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What did it mean for a man in Ancient Greece to lead a good life Essay

In quaint Greece, leading a vertical aliveness is rather more complex than it is in straight offs edict. It is evidenced in Platos four dialogs in The footrace and Death of Socrates. Through the dialogues of Socrates we rotter learn that in Ancient Greece fostering, religion, edict in general, law and set played a major portion on a someones way of living a good life. In the dialogues of The Trial and Death of Socrates, society condemned those such as Socrates for changing or question their way of life. A person in Ancient Greece moldiness be a pious gentle earths gentle globe who conforms to the laws and values of the society. We female genital organ learn how a man should lead a good life in Ancient Greece through the dialogues of Socrates in his trial.In straddle for a man to lead a good life, he must have a good education. In ancient Greek society it is stated that a man shouldnt think about having kids if he doesnt plan on giving a good education to them (Plato 45). This signifies that education is the first thing in a mans life that entrust lay down him a good person. In the dialogues of Crito, we usher out see that music and gymnastics played a major place in education because Socratess father trained him in those handle (Plato 51). Education in any case plays a major role in a mans life because it not only helps in this life still also the after life. According to Socrates, education and nurture argon the only things that you can take with you to the underworld (Plato 106). Your knowledge and education will help you in your next life not your material wealth.Asides from having a good education, a man in Ancient Greece should value and terminate certain actions. As I have stated earlier a man should value education, but asides from that he must be a pious person. We can see in the dialogues between Euthyphro and Socrates that piety should be valued a lot. In other words a man should value his religion and the gods. Both Socrates and Euthyphro come up with their meaning of piety. organism a pious person according to Socrates and Euthyphro is doing things that is dear to the gods and is agreeable to them. in like manner making offerings to the gods and looking after them (Plato 6-13). Another thing that a man must value is reputation.We can see example of how Socrates maintains his reputation by refusing to flee capital of Greece because it would tarnish his family name. In the same example Socrates shows us that Athenian Citizenship is valued a lot because he doesnt run for prison since it would mean his family would lose their citizenship (Plato 52-54). With the events that occurred to Socrates, it shows us that one should ignore questioning or changing the law or religion. The whole reason Socrates is being put to trial because he was charged with not recognizing the gods and inventing new deities and profane the youth (Plato 2,5).During the cartridge clip of Socrates, religion and law should be resp ected and followed. In Ancient Greece, men who hold a citizenship of a city-state such as Athens must conform to all their laws and religion. Religion at that time was very important and valued. If anyone tried to change it or question it would be doomed to death. This what happened to Socrates because not only did he question the God but he was also corrupting the younger generation according to the courts (Plato 2 and 4). For a man in Ancient Greece he should be a pious person. As I mention earlier one must submit to the gods and make offering to them. From Socratess point of view, a person should always question society. Socrates always questions people because he thin that by doing so he can make the society better. He wants to make people think critically (Plato 31). Also question society can lead to wisdom. In Socrates case, he question different authorities outside(a) of their knowledge because they claim to know every thing and admits to not versed everything (Plato 23). A sides from religion and society a man must conform to the laws of the city-state.The laws of Athens for example shape the life a person living in it. The laws of Athens for example gave Socrates education, citizenship and the option for him to go in exile (Plato 50-52). Socrates signifies that he accepts the laws of Athens because he defends it and ultimately stays in Athens when he had the chance for exile (Plato 51-53). Since Socrates is a well-known figure in his society we can accept that these are the norms of society. According to Socrates, a man should escape with death with ease. He views death as a gateway to unite other souls. In his view, he will contribute to join should that died forwards such as Homer Ajax and gets to question them to find out who is the wisest (Plato 40). Socratesalso states that suicide is a bad action. The life and souls belongs to the Gods, by committing suicide you cant summon yourself to the Gods (Plato 59). Socrates suggests that the soul jo ins the Gods after death. He believes that you can get a better understand of the world (Plato 69). In conclusion, for a man to lead a good life in Ancient Greece he must be pious, well educated, and follow the laws of the society. Since Socrates is viewed as a capacious philosopher today we can use his actions and views in the Trail and Death of Socrates as an example of how a person should lead his life in Ancient Greece. Through his understandings we learned that education plays a major part in the beginning of a mans life. And also the laws and religion must be adhered to for a man to lead a good life.

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