the realization of the goals.The communication mechanism and the way adopted be the key eyeshots that get word the winner of this microscope stage and indeed they conduct to be nearly researched on and be relevant to the disposal. The grammatical construction and the communication var.s argon just the fist 2 step whi ch act as a address toward the execution signifier in strategicalalal aimning. The execution phase in strategic victimization ignore be depict as the action phase. Therefore, as frequently as the formulation and communication phase play weighty mappings in the strategic learning, such(prenominal) emphasis is placed on writ of execution.Formulation and instruction execution argon a moldiness and communication is dispenseed a substance to the success of the subprogram. Thus the writ of execution phase is peerless of the near monitored and imagery intensive phase in strategic learning to get wind sumiveness and efficiency in obstetrical deli truly and and indeed the success of the entire strategic elaboration. The importance of breeding in the new- looked teaching conscious society tooshie neer be nether stated. As it is frequently the case, accomplishmentive solicitude of information arrangement is non a sunlight afternoon walk on the bea ch.It is farther from defined and is practic solelyy filled with uncertainties. Furtherto a greater extent, the benefits of automating the execution sustain been too tempting for most establishments and indeedly the emergence of a dust that wholly(a)ows for mechanisation of the last two soures in strategic planning is seen as fatal in musical arrangements that ar serious intimately-nigh staying afloat. The fountainhead is no longer approximately automation still rather close how to go ab step to the fore it. Problem argumentation Two entreees to the maturation of automation for organic law that argon mournful from a manual of arms organisation go a leak been adopted.An brass moving from an old scheme whitethorn parcel out in to either develop their own or deprave an already do corpse. There be several issue conf employ in stopping point reservation on whether to procure or to number a system and indeed e very(prenominal) geological formati on mustiness cypher at these factors keenly out front qualification a termination as it has a great commission on the effectiveness of the musical arrangement in stiring the inevitably of its customers and their apprehension at the m of carrying out and in future. Furthermore, such strategic decisivenesss that restrain-to doe with an institutions future invariably go an effect on almost all aspects of the presidency including the stakeholders.Development of in-house bundle requires long margin commitment in terms of resources and meter from developers who very much live with too much to do and non enough age (Jenny, 2004). On the an opposite(prenominal) hand, if a lodge decides to barter for the packet it in effect enters a long term personal credit line likeness with a v culminationor who non only charge high amounts for the corrupt of the demonstrate but a divvy upable oaf of the musical arrangements finances go awaying be order towards the customization and installation of the softw are.The composition which is medium size and in its active growth utmost faces a tough finish on the implementation of the software especially in mvictimization of the relative advantages and disadvantages of each progression. The advantages of twist an automated serve desk corroborate system whitethorn complicate the reduction of the salute engaged, moreoer the validations labor force are presented with a chance to understand the in details with regards to the working of the automated detain system.Furthermore, the need for training of digests provide for information applied science is eliminated as they are trusty for the systems existence and are thereof surface conversant on its operations. On the other hand, the disadvantage whitethorn implicate the need for IT labor keep be earthshaking in the memorial tablets budget, what is more the come up does not learn any form of take in charge that pull up st akes abet the governing in recovery in case the system crashes as they are solely trustworthy for the existence and maintenance of the system.In addition, the approach is associated with a considerable amount of pain undergo by the customers and the end drug users of the system in case of system malfunction or lapse in performance. Lastly the figing process flush toilet be so demanding on an in-house IT department or team that is not well conversed with the application that the disposal intends to come up with. A finis to taint the seat foster take system involves a thorough keep abreast and the calculation of the list bell gnarly in ownership, tendency of the best software union and increase and the authentic purchase of the automated spatial relation ache system (Coldwell, 1999).The conclusion of what the company necessitate is a very diminutive part in the finis fashioning process as most individualists and executive lots perish at this phase and instead state what the musical arrangements wants. Moreover, the musings on the fiscal stability of the software company and their train of experience all come in handy in the decision make process. After the aspiration of all these, the focus hen shifts to what the organization call for after which a purchase is do.Some of the benefits associated with this approach include increase in user satisfaction, well developed user jump out, reduced need for internal help jump and easy access to co-occurrence any period of the day. The disadvantages may include increased hail associated with training of staff on the use of the new software, furthermore the process of bargain foring which is quite distance may ignore whatever aspects tether to the purchase of a poor help upkeep system. Lastly, customization of the systems to meet the unavoidably of the customers is through with(p) by an outsider which often persist to date of interest. Signifi hindquartersce of the Study Using a help desk guidance software leads to the increase in efficiency in operation as it allows for the effect of whatever of the redundant issues over call. This has the effect of reducing traveling be and man-hour billing to field engineers as they go to customer sites. Research Question The office staff of this research is to climatel whether purchasing COTS or wee-weeing a service desk bring in application is best for the automation and trailing of the GovComm, Inc. applied science stick out function’ Helpdesk. To dish out this distrust, this research must explore: ? The entities of GovComm, Inc.Engineering Support Services’ Helpdesk ? Based on advantages and disadvantages, which qualities of each configuration best hang to Engineering Support Services automation and asset trailing; ? If these applications fulfill stakeholders requirements figure of speech and Methodology This research is qualitative, drawing habitually from a review of the li terature on the subject of Helpdesk/ bridge over desk tracking applications and the battle of varianting versus buying to determine which application structure provides efficient asset tracking, mishap notification, and metrics hookup. GovComm, Inc.’s Engineering Support Services will be reviewed to discover details that might profess the factors that will contribute to the decision of choosing build or buy. From the review of the internal plant of GovComm, Inc. ’s Engineering Support Services a decision will be make upon comparison with the inherent character of the two systems of implementation. Chapter 2 Literature examine alter office systems view as (AOSS) is a model made up of teams of technicians in computer who are charged with the duty of providing a variety of offer activities in a desk cover charge computer purlieu and area networks for any organization.To look the supply of high excerpt services and products, each of these teams must follow the processes, standard and procedures. A process referred to as quality assurances is employ in monitoring and evaluation of the take of adherence to the procedures processes and standard in a bid to determine the potential quality that the product will attain. Therefore, QA involves review and analyze of the services and activities as a means of verification of their compliance with the relevant procedures and standards so as to assure the appropriate exits are seen.The question of whether to buy or build an AOSS is one of the very complex decisions that an organization has to deal with in its daily activities. It is in deed a perpetual predicament for the organizations that are contemplating on automating their office activities. get implies purchasing an off-shelf machine-controlled office systems support that are produced in mass by just about software company, more often multinationals (Leopoldo, 1999). The products typically contain contents that are not unique to a p eculiar(prenominal) organizations or user population ineluctably.Moreover, it is the general trend in the software labor to create new softwares that do no conflict with the existing and thus the technology contribute be implemented without conflict with the existing systems. Build imply the cosmos of alter office systems support from scrub up (Leopoldo, 1999). Therefore, the process of building requires the inclination of the organisational need, the data and information nature and needs of the organization, design of the system an the actual implementation of the system.The process of building may and often include testing the end product to arrest that its functionality are as per the objectives that acted as the basis for its formulation (Leopoldo, 1999). A decision to buy or build a automatize office systems support may seem to be complex but in reality it backside be reduced to three devotions: Resources, Needs and singularity. The organization must clearly determ ine its needs and wants before a decision is made, this may involve identification of features which are critical in meeting the organizations needs. In closing of the organizational needs they must consider the following:? Organizational objectives ? Skills ? Information needs ? Culture ? Corporate circumspection. Meeting all the needs is an impossible event and therefore setting priorities is inevitable. Resources Resource as a factor is one that many organizations and individual would quickly jump at an prospect to ignore. However, examination of resources is a very definitive aspect to the development agenda. Moreover, many organizations make the mistake of viewing resource in the monetary dimension only. Although coin as a resource is quite critical, two other pieces; cartridge holder and personnel, need to be considered to complete the puzzle (Shrapre, 1999). sequence When interpreted in the context of either building or buying a machine-controlled office systems support , meter takes the following into account: ? The measure that will interpreted in decision making. ? The developmental quantify of the automate office systems support including the condemnation taken in testing. ? The duration taken in drum roll out the machine-controlled office systems support or implement it inwardly the organization. analysis of organizations against the three sequence variables helps in the determination of the importance of season in deciding whether to buy or build. Decision makingThe while taken by the organization in making decision is quite deepen and mintnot be correctly determined as the nature of the trouble and other variables that can never be determined nor controlled substantially declare a great bearing on the broad(a) time (Curan & adenosine monophosphate; Mitchell, 2001). The nature of the organization and the kind of decision to be made similarly countenance a bearing on the time taken. It time critical decision making the as pects of time is important and the challenge thus lies in culmination up with go decision inside special time (Curan & angstrom; Mitchell, 2001).Most theories adopted in decision making leave out the time taken in selection of actions which is often considerable in organizations where the decisions are viewed differently by lot members (Curan & deoxyadenosine monophosphate; Mitchell, 2001). Coming up with a solution that are made without amity of a well carried out problem solving session could lead to solutions that lack in practicable significance, thus any decision making should be aimed at finding the solution that is either associated with the least cost or most returns of the total costs (Curan & Mitchell, 2001).In climax up with the cost, organizations must include the cost and causal agent taken in thinking and sexual climax up with a plan or a insurance in determination of the time taken in decision making. The problem with time considerations is that complex problems may hinder the development of best solutions (Spezzano & Mertens, 1999). In slightly instances, coming up with the best solutions could be in spite of appearance organizations grasp but the cost associated with such may not be acceptable to the organization. The organizational structure plays a great role in the move of the decision making process (Spezzano & Mertens, 1999).A structure whereby all members of the organization reach to be involved is time overwhelming (Kaplinsky, 2007). such(prenominal) an approach is inclusive and the decisions made from this approach are more in all probability to meet both(prenominal) the needs and wants of the organization. The implementation of such policies is often smooth as those charged with the responsibility of carrying out the policies are well aware of the good and thus strike the motivation need for the implementation. The mistreat off in this approach is the time taken; the approach requires organization round -eyed consultation and is time intensive.Getting the opinion of each and everyone in a medium or large organization and coming upon with a decision based on their change views can be demanding on an organizations financial resources and time. Most organizations have adopted a mechanism where the executives and top managers exclusively take part in the formulation of the policies. Such an approach is time conscious and often leads to timely formulation of policies. Despite this, the relevance of the policies to the needs of the organization is brought into question as the people charged with the responsibility of implementation are not included in the formulation.Policies implemented through this mechanism often address what the organization wants rather than what it needs since organizations are best known by the people charged with the duty of policy implementation. Deciding on the correct approach is thus complicated as both time and relevance of decisions are very important, mo reover, company heads have in a number of occasions made decisions that have turned out to be for the good of organizations without necessarily involving everyone, this complicates the issue even further.Therefore, organizations have to consider all the factors inherent of their organization that print the decision making effort and thus the cost of decision making associated with each approach before deciding on whether to buy or build Automated office systems support. Developmental Time The time taken in the development of Automated office systems support varies with the approach employed. Other factors inherent of an organization similarly play an important part in the determination of the total time the organization will take in coming up with a new system (Tapscott, 1998).The developmental time can be viewed in two contexts; the time taken in building an Automated office systems support and the time taken in buying an off-shelf Automated office systems support. The time taken in building a new Automated office systems support is generally larger than that taken in buying (Tapscott, 1998). Moreover, the factors that are influential on the overall time taken in building are more compared to those in buying.The total time taken in building is influenced by internal and outdoor(a) factors which include; the ready(prenominal)ness of resources, the organization and coordination of all those involved in the implementation of the project. The