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BMW Essay -- essays research papers

BMWStrengthsBMW is a known comp whatsoever with a high status branding that has a in truth high recognition factor. The smart set has been strengths in both research and increase and design as well as in marketing. For example when it comes to marketing it was a BMW advertisement that was the first e-advertisement that made it to Campaigns Pick of the Week (Doman). However, in a long procure such as these, there is a need for to a greater extent substance than just marketing, otherwise the life of the company would be relatively short due to the nature of the purchase. It is in these longer-term systems and strategies that we outhouse see many a(prenominal) of the strengths of BMW, we can consider these by starting with the market position of the company. BMW as well as Mercedes and a few other companies have managed as well successfully attain a market position where they have a focus on a narrow range of exclusive cars. These can be seen as aimed at the market place th at is not besides sensitive to price, and as such we must argue that the market stance may be seen as a strength as there will not be such a reaction if the frugal conditions change. The customers that are in the target group are happy to conciliate a premium price for what they perceive as a premium product (Thompson). This may not be so true of the adjuvant companies that have had different problems, such as the ill-fated Rover group. However, the totality product has remained strong (Thompson). This may be seen as diversification, and some of the diversification may also be seen as a strength, for example the purchase of Rolls Royce where there is a similar strategy, however the range and target market are even more focussed and exclusive. The strategy of BMW is designed to be defensive against other car manufactures, and as we will see when it comes to the fragment on threats this is a defensive strategy that BMW have adopted aft(prenominal) encyclopaedism the need f or defensive as well as aggressive marketing and strategies. These strategies can be seen as follows&61623 Customers may choose any color that the wish from the entire range, this is only matched by Rolls Royce and Aston Martin, other companies bear a choice of color but only wi... .... The position of BMW is relatively strong they have made mistakes, but appear to be learning form them. Their relatively small size can be seen as justified in such a competitive market by their own market position. Therefore as long as the company retains it focus and is not tempted into too great a level of diversification then it should have a bright future. Work CitedEuropean Car, (no causation cited), (2001, May), Hydrogen-powered BMW 750hL, European Car, v32 i5 p14 The Economist (UK), (no author cited), (2000, April 1), Milbergs mission. (Strategy of BMW, The Economist (UK), p70 (2) Lorenz Andrew, (2000, Dec 20), Rover and out. (BMWs bargain of Rover, automobiles) Autocar, v226 i12 p62 (4)M intzberg H Quinn J B, Ghoshal S (1998), The Strategy Process, London. Prentice Hall. Thompson J (1998) strategic Management Awareness and Change, London, Thomson Business PressWells Melanie, (2001, April 16), Giving an quondam(a) Brand New Mystique. Forbes, p198s02Foundry Management & Technology, (no author cited), (2000, July), BMW, Ford repulse Sign Definitive Agreement for Land Rover, Foundry Management & Technology, v128 i7 p8

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