Thursday, March 14, 2019

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Letter of IntentDear Ms. Sweet,We atomic number 18 very turned on(p) to have the opportunity to work with you on this project. We are certain that this provide be an enjoyable and enrichening experience for everyone involved. In order to raise cash for the Parent Infant Center, we pull up stakes combine all of our efforts to produce the scoop up benefit contrive that the center has ever seen. The target sense of hearing for the concert will be area high school and college students and all of the meshing will go towards your scholarship fund.We have begun contacting amateur bands from the area that are willing to compete in a Battle of the Bands. Since the bands are make up of University students, we predict that they will attract a oversize audience comprised of their friends and classmates. This event will be held on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania making it easiest for students to attend. It is quite a possible that we will encounter some difficulties while trying to imprint this event. One difficulty could be that if we do not get sufficient bands to participate, we may not be able to draw a large enough crowd. If this occurs, we will broaden our spectrum and promote the event at opposite colleges and high schools around the area. It may to a fault be hard to take an appropriate place to house the concert. We will try our best to rule the most ideal venue for the concert and while we may not get our first choice, the University has many concert halls from which to choose. Ticket sales could also be a potential problem since hiring a professional just the ticket agency may be too much of a financial burden for our project. We will investigate the most cost efficient ticketing options and we will find innovative ways for our team to sell the tickets. We will break into three committees a coordinate committee, a merchandise committee, and a fundraising committee. The coordinating committee will find a venue and the bands that will compete. The marketing committee will be in charge of advertising and promoting the event.

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