take and the operationalness of the required expertise within the organizations working environment is a consideration. The availability of the required software and computer hardware components inevitable in coming up with Automated office systems support is fundamental. The software and the hardware components must be as per the required functionality set by the organization needs.Change in government policies and commercialise trends may greatly alter the availability of the required components and thus have an effect n the developmental time (Tapscott, 1998). In addition the needs of the users often change with time and this may require the modification of components that are already in place which lead to delay. The time taken in buying a new system is highly mutually beneficial on external factors that are not within the control of the organization (Tapscott, 1998). In most cases organizations lose time in this stage for agents that are not within their reach or control.Buying as a process requires a well naturalized resource base and a good legal framework to fully involve the system as a building block (Kenyon, 2001). The mart conditions are influential on the speed of purchase and thus very important in the determination of the total developmental time. The actual location of an organization is too important in evaluating the total buying time. An organization in an urban setting find it easy to buy software and hardware components as the availability and cost associated with t heir purchase is small compared to those in a rural setting.Personnel This is also one of the most overlooked factors (Kenyon, 2001). In consideration of the personnel, decision on whether to buy or build an Automated office systems support requires company wide consultation (Kenyon, 2001). As organizations analyses their resources they must determine what they have and the required personnel required for the implementation of the Automated office systems support. The organization should determine the number of available technical foul staff available for the support.If organizations lack or anticipate a lack of personnel, they must decide on when and where the required staff will be obtained from, which may involve the determination of the cost of the support (Kenyon, 2001). Money Money is an important consideration in strategic development as it fixs the nature of the budget. A limited or unlimited budget has a great bearing on the natural selection of whether to buy or build a n Automated office systems support (Katzan, 2002). In consideration of the budget both individuals and organizations must consider the short and long term benefits that will be accrued by the implementation of either methods.This may also involve the analysis of the make of the non-implementation of the alternative. The importance of bullion is such that without it the project is non-existent (Levy, 2001). Therefore, organization are required to accurately estimate their resource requirements before a decision on whether to buy or build an Automated office systems support is made. The cost involved in both cases have to be estimated and any other factors that may affect the estimated cost determined.Moreover, since all factors can never be determined accurately, including a contingency or escape plan in the formulation of the original policy will ensure that the organization is well alert for any eventuality (Kenyon, 2001). The effect of money on the total time taken also depend s on the government policies, market and labor condition that can affect the availability of resources especially money (Carter, 1999). evaluate change in areas that currently affect the availability of funds largely determines the feasibleness of the project in future.The availability of superfluous funding and all the factors that affect it, which may include legal and political issues all play important roles. Uniqueness The nature of organizations differ and therefore their requirements may vary though the degree depends on the organizations organism considered. A major consideration is thus the uniqueness of the needs of the organization. In determination of the uniqueness of an organizations needs the following have to be looked into: ? What are the needs of the organization? ? What are the objectives in the implementation of Automated office systems support?? What are the connections among the available of the shelf-software and the needed capabilities in what the organiz ation looks for in Automated office systems support? ? Does the implementation of the system go in marge with the intentness and market needs? ? What is the relationship between the methodology of pick and the organizational culture? The determination of the answers to this question as per the context of the organization helps in coming up with the direct of uniqueness needed for the Automated office systems support and thus plays a very important role in the determination of whether to buy or build.The needs of an organization are defined as its requirements to perform in the industry (Herbert & Sparck, 2004). The needs are thus the components that are necessary for the survival of a business in the industry that it is in. The needs are the basic components of the practicable environment. Determination of the needs requires one to look deeply into the processes and establish their requirements, outputs, behavior and interaction before any modification aimed at the improv ements of the processes is made.It is noteworthy that every process has a number of factors that affect it both from its external and internal environment. Moreover, every activity or operation than an organization may squeeze in can be crushed into a number of processes and thus determination of the needs of the organization is done effectively in an efficient manner. The implementation of developmental agenda in any organization is best done through strategic planning (Buckingham, 2006). Strategic planning involves the formulation of a plan aimed at development of some project(s) so as to ensure organizational growth.Any plan that is developed with success in mind must have a well laid out action plan that is characterized by well intentioned and realistic objectives. It is important that the objectives of any plan be in line with the actual needs of the organization. Therefore, the objectives of the organization in coming up with an Automated office systems support must be esta blished and documented clearly so that the guidelines in the implementation of the policies that arise as a result of the consideration of the objectives be in line with the organizational goals.Moreover, the objectives in the implementation of a plan differ according to the priorities of the organization and are therefore unique to the problem being communicate and the organizational approach to problem solving. After the determination of the use up needs of the organization, the available software and software components have to be evaluated. An important consideration is that in either case the organization has to buy either software components to, or the full Automated office systems support since the organization does not engage in the manufacture of softwares (Gibson, 2004).Thus, determination of the needs of the organization and the available software capability in meeting those needs must be established. Moreover, organizations must effectively determine any addition capa bilities possessed by the available softwares that may enhance service delivery. These capabilities which meet the wants of the organization must be addressed clearly and effectively if the investment is to be a success. Industrial and market considerations also contribute a great deal in deciding whether to build or buy Automated office systems support.An industry is defined as a collection of businesses and related economics (Gibson, 2004). The industry is thus one of the factors that is influential on the strategic development of any organization. Companies may shoot to either go with the trends of the industry or adopt a trend that can be considered as being contrary, in either case there are pros and cons that must be considered. The effects of the trends in an industry do impact on its players. Moreover, how the effect is felt by the constituent members depend on their abilities and thus differs across the industry.An occurrence in an industry may be viewed by the sector pla yers as an opportunity or a menace depending on their policies, resource base and technical capabilities (Gibson, 2004). Policies implemented by organization under the consideration of the industry may be aimed at measuring up to other players in the industry or gaining an molding over them. In either consideration the nature of the organization in question plays a great role in the strategic direction adopted. The market is a very important consideration in deciding on what strategic direction an organization will adopt in pursuing its vision.Most organizations are in business for the sole aim of meeting their customers needs and thus their strategies are often prejudice towards the achievement of this prepare. The customers needs are an aspect of business that is nearly impossible to predict. The requirements and the expectation often shift with changes in technology, industry, preferences, fashion and taste. The social, environmental, legal, political and economic factors all have a great bearing on the market and thus on the decision.Moreover, in market considerations, expected growth in the future plays a central role in formulation of current market strategies. In consideration of the market needs, the policies theorize are often aimed at coming up with directions that will best meet the needs of the market so as to either match the other players or earn a reputation and thus a competitive advantage. Organizational culture Organizational culture is defined as the shared values and beliefs within an organization (Wilkes, 2000).The culture also comprises of the norms and beliefs and is thus an in build system within an organization (Wilkes, 2000). Thus organizational culture is ad hoc to an organization and it defines the relationship and the nature of the interaction between members of an organization and is influential on the nature of the relationship with outsiders (Wilkes, 2000). The culture is also definitive of the goals that are set for each member of the organization and is seen to go in line with thee vision of the organization. From the clear definition, goals, guidelines or expectations are developed; these constitute the norms.The management may try to instill some kind of a culture on its employees, this type of culture is thus exposit as corporate culture and is more specific (Wilkes, 2000). The variety of culture takes on diverse dimensions and therefore the analysis of the effects must also take on the same trend. The following are some of the factors that are used in classification of organizational culture: ? The expected differences in originator levels. ? The extent to which the organizations members are automatic to take risks. ? The level of collectivism or individualism in an organization. ? Gender aspects.? Orientation, which can either be short or long term. Any strategy that an organization comes up with must be within the organizational setting and thus be relevant to the organization culture. A shock between the strategies and the organizational culture will lead to the flop of any program, therefore all organizations must ensure that their development plans are in line with the culture, hardship to which the implementation will be a flop. Support for the policies After the analysis of needs, resources and uniqueness, there is an additional factor that must be considered in coming up with a decision; support.The organizational support to the mode chosen is very critical in the determination of the success of the mode of choice in meeting the needs of the organization. This is because it affect how members of the organization receive the decision. Support can be categories into three: ? Upper level support ? Like/ Colleague level ? End user support forethought The reasons for support by upper management staff and executives is quite clear. The main reason for their support is the powerfulness they posses in the implementation of the plan especially in resource allocatio n and policy formulation (Woodruff, 2005).Moreover, the clear nature of the need to influence the top executives often lead to concentration on them and thus ignoring the other members. Organizations must ensure that such occurrence are decrease and if possible eliminated as they can cause failure of well intentioned plans. Colleagues This group is made up of all those that the organization have to interact with in their daily labour (Woodruff, 2005). The importance of this group lies in counteracting the power that the organizations executives have on the decision making process.The support of the members of the organizations operational environment plays a very important role in influencing the decision. Therefore, enlightening the colleagues on the importance of Automated office systems support will go in line with drumming up support for the implementation of the approach of choice. In addition, enlightening the colleagues to understand the implementation of the plan, which it is meant for and the effect of its implementation on their jobs will go a long way in influencing their support.End Users Even though they have the power to influence the success of a plan, the end user are often neglected in lobbying for support (Woodruff, 2005). The end users have the power to render the plan a failure by deciding not to use the product, which will have the effect of changing the attitude of the colleagues and the management executives on the effectiveness and efficiency of the adopted Automated office systems support acquirement mechanism.Moreover, the break need not be knowing; the failure of the system may be due to their lack of understanding of why the product is necessary or as a show of their lack of support of the governance model adopted. Furthermore, the products failure in meeting the needs of the end user could lead to failure and thus the importance of the end user in deciding on whether to buy or build Automated office systems support can never b e downplayed.The Decision work out Whenever an organization decides to buy, the decision is always an effect of a series of processes. The decision may be instantaneous or take a long time though buying is a process and not an event (Woodruff, 2005). No matter the length of the process the origin is when a company becomes aware of the need (Woodruff, 2005). The need is then identified and the organizations searches for avenues through which the needs can be met.In the process of information or data gathering, the criteria that will be used in buying affects the buying process and should therefore be evaluated and refined. It is advisable for organizations to make out a few alternatives that are considered to be the best from the lot. Once a decision in reached and a choice made the purchase is made which is another process that can be quite time consuming (Woodruff, 2005). In summary, the decision to buy can be broken into louvre stages in which the first three are also constit uted in a decision to build:? naming ? search ? Evaluation ? Decision ? Purchase ? Reevaluation i. Identification This is the phase in which the organization realizes that it has a need that can be met by an Automated office systems support. The identification could be as a result of the failure of the system that they are using, increased controversy from their rivals who have automated or as a strategy to gain some competitive leverage on players in the industry who are still implementing the manual system or are using a poor automated system.ii. trenchant This is more of a research phase where the organization analyses itself, processes together with the industry to come up with the aspects in which it is lacking (Woodruff, 2005). Moreover, the organization can establish areas in which it can improve in so as to aid the establishment of its presence in the industry. iii. Evaluation In this phase the results from the clear-cut p\r\n'

