Saturday, March 2, 2019

Candy in Of Mice and Men Essay

glaze overs name has many intensions and many of which gives us an appreciation to the inequalities against old people in Ameri brush off ordering. glaze over on the actually simple and literal level means sweet and pleasing and shows that sweeten is a genuinely sweet, nice old man. Another connotation that springs to intellectual is that dulcify, the old swamper, is a very friendly, h angiotensin converting enzymest and open man with whom you can talk about everything.This is under limitd by his name candid means not hiding ones thoughts, frank and honest. But dulcorates name has also an even deeper meaning or connotation which highlights an inequality in society in that his name- Candy- is a metaphor as much like his name, candy or sweets squander a sell-by date. This portrays that in American society all workers are expendable or internal and after a given time they are rendered as nugatory.The cleanup position of Candys dog is a key metaphor in the book as Candy the old handyman, aging and left with just one hand as the result of an accident, worries that the boss will currently declare him useless and demand that he get off the spread head. Even though we hornswoggle that Candys dog was erstwhile an impressive sheep herder, olden accomplishments and current emotional ties matter little, as Carlson makes clear when he insists that Candy let him put the dog out of its misery, we see this in the line He aint no good to youwhynt you shoot him Candy?Candys dog serves as a harsh reminder in American society of the parcel that awaits anyone who outlives their usefulness. This situation also portrays an inequality in society in that society views on their age and incapabilities rather than their values and past achievements. Steinbeck throughout the legend uses Candy to portray to the reader the inequality of ageism in American in society in 1920. Through his descriptions of Candys operative and living conditions, Steinbeck highlights the f requent use of discrimination and ageism. Candy is an old swamper, who lives in a bunkhouse.His possessions are a bunk and an apple box. Theoretically, one should treat aged people respectfully. In our society, pensioners have a repair life than employees. However, Candy is a swamper and he is not treated fairly. The repeat of old in Candys description also emphasises that his carriage and inability to work because of his age was what many people judged Candy by. Candy because of his age and disability is an outcast on this ranch we see this when he does not go into town with the rest of the ranchworkers which highlights how excluded Candy is.The exclusion of Candy is another indication of the inequalities in American society in that it was very ageist and discriminative. In our society pensioners are treated with a lot more respect that the average middle-aged working class citizen but we learn from this novel that society in 1920 was juxtaposed to this. Candy did not spring up pension or benefits for the government the only sum of specie he received was the inadequate sum of $250 for the loss of his hand, which contributed massively to his uslessness. This is an indication in of an inequality in society as old people were not even valued by the government as there were no pensions.Old people were poor in the 1920s because they were seen as useless by the average people and the government alike. This indicates that American society greatly believed in the term survival of the fittest and believed people should work until they dropped. After Lennie leaves the ranch Candy replaces his role and becomes dependent on George What we gonna do now George? What we gonna do now?Also throughout the novel we notice Candys vulnerability in the ranch especially when it comes to the boss. For example we see in the line You wont tell Curley nothing I express? that Candy is in fact frightened of the boss and his son and knows that they have the power to get rid of Candy from the ranch and therefore would leave him with nothing.Candy is a passive man, unable to take any free action. Indeed, his one major act in the book when he offers Lennie and George money in order to buy a piece of land with them is a means by which he can become dependent on them An Ill make a will an leave my share to you guys in case I kick off This indicates an inequality in that it shows how defenceless old people were in American society especially once they got past the stage of being able to work as no one seen them as any use.View as multi-pages

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