Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Desecration of the Flag is an American Freedom :: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays

Desecration of the Flag is an American granting immunityThe American Flag is truly a versatile emblem. The flags stars, stripes, and colors represent valor, purity and vigilancethey represent bloodshed, hard work, and mostly, the unerring freedoms known as rights. Paradoxically, those same stitches that compose the flag and bind our freedom contain the right to desecrate and utterly disrespect it. How beautiful a country that regards freedom so highly that it hold dears even the most nervous actions of expression what magnificent grace. The Bill of Rightsleft untouched by tamper hands for almost 200 yearssecures that grace the freedoms that allegedly mould America different from other countries. It is most trustedly not a coincidence that the freedom of expression is the first inalienable right our forefathers chose to protect in the constitution.Unfortunately, our First Amendment is not able to protect itself. It seems as if certain politicians are preoccupied with other iss ues, such as the necessity of civilians owning polish rifles and exaggerating the size of American flags in classrooms. Now, amongst all other stresses and responsibilities of our government, the United States Senate has somehow miraculously found the time and prerogative to groan about whether or not certain freedoms of expression should be legal. During war and economic crisis, politicians retrieve it necessary to put the very rights of American citizens in question. How ironic is it that the hoi polloi we dumbfound in enough confidence to elect leaders we cannot place in enough confidence to enact civil rights. In Texas v. Johnson (1989), The autocratic courtroom ruled flag desecration symbolic of free speech, and and then protected by the First Amendment. The proposed amendment to overturn this decision has failed to get the two-thirds legal age needed for passage four times since 1989. Why, then, the Senate is fixated with altering the Supreme Courts concrete decision i s baffling. Stereotypically, it is a conservative idiosyncrasy to be preoccupied with superficial respect but deny necessary principles of unqualified freedom.

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