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'Behavioral Genetics Essay\r'

'When I’ve learned just some Behavioral ge clamsics in Chapter 8, the first thing that came across my s signs was the fantasy of having a twin. It’s crazy but it occupied my mind for quite some time. What if I had a twin? Would she be alike me? I’ve always guessd that identical jibe appropriate the same qualities and traits. So I surfed the net and came across Minnesota Twin Family make (MTFS). Conducted at the University of Minnesota by efficient researchers, it is by far the largest twin line of business in the US.\r\nOne particular drive of the MTFS caught my attention: ‘The Jim Twins Study’. The parallel were isolated four weeks after stand to different foster p arnts who live 45 miles apart. Reunited 39 years later, the twins (both named Jim) have uncanny similarities. This incident, among many others, supports the theories of Behavioral Genetics. It couldn’t have been mere coincidence that the twins married twice, left love notes to their wives, and pull down so suffered from migraine. Because they were raised in different adoptive families, it couldn’t have been the environment that act the Jim twins to have the same p contactences and behavior, even ailments!\r\nTime magazine cites that in a study of 44 twins reared apart, â€Å"a high of 61% of what they call ‘ mixer potency’ (a tendency toward leadership or dominance) is inherited” (Leo & Taylor, 1987). The biological human face of the Jim twins’ character has played a great part in the festering of these resemblances. If I had a twin separated from me at birth, I’d like to think that she is compassionate and enjoys music and play as come up as I do. It’s in the genes, as they say. However, as much as I imagine on Behavioral Genetics, I essential as well note that the environment too plays a central role in the development of personality.\r\nWith regards to my own, it is a blend o f personality and cite. I want to be a nurse since I was a boor because I want to help people. I always thought it’s unlearned in me…that compassion for other people. nevertheless later on as I learned things in psychology, it made me stool that it could have in addition been the environment I’m living in. I intend my mom taking in ternary extra homeless people into our dwelling during the economy spiraled down. I am border by loving and compassionate people. another(prenominal) would be my love for golf and technology.\r\nMy aim does too, and I think he moldiness have influenced me unconsciously to develop these preferences. instantaneously I understand that yes, it exp unmatchednt be the genes but likewise, it is the things that I see and pick up in my every twenty-four hour period experiences that made the appetency to help people a trait in me. Both nature and nurture have been working in me. I believe personality in full general is a mix of both genes and environment. Meanwhile, at that place is this one particular line from Chapter 11 that I need to quote. It goes, â€Å"A whoremaster is not funny when the proscribe itch it disguises is not shared, or the disguise is insufficient. It is pen technically but gives me a encyclopedism I will remember.\r\nSometimes, when we joke about things, we have to make sure that the forbidden impulse must be cognize and shared by the listener because we might end up either sounding a loser or infliction the person concerned. I must also point out one oddment thing about the controversial Sigmund Freud. Sir Freud, as I’ve known him through researches and from the intelligence in class, should be given overdue credit for his accomplishments in the field of Psychology.\r\nHis theories whitethorn be controversial but there is no denying that these same thoughts helped shape, in one way or another, modern Psychology. We also have to understand that the controversy jo hn his sexually-oriented theories can be justified because the psychological problems of his time (early 20th century) mostly had stand to sexuality. From what I’ve learned, apparently most patients who came to him had marital problems of infidelity and sex action. His encounters with these patients perhaps helped shape his theories. It would be very unfair to refer to him as an ‘ancient history well forgotten’.\r\nIn fact, I let on it surprisingly interesting to read about his theories that contradict some things I believe in because it opens me up to possibilities and good learning. I even think that the idea of apply Freud’s theories and techniques in present day will be much serviceable and less controversial if there is more(prenominal) emphasis on the human personality rather than sexuality. The techniques of psychoanalysis, concepts of ego & id, and life & death drives, among many others are major contributions in the field of Psychol ogy and no matter the controversies and all, we all should be thankful for Sir Freud.\r\n'

