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Joshua MyersHUM 215 edge 2005BakhtiarovaCountry bluejacketCapital City Panama City geographical Location (region) Central America Coordinates 9 00 N 80 00 WBoarders with Costa Rica to the West and Columbia to the East. Panama also borders with the Pacific sea to the South and Caribbean Sea to the North.Population 3,039,150 (July 2005 est.)Ethnic make-up Mestizo (mixed Amerindian and white) - 70% Amerindian and mixed (West Indian) - 14% white - 10% Amerindian 6%Education position Over one million people (37%) live below the meagreness line over half a million (12.3%) live in extreme poverty. The difference between rich and poor in Panama is one of the highest in the world.major(ip) History Events XV XX centuries oThe earliest known inhabitants of Panama were the Cuevas and the Cocl cultures, but their numbers were decimated by illness and the sword when the Spanish arrived in the 16th century. After several forays along the countrys Caribbean shore, the Spanish established a set tlement, Nombre de Dios, at the mouth of the Ro Chagres on the Caribbean coast in 1510. Panamas Pacific coast later became the point of departure for invasions of Peru, and the wealth generated by these incursions was carried overland from the Pacific port of Panama (City) to Nombre de Dios. The persuade of wealth attracted pirates, and by the 18th century the Caribbean was so dangerous that Spanish ships began bypassing Panama and sailing directly from Peru around Cape Horn to advance Europe.oPanama went into decline, and became a province of Colombia when the South American dry land received its independence in 1821.oA French try on to build a distribution channel in 1880 resulted in the death of 22,000 workers from malaria and xanthous fever and bankruptcy for everyone involved.oPanama declared independent Nov. 3, 1903, with the broad(a) support of the USA. Columbia never agreed to their independence until 1921 when the USA ultimately paid Columbia $25,000,000.00 in compe nsation. oUSA began to build the groove again in 1904 in 1914 the first ship saled through the canal.Major problems or conflicts that the country faced in the last 50 eldoThe only big problem was with the USA. The two countries argued over the canal contract until a new treaty was signed in 1977.

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