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In his articles, Zinsser takes a negative view of the college Essay

Pressures that an individual feels affect his disposition towards life. The wardrobe may be taken as positive or oppose depending on the cant over it brings a person. Most of the time military presss argon viewed to bring about negative effect to the person solely some just do non realize that it is the pressure felt by an individual which motivates him to finish a goal. For example, a disciple is pressured to finish his appointment that is about to be due(p) and if he is non able to finish it, he go out be able to receive a low mark.The savant then strives rugged to finish that assignment on time so that he volition not be prone low mark by his professor. Sometimes, pressure may withal cause a educatee to do the assignment for the sake of doing it because if he does not submit the assignment on time, he give be able to get a low mark. In short, pressures also bring about negative outputs. In the essay by Zinsser, he had taken a negative view of the college pressures he identified. He identified pressures such as scotch pressure, p atomic number 18ntal pressure, peer pressure, and self-induced pressure.He had discussed that this college pressures had been a hindrance for the college students to enjoy their peer activities, to choose their own college courses to imitate and to do some(prenominal) things they find interesting and more than enjoyable to do. The pressures he had identified are considered as hindrance for the students to pursue their chosen dreams. He discussed that the pressures had been affecting the students but he didnt realize that these pressure in the long run will be viewed as valuable for the student.The pressure which Zinsser considered as tasks and hindrances for student s will be an important side in realizing their true dreams. Economic pressures of the society today should not be viewed negatively or as a hindrance that could consummate a college student who is trying heavy(a) to be able to finish his college studies. Otherwise, stinting pressures such as the increasing trends of insurances, postage, oils, cost of boarding and tuition fees. sort of of viewing the pressures negatively, the students should be able to consider it as a contend that they should be able to get through in order to blend in the world where they chose to live. Economic pressures serve as a quarrel for the college students to try harder in pursuing their dreams to come true. Yes, it is in truth true that the economic pressure nowadays greatly affects the situation of the students who are financially tottering but it should not be considered a hindrance for them to pursue whatever they aim to achieve in life.As the competition for scholarships and grants is becoming very tougher and tougher nowadays because of economic deficits felt by large companies, it is really hard to secure one in order to continue studying for college. However, securing a scholarship or grant for a student who really of necessity to get a scholarship will not be troublesome if he bind a strong drive or motivation. nought is impossible for a person who is really interested and who is really propel to achieve a goal. Students who are not financially unstable go intot experience the economic pressure that is experienced by the students who are financially constrained.They are more affected with the pressures they feel from their parents. Parents of these students decide that their children must enroll to a law schooldays or a medical checkup school. The reason behind these is that they wanted to make sure that their children get the scoop education in order for them to own a secured future. Secured future for them is enrolling in a law school or a medical school because these field of study of education promises large lump of money. Although some people have a negative view towards the pressures a child receive from his parents, these pressures save could cause good effects to the children in the long run. If we make an analysis, in the short run, the pressures that parents give their children may not provide good impacts to them but in the long run, it will be able to do them good. why? In the long run, the children will little by little take on the fate that their parents had given them and will eventually provide them good results. The student may not be really interested in the field that his parents like him to pursue but as he goes along the way, he will eventually mature and will realize that his parents want him to have the best education for him to be able to have a secured future.As he matures, he will then realize that he is more than fortunate that his parents could provide him the best education they could ever offer foreign the unfortunate children that need to give-up the ghost in order to go to school. Because of the finale his parents made for him when he entered college, he then realizes that the pressures his parents had given him had offered him positive result s and it did not turned out to have caused him negative results. Self induced pressure should also be viewed as a valuable and important thing in the building the future of a student.In school, he is pressured to do reach the apparent motions that his classmates exert to be able to get high marks. perusal hard as well as exerting so much effort in school is a good trait a student must possess. The students learn in a way that he also has exerted effort. In this case, after graduating, he will be ready to surpass all the pressures of his work. He will not have the feeling of impediment because he had been outfit with the right knowledge he gained when he was studying. compeer pressures felt by a student is also a valuable thing that he could use when he will seek his outgrowth job in the future. Pressure from peer is compared to the pressure that he will feel when he is already employed and will tae orders from his boss. At first, pressures given by peers to a student is not be neficial because it distracts the concentration of the student in studying but eventually in the long run, he will be able to get used in the pressures he feels from his peers.In this way, pressures from work in the long run will not be considered as a hindrance from him to also excel in his work in the future. He had been trained with the pressures his friends had given him and in return, the pressures of his work in the future will not be a problem anymore because he will deal it with enthusiasm. Pressures that a student undergoes during a certain part of his life particularly in his college life are very important and valuable. They should not be viewed negatively because it is a deal wherein training is executed.The student is trained to become a real equipped person to be battling in the future in his work as well as in his own life and family. If in his college life, he had been used to pressure, the pressures he will be undergoing in the future will not be a burden for him t o succeed instead, it will be regarded as a challenge that is to be solved with patience and perseverance. works Cited Zinsser. William (1978). College Pressures. The Norton Reader. Norton-Simon Publishing.

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