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'Critique of Ada and Affirmative Action Paper\r'

'Critique of adenosine deaminase and assentient activity mechanism Paper The population of the Unites States of the States consists of a variety commonwealth. many an(prenominal) races, cultures, and beliefs hold up in the land. Individuals also diversify upon characteristics, genetics, noetic capabilities, and social status. The Unites States of America is known as the â€Å"land of the opportunity” (Home of Heroes, 2011) across the world. Individuals buy the farm near and far to join the country. over the years, many separates defend come to the country. They have established families and became citizens.\r\nOther cultures, and even new(prenominal) characteristics, haven’t always been welcome. In the past years, exclusives, organizations, educators, and government have discriminated against these minority groups. Minority groups ranked at the click when being considered for a course or school. Minority groups were non inured the said(prenominal) as the average population in many organizations and society. Two acts have been enforce to stop the discrimination of these minorities. The imposed acts ar known as approbative natural action and the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). This paper defines two imposed acts, past to present.\r\n favourable exercise The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy defines approving achieve as â€Å"positive steps interpreted to increase the representation of women and minorities in beas of employment, education, and chore from which they have been historically excluded. When those steps sham preferential selectionâ€selection on the basis of race, gender, or ethnicityâ€affirmative action generates intense controversy. ” (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2001) The history plausive Action has a long history. It was premiere used in the 1960’s in the Civil Rights Act.\r\nIn 1965 the President staged approbatory Action to be utilise to federal contractors (Sta nford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2001). Imposing approbatory Action resulted in organization creating quotas. Quotas atomic number 18 known as a â€Å" political platform” to allow a proper(postnominal) tot up of individuals per minority to be hired or utilized. Due to these quotas, favorable Action wasn’t working as expected. It was later determined, quotas atomic number 18 not applicable and defeat the mapping of favourable Action. The purpose Affirmative Action has a main purpose to arrive at uncloudedness between minorities and the larger populations.\r\nAffirmative Action mandates organizations, schools, and government to consider minority individuals without bias to minority. Minority individuals essential(prenominal) assemble the same treatment and opportunity as any other individual, who is not in a minority population. Controversy As with many other acts and laws, controversy follows Affirmative Action. Despite the purpose of Affirmative Action, individuals frequently argue the contents of the action are unconstitutional. Some organization set plans for Affirmative Action and controversy often follows.\r\nMany organizations still manage to have quotas, which rationality controversy. Controversy seems to be unlimited when concerning Affirmative Action. Affirmative Action may deficiency to be strict to stop controversy, if possible. American Disability Act â€Å"Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 prohibits private employers, put in and local anesthetic governments, employment agencies and agitate unions from discriminating against qualify individuals with disabilities in job application procedures, hiring, firing, advancement, compensation, job training, and other terms, conditions, and privileges of employment. (U. S. make up luck Commission, 2008) â€Å"The ADA covers employers with 15 or more employees, including state and local governments. It also applies to employment agencies and to labor o rganizations. The ADA’s nondiscrimination standards also follow up to federal sector employees under arm 501 of the Rehabilitation Act, as amended, and its implementing rules. ” (U. S. Equal Opportunity Commission, 2008) ADA defines disabilities The Americans with Disabilities Act defines an modify individual in by three factors.\r\nThese factors complicate: * Mental or physical decline in quality which hinders an individuals’ ability to perform one or more â€Å"major life activities” (U. S. Equal Opportunity Commission, 2008) * Has been diagnosed as having the impairment depict * Has been regarded as having the impairment described government activity requirements The Americans with Disability Act requires organizations to follow particular guidelines to be compliant with ADA. Besides, giving alter individuals equal opportunity to employment and education, the organizations must be functional for incapacitate.\r\nThe organizations facility must be accessible. Schedules and work tools may look at to be modified to fit disabled individuals. â€Å"An employer is required to make a just accommodation to the known disability of a qualified applicant or employee if it would not impose anâ€Å"undue hardship” on the operation of the employer’s business. Reasonable accommodations are adjustments or modifications provided by an employer to enable people with disabilities to enjoy equal employment opportunities.\r\nAccommodations vary depending upon the needs of the individual applicant or employee. ” (U. S. Equal Opportunity Commission, 2008) Conclusion get together States of America consist of many respective(a) individuals. Many of these individuals are included in minority groups. Minority groups have been treated poorly in the past. Although mistreatment of minority individual still occurs, specific acts imposed by the government have decreased the statistics. Affirmative Action was imposed to create f air and equal opportunity to minority groups.\r\nAffirmative Action includes government and educators. Americans with Disability Acts (ADA) is other act to assist a specific minority, disabled. The ADA creates an equal opportunity for disabled individuals in the areas of work and education. This act covers hiring processes and liable accommodations. As the United States population grows, so do minority groups. The government has utilise these acts to give fairness to the growing minorities. The country values equal employee opportunity.\r\nReferences Home of Heroes. (2009-2011). tear of Opportunity. Retrieved from http://www. homeofheroes. com/hallofheroes/2nd_floor/opportunity/index. html Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. (2001, celestial latitude 28). Affirmative Action. Retrieved from http://plato. stanford. edu/entries/affirmative-action/ U. S. Equal Opportunity Commission. (2008, kinsfolk 9). Facts About the Americans with Disability Act. Retrieved from http://www. eeoc . gov/facts/fs-ada. html\r\n'

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'TWC and Miramax\r'

'ETC creates and sells entertainment throughout the world. Miramar Is erupt of the conglomerate, Colony Capital and Qatar Holding, which creates movies, among otherwise intersection points. By virtue of a contract, ETC has exclusive rights to distribute Miramar movies in the U. S. , the largest market (in terms of revenue). ETC uses its monopoly forefinger to devote a depress footing for Miramar movies than do other distributors. Is this sufficient justification for Colony Capital and Qatar Holding to sully out ETC?Expiate. (1 point) This is not sufficient justification. It sure as shooting is an avenue to consider, however, the only way to in truth Justify purchase ETC is to weigh the other option avail able which is to start their excite got distribution company. If the represent of starting their avow distribution company teamed with a higher(prenominal) cost to distribute the movies brings In a higher revenue than the cost of purchasing ETC teamed with distributi ng the movies at a lower cost than It would be better to start their make distribution company and vice versa. . In distributively of the following situations, why ar theaters likely to benefit from vertical desegregation? (1 point each) a. A grain face lifting is located at the terminus take away coach verge. Owning grain rise(s) is beneficial to the rail line because it allows the rail line more control over the grain elevator which in turn allows for more efficient planning and stream lined logistics as oppose to attempting to plan along with a separate company. B.A manufacturer of a return with a national brand-name reputation uses distributors that gear up for advertising and promotional activities In local anesthetic markets. Vertical integration in this watch flush toilet allow the company to step-up valuable insight onto the markets and in education what they want through advertising and promoting can turn around and update their product or create new prod ucts to meet the various market needs. C. A biotech true develops a new product that pass on be produced, tested, and distributed by an ceremonious pharmaceutical company.The vertical Integration of a biotech firm owning a pharmaceutical company Is convertible to the grain elevator and rail line In that communication, planning and logistics becomes easier and possibly more cost effective by owning the established pharmaceutical company. ND delivering each fact of the 1st season of the new serial publication based on â€Å"Shakespeare in Love. ” speak out further that the contract included sure script requirements for background music immovable upon by Miramar, and ETC spent an additional $20,000 per end to meet those requirements.Then suppose that after pre-screening 3 episodes, Miramar claimed that Tics efforts failed to live up to their contractual musical arrangements. (2 points each: 1 for explaining the concept, and 1 for applying it correctly) a. Was either troupe earning rent? What assumptions do you have to make to swan this? ETC would be earning the rent. Their rent would be the profit ($20 million slight the cost of producing the episodes, including the additional cost per episode to meet the musical requirement. ) b.Was either fellowship earning quasi-rent? What assumptions do you have to make to assert this? ETC would be earning quasi-rent assuming that they are able to see the episodes to some other company or if they are able to come to an agreement with Miramar at a lower harm than the original $20 million that they originally hold upon. Their quasi-rent would be the difference amongst their rent (question a) and their new mount of revenue. C. Could ETC have held up Miramar? And/or could Miramar have held up ETC?Explain. ETC could definitely commit up Miramar by turning around and refusing to provide them with the episodes at the agreed upon price. This leaves Miramar to consider the costs and epoch involved with g etting another agree to complete the Job or pay ETC the requested amount. Miramar can likewise hold up ETC through refusing to pay the agreed upon price. This leads ETC to choosing between providing the episodes at a lower price or seeking another buyer who may not pay as much as they hoped.\r\n'

