Thursday, March 14, 2019

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Jane Pitt cosmos was born into slavery on a grove in Louisiana. In the past, Janes slave name was Ticey. Jane grew up without parents because her mother died when she was unbosom young and she knew little about her father. As a preteen, Jane worked in a large house, caring for white children. On a scorching mean solar day near the end of the war, exhausted confederate soldiers paid a visit, followed before long after by join soldiers. As Jane was serving the soldiers water, a Union soldier, Corporal Brown, told Jane that she will soon be free and can wherefore visit him in Ohio. He tells her to change her slave name to Jane. The ever-changing of her name symbolized a changing of lifestyle no longer would she be recognized as a slave, just as an actual human-being with an individualism of her own. The owner of the slaves on the plantation freed them all, including Jane. Jane and the freed slaves left the plantation. Theyre destination was undecided, but a woman named Big Laur a lead the group. Jane thought about exhalation to Ohio to find Corporal Brown. While sleeping in a levy house, the Ku Klux Klan barged in and killed everyone, except for Jane and a young boy named Ned. Ned happened to be the discussion of Big Laura. Jane and Ned continued on their own, heading towards Ohio. They met a few peck on their trip who had some sympathy for blacks. They always told Jane that Ohio was too far, and that she should go back end to the plantation. Jane and Ned became exhausted from their long journey. One day, a white man named Job gave Jane and Ned a lift and allowed them to rest at his house, even though his wife disagreed with how her husband treated blacks hospitably. The next day, he took them to a plantation managed by Mr. Bone. Mr. Bone offered Jane a job, but believed her to be incapable of manipulation the work however, Jane convinces Mr. Bone that she is capable of handling the work and he agrees to even up her six dollars a month, minus the fi fty cents that went toward Neds education.Later, the original owner of the plantation, Colonel Dye, buys back the plantation with the money he borrowed from the Yankees. Many black people began fleeing the to the south when they saw that their conditions were worsening.

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