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'Islam in UK Essay\r'

'I am going to lay aside well-nigh â€Å"Islam”. In this topic, I’ll describe Moslem values, Islamic traditions, the centre of Islam and other things, which ar link to Islam. I am writing this to inform Islamics or so Islamic culture and values. I hold back elect this topic to advise and persuade them to follow the right(a) ways of Islam. The rea discussion to choose this topic is that in Pakistan there be some(prenominal) passel who c al ace in themselves Muslims, only in palpableity, they don’t fill the duties of Islam. They don’t downstairsstand what Islam is. They don’t recognise how to grapple their children, how to hear them Islamic principles. My pack is to inform Muslims more or less the true meaning of Islam.\r\nI’ll get the information from the profits, my family, my teachers and my mortalal points of view. I am a Muslim therefore I fuddle lots of information ab appear my topic.\r\nI’ll speciali se you about idol, dogma, sects of Islam, oracles and other information.\r\nThe deal, who call themselves Muslims, they consider that they conk out to a Muslim family so they argon as well as Muslims, b arly it is wrong. They don’t know their trust’s facts. For being a Muslim, they should know their religious belief’s reality. There are also many people who think that they cast recited the creed, so they would be called Muslims, that this is non reality.\r\nMuslims are those people who admit firm belief in their heart and brain, on Islam, Allah, His angels, His messengers, His books and His divine revelations. You should think in the judgement day, and fate and destiny. Muslims believe in only One idol, the same paragon that Jews and Christians believe in. For a Muslim, the life of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the perfect example. A Muslim is that person, who follows the principles and the acts of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), these principles and acts are called ‘Sunnah’.\r\nFor being a Muslim, the prime(prenominal) thing that you should know about Islam is its meaning. Islam is the Arabic word, which exclusively means peace and purity. Islam connotes submission, surrender, and obedience. As a godliness, Islam stands for stand in submission and obedience to Allah and therefore it is called ‘Islam’. Any wizard who has firm belief in Islam and surrenders himself to Allah is called a Muslim. Islam is not a sassy devotion. It is in essence the same message and focal point which Allah revealed to all His previous messengers. The message which was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), is Islam in its comprehensive, complete and final form.\r\nIslam is the religion, which was fall flatn to Adam, the runner man, and the freshman prophet of Allah, and it was the religion of all the prophets dis locate by Allah to humankind. The name of God’s religion Islam was not decided upon by later generations of man. It was chosen by Allah Himself and clearly mentioned in His final revelation to man. In the final book of divine revelation, the record book, Allah states the following:\r\nâ€Å"This day I have perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen Islam for you as your religion”. (Soorah Al-Maa’idah 5:3)\r\nAfter having trust in Allah, a Muslim worships God to seek His will. The pentad tugboats of Islam are core beliefs that shape a Muslim’s thought, deed, and night club. A Muslim who fulfils the quin Pillars of Islam, trunk in the faith of Islam, and sincerely repents of his sins, will specify it to paradise.\r\nOne of these keystones is the ‘Shahada’, which is the Islamic proclamation that â€Å"there is no true God except Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”. This is the resoluteness that Allah is the one and only true God, that Allah alone is valued of worship and the sovereign lord who does what he wills with whoever he wills. It means that all of His rules and laws found in the Koran are to be followed. Muhammad is the true and extensiveest prophet of God and recognition of Muhammad as the Prophet of God is required. It was through Muhammad that God conveyed the last and final revelation. I have seen some Muslims who just recite the Islamic proclamation only do not distribute about acting upon other anchors.\r\nThe second pillar is appeal, which involves confession of sins, which begins with the purification of the body and ends with the purification of the soul. appealingness is performed five times a day. The first prayer is at dawn and the last at sunset. The name calling of the prayers, which are essential to pray, are Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha. There are also some prayers, which are not mandatory to pray. As a Muslim, I perform these prayers, but unfortunately not regularly.\r\nThe thi rd pillar is ‘ abstinence’, which is an act of worship where the faithful follower denies his admit needs and seeks Allah. Usually, this fasting entails no drinking, extinguishing, or having sexual relations during the daylight hours for the stainless calendar month of Ramadan. The month of Ramadan is the month of fasting in Islam. I mustiness moderate fast myself in the month of Ramadan, but sometimes I keep fast in other days preferably of Ramadan.\r\nThe fourth pillar of Islam is giving alms to poor people, disabled people, orphans and widows. Charity is the biggest cite of asking forgiveness for our sins. Whenever I have something to give someone, I give alms to needy people.\r\nThe fifth pillar is the expedition to Mecca, which has been ordered to everyone to do it at to the lowest degree one time in your life. That pilgrimage purifies your soul from all sins as the water cleans the dirtiness.\r\nIf you perform the five pillars, but do not remain in the f aith, you will not be saved.\r\nIslam has a twist of special occasion of celebration. These occasions are find with devotion to seek the pleasure of Allah. There is no innovation of festival only for pleasure. The festivals are the occasions of thanksgiving, blessedness and happiness. The two major occasions in Islam in each year are Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha. I also discover these occasions. I enjoy them a lot. Eid-ul-Fitr is keep an eye ond at the end of the month of Ramadan. On this day, after a month of fasting, Muslims express their joy and happiness by offering a congregational prayer. This day is generally spy as a holiday in Muslim countries. Eid-ul-Adha begins on the tenth of Dhu’l Hijjah and continues until the 12th day of the month. It is celebrated to tape the Prophet Abraham’s readiness to sacrifice his son Ishmael on the instruction of Allah. This occasion of great importance comes every year during the days of the pilgrimage of Mecca and is ob served by offering congregational prayer, as in Eid-ul-Fitr.\r\nSome other occasions to observe and celebrate include Lailat-ul-Qadr (Night of power), Lailat-ul-Miraj (Night of the Ascent), the beginning of Hijrah, and the dates for Islamic battles, the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Ashurah (10th of Muharram). Islamic festivals are observed according to the Islamic calendar, which is based on lunar months. The Lunar year is shorter than the solar year by about 10 days. Festival dates are find out by the sighting of the moon. Unfortunately, there is not a single Islamic calendar, which has been accepted by Muslims all over the world. I do not celebrate all of these occasions, but I try my surmount to celebrate all of these festivals. Nowadays in many Muslim countries, most of people lay dialect on celebrating non Islamic festivals instead of Islamic exchangeable Basant (festival of flying kites), Holli (festival of playing with colours and music) and C hristmas.\r\nSome people think that â€Å"a perfect Muslim” is simply one who is correct in the observance of the religious rite prayer, the fasting, the charity, and the pilgrimage to Mecca. This is not the fact. If you are not humble, pietistical and truly God-fearing instead of performing ritual prayers, hence you are not a real Muslim. A Muslim should be truthful, honest, and moderate in everything, loving, optimistic, hopeful and sincere. You should unsay special care to keep away(predicate) yourself from all the shameful and sinful things God has veto.\r\nThe main forbidden acts in Islam are refusing from the unity of Allah, testifying false testimonies, murdering people and making bullion by taking interest on loans. Allah has also forbidden us from taking other’s money unjustly especially money of orphans and needy people. Islam has banned us from slandering chaste and pure women, and having sexual relationships outdoor(a) marriage. The other things, wh ich are not allowed to do in Islam, are drinking alcohol, gambling, stealing, swearing, lying, eating pork and committing suicide.\r\nIslam makes faith and religion the basis of the entire human indian lodge and the most important for the system of its relationships. The Islamic concept of nationhood is not based on language, colour or region kinship. The Islamic community is a society of faith. Anyone who believes in the Islamic religion and its beliefs is an undeniable explode of this nation whatever his race, colour, language or place of birth. I accept it that all human beings are equal.\r\nSocial responsibilities have lots of importance in a Muslim’s life. The base of Islamic teachings about social responsibilities has been built on sympathy and consideration of others. The responsibilities and rights of different relationships are defined in Islam. Islam also lays emphasis on specific acts of kindness. In a widening circle of relationship, our first cartel is to our immediate family which includes parents, husband or wife and children, then to other relatives, neighbours, friends and acquaintances, orphans and widows, the needy of the community, our lumberman Muslims, all our fellow human beings and animals.\r\nRespect and care for parents is very much(prenominal) stressed in the Islamic teaching and is a very important part of a Muslim’s expression of faith. Islam phrases that you should be kind to your parents, whether if they clench their old age in their lifetime. You should not say to them a word of contempt nor repel them, but ad typeset them in terms of take note.\r\nYour produce has more than right on you than your father, because she gives you birth after lining many problems. Mother has three times higher(prenominal) level than father, therefore it is state that the paradise lies under the feet of your mother. You should obey your mother’s command whether that command is right or wrong. There is only one command of your mother, which has been prohibited to obey, and that command is refusing from the uniqueness of Allah. I respect my parents very much, especially my mother, because I know that I have to give answer to my Allah, on the Day of Judgment. On that day, children will be called referring to their mother’s names.\r\nAs parents, you have some jobs towards your children. Your first aim towards your child is to teach him Islamic values. You should treat your children with love and kindness. You should get them good education. You are prudent for their spiritual and moral amendment. You should fulfil all their needs. You should not torture them, because the person, who does not love children, is not one of the Muslims. The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, â€Å"children are the flowers of Allah’s tend”. I also worry children very much, because they are very innocent and cute. They are faraway away from tyranny and sins.\r\nAs a husband, you have some duties and responsibilities towards your wife. You should give your wife her dowry in its entirety, and co-habit with her in a good way, take care of her and teach her matters of her religion. You should guard her in her religion and dignity, and protect her secrets, honour her family and her friends. I have seen many Muslim husbands in Pakistan and England who don’t respect their wives and their family and relatives. They torture their wives like an animal if their wives are barren or do not bring many expensive things in their dowry.\r\nAs a wife, you have some duties and responsibilities towards your husband. Your debt instrument is the good organization of your home. The house is your kingdom and you are its princess. You should protect your husband’s property and children, and should be honest and truthful to him. You should respect your husband and his family and relatives. In my family, some of my relatives are very obedient to their husbands and hear after th eir children in the absence of their husbands. My mother is also one of them.\r\nFor being a Muslim, you also have some obligations towards your other relatives such as aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, cousins, brothers, sisters, mother-in-law, father-in-law and others. You should serve up them in their needs whether that help is financial, emotional or social. You should speak to them very softly and respect them.\r\n consort to the statement of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), you are not a Muslim, if you know that your neighbours are hungry and you eat whole heartedly. If your neighbours are not safe from your perverting conduct, you do not believe in Islam.\r\nA teacher has a great position in Islam. A teacher is called a spiritual father, because he is responsible for a sensible and educated society. It is your transaction to respect your teacher as you respect and take care about your parents. I have never talked to my teachers harshly, because I have lots of respec t in my heart for all of my relatives.\r\n consort to the Koran and Sunnah, as a Muslim, you have to discharge your moral business not only to your parents, children, relatives and neighbours, but also to the entire humankind, animals and trees and plants. Hunting of birds and animals for the sake of game is not permitted. Similarly, incisive trees and plants which yield fruit is forbidden unless there is a very serious need for it.\r\nThus, on the base moral characteristics, Islam builds a higher system of morality by virtue of which humankind toilet throw its greatest potential. Islam purifies the soul from selfishness, tyranny, shamelessness and indiscipline.\r\nIn Islam, it is said that all individuals become responsible and accountable for their doings at the age of puberty. At that time, the Islamic teachings about modest dress apply to any person whether that person is male or female. Nothing should be seen of you except your face, feet and hands when you reach your age of puberty. Therefore, at this age, it is expected from you to adopt more modest styles of dress that do not expose too much. As a Muslim, I also act upon these teachings of Islam.\r\nAccording to Sunnah, all Muslim marriages should be simple and far away from false showing of wealth. Nowadays Muslims conk lots of money on marriages which is their waste of money. I have attended many marriages in which people use their money incorrectly. As a Muslim, you can give your money to the needy persons for the sake of Allah instead of wasting your money on unnecessary customs.\r\nI can conclude from this put together of writing that what I have set out to do, I have achieved it. My aim was to tell Muslims about the true meaning of Islam. I have not been completely palmy in achieving my aim, because I had decided to write about Islamic months, Islamic education and Islamic miracles, but I could not include them in my piece of writing because of the word limit. It was not too sticky to d o the research, because I got most of information from the internet and from my personal experience.\r\nI could not find fit books for my topic, therefore I searched on the internet. I unfeignedly enjoyed doing the extended writing, because I have learnt lots of things about Islam. I have learned lots of vocabulary. I have found out how to write a long essay and how to join paragraphs to each other. By finding information, I have found out that Islam is the second largest religion in the world. According to the estimation, the regorge of Muslims is from 0.7 to 1.2 billion worldwide.\r\nBibliography:\r\nThe Koran\r\n (9.02.05)\r\n (20.3.05)\r\n (28.03.05)\r\n (28.03.05)\r\n (6.04.05)\r\n'

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'Air and Sea Travel Case Study\r'

' production line & sea buy the farm Inc. Case study origin & sea proceed Inc. a travel post began operations on April 1, 20X6. During April, the business provided travel serve for clients. It is now April 30, and investors wonder how well tonal pattern & ocean go performed during its first calendar month. They also want to discern the company’s financial position at the oddity of April and its notes flows during the month. The following data is listed in alphabetical order. Prepare the Air & Sea Travel financial teachings at end of April 20X6. placards cook upable |$ speed of light |Land |$18,000 | |Accounts receivable |2,000 |Office supplies |500 | |Adjustments to decide simoleons | |Payments of hard cash: | | | income to net cash provided | | science of land |40,000 | | by operating activities |(2,400) | Dividends |2,100 | | specie sense of balance at the beginning of April |0 |Rent outgo |1,100 | | money balance at the end of Apri l |33,300 | retained pay at the beginning of April | | | | | |0 | | immediate payment receipts: | | carry earnings at the end of April |? | | Issuance lineage |50,000 | recompense spending | 1200 | | sales event of land |22,000 |Service revenue |8,500 | |Common stock |50,000 |Utilities xpense |400 | |Dividends |2,100 | | | 1. Prepare the income statement, the statement of retained earnings, the statement of cash flows for the month ended April 30, 20X6, and the balance yellow journalism at April 30, 20X6. 2. Answer the following questions: a. How well did Air & Sea Travel perform during its first month of operations? b. Where does Air & Sea Travel hold up financially at the end of April? ASSETSLIABILITIES Cash33,300Account payable100 Account receivable2,000Land 18,000 insurance policy stock50,000Office supplies500 Sale of land 22,000Payment of cashCommon stock50,000 encyclopaedism of land40,000 Dividends2,100 Dividends2,100 Service revenue8,500Rent expense1,100 Salary expense1,200 Utilities expense400 Adjustment to reconcile 2,400 net income to net cash provided by operating activities 1. |Air & Sea Travel Inc. | |Income program line | |April 30, 20X6 | |Revenues |8,500 | |Expenses |2,700 | |Rent expense 1,100 | |Salary expense |1200 | |Utilities expense |400 | |Net income |5,800 | |Air & Sea Travel Inc. | |Statement of Retained Earnings | |April 30, 20X6 | | | | | counterbalance of Retained Earnings |0 | |Net income |5,800 | |Cash dividends |(2,100) | |Ending Retained Earnings |3,700 | |Air & Sea Travel Inc. |Balance Sheet | |April 30, 20X6 | | | | |Assets | | |Cash |33,300 | | entirely other assets |20,500 | |Land |18,000 | |Office supplies |500 | |Account receivable |2,000 | | come up assets |53,800 | |Liabilities | | |Acount Payable |100 | |Total liabilities |100 | |Stockholders equity | | |Common stock |50,000 | |Retained earnings |3,700 | |All other equity |0 | |Total liabilities and stockholders equity |53,800 | |Air & Sea Travel Inc. |Statement of Cash Flows | |April 30, 20X6 | |Net cash provided by operating activities | |3,400 | |Net income |5,800 | | |Adjustments to reconcile net income to net cash provided by operating activities |(2,400) | | |Net cash used for investing activities | |(18,000) | | Sale of land |22,000 | | |Acquisition of land |(40,000) | | |Net cash provided by financing activities | |47,900 | |Issuance stock |50,000 | | |Dividends |(2,100) | | |Net change in cash | | 33,300 | |Beginning cash balance | |0 | |Ending cash balance | | 33,300 | 2. a) They performed very well, since they got meshwork in the end of the month. They do not pay too much salary and they don’t have too many depts. To be a financially well-managed company, it must generate profit, meaning on that point is more money coming in than going out. This looks to be well managed company since there is a lot of profit in the end of the month. Income Statement, Statement of Retain ed Earnings, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows are all on the plus side. nothing seems to be out of order. b) They have 33,300 retained earnings at the end of April, which means a swell profit.\r\n'

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'Analysis of a Key Passage in One Hundred Years of Solitude Essay\r'

'The chosen passage is an extract from Gabriel Marquez’s unused iodin Hundred Years of Solitude. This passage was chosen because it is the final pages of the story that describe the great calamity of the townsfolkship of Macondo. At this load, the novel arrive at the appearance _or_ semblances to become exhaust and boththing that happens in amongst is justified. The passage describes the great presage of Melquiades. It reveals that tout ensemble of the elements of the Buend�a Family’s lives were predicted down to the close to trivial details. It is the exact antithesis of an existentialist novel, where the characters themselves are accountable for everything that happens to them.\r\nMarquez instead demonstrates the idea of an overall fate and serving that lures you into its shadows and leads you down its dark trail. The ending may seem as an equivocation, barely it is so much more. Marquez’s use of reputation through and throughout t he novel is ironic, because it is nature that eventually murders the town of Macondo, expunging all memories of it. Marquez’s use of a third somebody point of view is very essential to the novel’s understanding, because we are able to stand on the outside, and forecast down upon 100 years worth of time. end-to-end this time, the characters are blissfully unaware of their future, living for moments alone. We as readers however, are able to decipher the cyclical piece of music through Marquez’s writing styles and techniques.\r\nThe Buend�as were a huge part of the foundation of their town, Macondo. They built a civilization out of nothing, a wondrous gravel indeed. But little did they know that the town, along with themselves, was designate for doom. As the Buend�a family began to deteriorate, so did the society in which they lived. From generation to generation, the uniform things happened over and over again. each new generation of th e family seemed to repeat the same mistakes as their predecessors.\r\nThis happened in accordance to Macondo’s deterioration until the town â€Å"…was already a fearful whirlwind of dust and junk being spun about by the wrath of the biblical hurricane…” (M�rquez, p.416). Marquez uses this metaphor of a whirlwind to demonstrate how things kept leaving round and round, enclosed within a mightily force that is impossible to escape. This comes off as laughable because when Jose Arcadio Buend�a died, nature showed its condolence with a rain shower of flowers. Nature was kind to Jose Arcadio Buend�a, because he did not have detrimental intentions. By the end of the novel, the story is asymmetrical with jealousy, hate, and lust. Therefore Nature had no sympathy for them.\r\nOne such instance of the cyclical philosophy in the novel is Marquez’s usage of the Buend�a family tree. The confusedness that is creat ed with the repetition of names and personalities is intentionally concocted by M�rquez in order to illustrate the idea that identity operator is not important and not present in the novel. By using the same names through all six of the generations, he illustrates the Buend�as’ proneness to stay the same and resist change. M�rquez’s stylistic choice makes it difficult to distinguish between characters with similar names, but this is merely to show that it barely does not matter.\r\nNo matter what their name is, or which generation they are in, they’re destined for the same things. This is why intimately of the Jose Arcadias were tough and fighters, while most of the Aurelianos had an interest in science and art. Colonel Aureliano Buend�a for instance, grew threadbare of the war and became highly interested in poetry. This is in fact a bigger metaphor to institute the actual people of society. M�rquez c onveys that people, and ultimately society, neer learn from their mistakes. This is the sole cause of their downfall.\r\nBecause M�rquez writes in magical realism time is essential to the story, but along with time, he also utilizes the motifs of amnesia and nostalgia. fork of the reason why things were always repeated, and people never questioned it, was because of the amnesia that swept over the people of every generation. After even the most memorable and life-changing witness of the Banana Plant Massacre, the people lost all memory that it ever even existed. Their willingness to believe what was told to them shows their drop of individuality and thought. In fact, they had to put up a sign reminding themselves that God even existed. If a person does not have any recollection of a past event, then ‘doing it again’ would seem to them, scarce the first time. This could explain the constant repetition that the town encounters. This would allow no margin f or repent or a lesson to be learned.\r\n'

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'Crimes of the Heart Essay\r'

'I choose Babe as the character that I would make a â€Å" through with(predicate)-line. ” She has whiz of the more expand and complex background stories. They argon complex, because it is not passing evident why they are significant. However, once nonpareil deeply analyzes her character, it becomes evident why these stories approximately her are so important in trying to go turn up Babe. Babe’s ultimate goal is to run into her complex reality. Unlike the some other Magrath sisters, she has been deeply cerebrate the reason behind her mother’s suicide. She veritable(a) goes so far as to think about it before each suicide attempt told in the novel.\r\nEach time, she feels closer to her mother due to her self-discoveries. For modeling, she is highly happy to learn that her mother hung the old, yellow puke not out of hatred yet out of fear of loneliness in the afterlife. She is also one of the few characters that try to understand jillion’s pro miscuous and crazy personality. Babe describes the after affects zillion had after finding their mother dead. According to Babe, Meg would look at pictures of people diseased or in pain in order to install that she was not weak. This desire to appear strong translated into other areas of Meg’s life.\r\nThe way Babe tries to fill her goal of understanding her reality is by acting like a child. Babe sees the world through a child’s lens. She asks many questions, cannot bind her emotions, and does not understand fond norms. One example where she cannot control her emotions is when her sister is in the room and she tries to wee fry out the rope from the drawer. Rather than discreetly force the rope, she feels the need to claw it out and kill herself immediately. alike to a child, she also does not understand social norms or their consequences.\r\nWhile Babe is pretty and has custody after her such as the young lawyer, she prefers comminuted children. Babe cares for and has sexual relations with a small boy, Willie Jae, who is only 15 years old. It seems she feels better committed with young children, versus adults her age. Additionally, Willie is African American. During such a time, having that contact between the two could have lead to significant punishment for the both of them. Rather than apparently understanding her situation, she appears oblivious to it. When Willie Jae must go spousal relationship for protection, she asks why.\r\nIt seems she does not completely understand the way definite races are viewed in society. Her act as a child saves her in the end. Her lawyer had a fanatical obsession with his personal vendetta against Zachary; however, he gave that up for her sake. He loved and cared for Babe’s child-like and harming personality. Babe has probably used her perceived child-like honor before. As she tries to understand the world, her child-like characteristics both help her and are a detriment to her.\r\nThr ough-line: -Dad abandons her and her sisters Mother hangs herself in the root cellar along with the old, yellow cat. Mother ends up on the national news -granddad calls her dancing sugarplum. -Marries Zachary while drunk. Grandfather believes she will become the top of society. -Is physically maltreated by her husband and pushed around by her sister-in-law, Lucille -Gets a dog called Dog from Willie Jae, 15 year-old African American boy. She has sexual intercourse in the garbage some(prenominal) times -Zachary comes home early and hits Willie Jae. Babe is suicidal, but instead tries to kill Zachary. Makes lemonade and then calls an ambulance.\r\n'

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'Leadership Discovery Project Essay\r'

'As we chatted I explained to him the baggy underdrawers de hatchor began in the mid 1980’s with the birth and cattle farm of hip-hop. I remember so well, pulling my outsized men’s boxers down to my hips. The matter was in reality slimming to a larger girl bid me as an added bonus. I also, remember, our assistant principal affair several of us into the office and telling us to pull up our pants †or be sent home, with zeros for the day. I am pretty indisputable that we did as he asked, at least until he turned around whatsoeverway.\r\nSometime later, I acquire the baggy pant style I sported (well into my 20’s) had negative beginnings. The style allegedly began as a salute to prison attire, which consisted of oversized pants and shirts. oft the pants would be falling down and inmates were non allowed to countenance a belt. An opposite claim is even up more disturbing. Supposedly, the pants worn low, hiatus down, were an invitation for wake up in the prison world. whitethornbe, I always thought, still about kid dear could non afford a belt and started walking around holding up his britches the best he could.\r\nEither way, baggy pants; they came and they live endured. (Parker, 2009) Some kids may be alert the style is reminiscent of prison attire. They might genuinely embrace the idea. The majority of the kids, however, who exhibit baggy pants, ar more similarly interested in expression like their peers, emulating musicians and actors, and wear something that is defiant of the conservative genius of authority. Having a glance at some iodine’s underwear brush aside be offensive. It can be down proficient aggravating.\r\nEven the chairwoman has chimed in on the controversial subject of baggy jeans. He give tongue to during his 2008 campaign( to MTV), â€Å"There be some impressions we face, that you don’t have to pass a law, but that doesn’t mean folks can’t have some sense and some respect for other people, and you know some people might non want to chitchat your underwear †I’m unity of them. ” (Blunk, 2012) I would have to agree with the president that I don’t want to see the underwear of unripe men with â€Å"pants on the ground. By the same associationard, though, I would also like not to see, but cracks of older men hanging out, men in running shorts who bankrupt their scrotum, muffin tops, thong underwear revealed, cops in puncher boots, camel toes, and PLEASE, NO leggings worn by anyone over the eld of ten. However have wordssome, ugly, gross, annoying, disrespectful, or distasteful baggy pants be †or any other mood fiasco †none qualify as a good reason to pass a law. If baggy pants be linked to crime †in particular gang crime †such(prenominal) as lawmakers in Hawkinsville, GA, Trenton, NJ, and several towns in Louisiana claim, then it seems a fair ypothesis that all cowboy boot cops are racist, but crack revealers are child molesters and any woman who bears her thong is surely a â€Å"ho”. With a system such as this, racial compose or any other profiling for that matter forget bewilder tools of the past. All we lead need to ask is, â€Å"what were they wearing? ” (Walton, 2011) (Parker, 2009) In break of the fact that umpteen people do not appreciate the appearance of baggy jeans, banning them is a counterproductive way to promote moral computer code or reduce crimes committed by juvenile people.\r\nPants are not a driving factor behind crime statistics. What leads to a manners of crime are elements like socio-economics, education or lack of, history of crime in a family, and other situational elements. (Parker, 2009) It is not the baggy pants we have to worry about but, rather, the brain committed to the neck, assigned to the torso, connected to the legs that hold the pants up. Unless you take into guessation, of course, the one benefit to law enforcement that baggy pants call for to the table; they are detrimental to the objective of outflow!\r\nIt seems to me that a cop would only hope for iniquitous wearing baggy jeans when in pursuit! scarcely put, baggy jeans are a police military officer’s best friend. (Feb. 17th, 2012) There is always an clause of c drawing cardhing or fashion statement for Americans to consider offensive. In the past it was anti-short skirts for women, anti-long hair for men, and anti-leather jackets for all. We graduated to anti-glove, anti-piercings, and anti-hoodie. But, the style… and hatred for it…. that has endured longest is… anti-baggy pants. (Walton, 2011)\r\nAmericans are often flagitious of setting limits on the issues that are irrelevant. If there is a school shooting †supply more cameras and admixture detectors, if the classrooms are crowded and kids won’t find out then drug everyone up, and if kids are texting on booth phones while driving and dying from it then build a bumper sticker. Geeze! If we are worried about violence, crime, or the unsuccessful lives of young people, why then do we not set real, stern, limits on the things that hurt young people most; guns, drugs, automobiles, alcohol, tobacco and caffeine ?\r\nPerhaps this is because all of these things make money for a lot of people in our country. So, we go after the one thing that cannot talk back †a couple up of pants. Or can they? Julius Hart was arrested in 2011 in Riviera Beach, Florida for wearing pants that were considered too low; exposing at least four inches of his boxer shorts. He played out the night in jail and was fined $150. 00. He mulish to take the case to court and challenge the law. He claims wearing baggy pants is his constitutional right and he is hurting no one. The case is unfinished in the West Palm Beach Court. . (Feb. 17th, 2012,)\r\nThis is besides one example of what I like to estimate of as the â€Å"rise of the baggies,” but there are more. When the West Virginia House of Representatives tried to outlaw the wearing of low-slung pants circa 2007, they received ridicule from Sydney to London. Comedians joked about a â€Å"boxer’s rebellion,” and there were so numerous conflicting online political blogs the state Senate quickly killed the bill. (Parker, 2009) This burlesque has not stopped other politicians from trying to set aside the fashion we know as â€Å"the baggies. ” Bans have become law or are organism considered in at least eight states.\r\nThe movement is fuel by growing worries that sloppy dress by America’s youth could be associate to delinquency, poor learning and crime. (Parker, 2009) Elements of our party are haunt with what the youth is trying to express in their attire. For me, however, the equal lies more in what they are not expressing in their attire; â€Å"I am not secure,” â€Å"I am not seeking a superior position,à ¢â‚¬Â â€Å"I am not able to stand apart from my crowd of peers”. I do not believe laws can solve attire concerns such as this; only education, consideration and personal indigence pass on do the job.\r\nThere is racial password surrounding this debate. Many people, including law makers and religious affiliates, in all racial groups see this primarily as a black issue. Nothing could be bring forward from the truth. If you walk down the halls of any albumen shopping center school or high school you will find there are many white boys wearing pants, â€Å"low and baggy. ” The style is no long-lasting associated as a hip-hop trend. It is cross-culture, crosses over socio-economic boundaries, and can be associated with also: punk, grunge, and mod, all trends that have surfaced in recent years. This is not a black issue as much as some may want it to be.\r\nAlthough I am resistant to this being racial issue, I am glad that many of the laws proposing bans on baggy pan ts have been met with impedance and action by the American Civil Liberties merger and the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). This is not just racial profiling. It is wardrobe profiling. I guess this content that all men in expensive suits are going to steal my retirement fund, or by chance my son, who got cold in the theater and put his hoodie on…is actually a gun toting gang member. conceivably a lordly Court case for this would read, â€Å"The U. S. Supreme Court against Clothes! It makes me wonder if we are actually being manipulated by the powers that be…into a society of nudity. Maybe they just want to see us all naked. I think I will stick with the baggy pants. (Blunk, 2012) â€Å"Droopy Drawers,” â€Å"baggies,” or just â€Å"pants on the ground,” as they are referred to, are a fashion statement. For some, wearing them may mean a little more, for others they are only interest the crowd. Some say itâ€⠄¢s a ludicrously stupid, annoying, and sloppy way to dress. Others do not bother to care either way. Many folks connect these pants to criminal behavior. I do not and furthermore, I find it absurd that others do.\r\n'

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'Technology for Youth – Boon or Bane\r'

'Technolgy has revolutionized the human existence. Much of the progress that reality has understand in different fields right from the rock outho workdy age to the novel age is due to the progress do in the field of learning and applied science. not only material progress but alike the mental outlook of man has been influenced by it. It has made mans life happier and more comfortable. Agriculture, business, transport, communication and medicine to wee a few be all super indebted to the wonders, science has produced. We provoke pay off scientifically more advanced from our ancestors.This is beca habituate the innovation has undergone a redoubted change because of the rapid strides made by the science and applied science. whateverthing, which has advantages, has disadvantages also and this holds truth in case of engineering science as strong. Nowadays, if we fill to reserve a endow in a railway comportment we read not go to the railway booking counter, we sewer do this just through the profit by E-Reservation system. Similarly, if we experience to send a message to anyone, kind of of sending a conventional letter we lav send an e-mail.Telephones and mobile phones are so commonly being use by us that it has start difficult now to image life without them. solely this, I feel, is enough for us to realize that technology has entered into our day-to-day life. Electricity is one of the greatest wonders of modern science. The growth of fast modes of transport and communication has changed the world into global village. In the field of agriculture, science and technology has helped in increasing the crop production and up quality.Science has enabled man to diagnose and treat many knockout diseases. Information technology and computers have revolutionized our life-styles. But, the boon of science, in many cases, has been turned into bane because of its misuse. Science has pose a threat to the very existence of mankind with weapons-nuclear, biological, atomic, chemical etc. Cyber crime is the latest admission to crimes list. Misapplication of science has brought mankind to the path of destruction. We should use science to get its blessings and not misuse it to acquire it a curse.Advantages : Internet provides one of the greatest benefits when it is used to provide educational opportunities for students based on their abilities and interests. Any lesson can become more motivating, exciting, and memorable for a student when it is aided with audio-video education from the internet. Brain explore shows that individuals remember make upts and facts in more detail for a longer period of time if there are emotions involved in the initial learning encounter.Therefore the Internet can increase the emotional impact of lessons and make learning interesting, fun and meaningful to students. When students gain experience learning for the pure joy of learning, their emotional interest, ingrained motivation, and hunger for know ledge also increases The internet is a powerful resource for learning as well as an efficient means of communication. E-mail, chew outting etc. have given a new way to discuss, have and spread education through internet communication.Its use in education provides a number of specific learning benefits like independent learning, development of enquiry skills, access to resources etc. The internet is a colossal bank of learning material. It keeps on expanding the resources available to students beyond the standard print materials found in take aim libraries. It gives students access to the latest reports on government and non-government websites which embarrass research material, scientific and trickistic resources in museums and art galleries and other organisations with culture applicable to student learning.One of the of import advantages of the internet is that it a time-efficient tool for teachers which has the possibility of plan development by incorporating internet-b ased activities into mainstream literacy programs and bringing diversity to their article of belief strategies. Disadvantages : Risky chatting in chat rooms devote to teenagers another problem area. Paedophiles often frequent chat rooms where they know children and teens will spend such(prenominal)(prenominal) of their time. A real life meeting with such might lead to abduction, rape, torture or even murderPast studies have shown a change in affectionate trend where teenagers are rejecting real relationships and friendships for cyber relationships. This can have several unforeseen implications. Internet has increasingly become a way to escape problems or calm down negative mood, which is not a good solution. traditionalistic methods of dealing with such problems are proper, effective and authoritative way. Though the Internet is a treasure of information but not all of it is beneficial for the progression of the society. Some information like a bit-by-bit tutorial on how to make a tubing bomb can lead to serious consequences both for the culprit and the public.The Internet also exposes children with inaccurate information from unreliable sites and confuses students by exposing them to con world of Advertisers who have one aim and that is to sell their products. This leads to misinterpretation of facts and unwise judgements. Not everything on Internet is accurate or legit. The answer to ‘Whether technology is Boon or swearing is Debatable and just like all the other advancements in technology, we have to accept the two sides of the same coin. The Technogy can and will be used for good or bad.\r\n'