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Succubus Heat CHAPTER 19

The view by side(p) day, Dante was off to work, and I c eached Cody reclaim after breakfast. Hey, I verbalize. Are you guys quiet being b individu anyy bunnies?You bet, he say b slumply. One of our neighbors has a sailing boat and offered to let us go with him and-Thats non quite what I had in mind, I interrupted.An hour and a half later, barb echoed my thought processs. This wasnt what I had in mind.Id convinced them to cum let on with me on my beach hunt. Unfortunately, the day was rimy and threatened rain. As we walked a eagle- essenced the water at Dash Point, rimed wind ripped off the waves and cut across our typefaces. I snugg take into my jacket, idea of how many times Id taken the ability to shape-shift warmer coats for granted.Look, I contract intercourse you guys guess youre on spring break, except eventu on the wholey, we will beguile some(a) a nonher(prenominal) archdemon, and Id rather it be Jerome.Yes, entirely its not want this is exactly an inv ulnerable plan, Peter argued. Were pretty much going to beaches at random, in the hopes of conclusion fresh sand. Look at this stuff. Its beigeis that resolve passable to white?I cut him a sidelong glance. You once got in an business line with Carter rough the difference among Denim Days Blue and Summer Cobalt. You range me. Is t here(predicate) a difference between white and beige?Peter kicked sand up with the toe of his boot. It was Winter Cobalt, and Carter was wrong. Theres a huge difference between those two.Cody and I hid our grins as we continued our trek. Dash Point declare Park was near Federal Way, master on the s extincth side of Pu mature Sound. It had lookmed reasonable to start there and work our fashion virtually the coast, can up toward Seattle. This was our second park of the day, and so far, wed discriminaten nix to match the seals mystic clues.On our drive to the third place, Peter was equable pessimistic. You populate, this would be a lot ea sier if we had your dead-beat boyfri eradicate along. We can unless go off visual clues at this point. We collect some one who can actually sense the superpower around the vessel.Dantes busy at work, I explained.Huh, Cody mused. I n forever expect to hear busy and at work used together when it came to Dante.Be quiet, I said. pull taboo the snark to Hugh and Peter.What ab discover(predicate) Erik? inquireed Peter. Hes psychic.Yeah, I considered that, only when hes acquire old and his stands been bothering him. I dis kindred to ask him to walk around and around with me exclusively well, I havent command it out.And you dont induce up any much psychics?Nope. non that I trust, at least.Me either, admitted Peter. incisively I bet Hugh does.Yeah, youre probably- I s authorizeped mid-sentence. I might know one more It was crazy idea, one I wasnt certain(a) I should put any real effort toward.Who? asked Cody.I shook my school principal and herd through the entrance of our next state park. Its a long story, one Im going to have to work on.Our third stop yielded nothing either, save an inability for Peter to get sand out of his boots. It had started precipitate by that point, and even my mood was d give birth by then(prenominal). Sunset was still a couple of hours a stylus, but the overcast sky was effectively cleanup spot our light. Glancing at my watch, I saw that the dancing lesson was looming, so we turned northbound and headed impale to Seattle. I dropped the vampires off at their agrammatical constituentment and then drove home to get ready.My closets arrange selection seemed old and tired, but I had no refreshful fashions to magi chaty summon. So, I opted for a sleeveless minidress with a bright pattern of orange, green, and pitch blackness f let looseers that had been blurred together like a water-color painting. It was a bit shorter than it should have been for a dance with this much movement, but the colors seemed suitable and nerve centerenful on a day like this.It also seemed cold, though, and on impulse, I added black thigh-high stockings to keep my legs warm. Between that, black heels, and dark lipstick, I seemed to be channeling my succubus self more than my mild bookstore manager self. Of course, considering the whore wear Id shown up in a week or so ago, this was good-natured of tame.Doug naturally still crucify me about it, though profound down inside, I k tonic he thought I looked hot. I to a faultk a smug satisfaction in cognize Id do it without any shape-shifting. Plus, Id practically burned my hair off trying to flat iron it tonight. I dared anyone to accuse me of frizziness.Maddie was ecstatic, and her enthusiasm spread to those among the mental faculty whod decided to stay after closing for the lesson. A few of their friends had shown up as well, giving us around a dozen. It was a good, controllable size. We cleared space upstairs, and I set up my portable CD player. Cody had help ed me teach swing before, but I hadnt thought to enlist his supporter this time. Instead, I used Doug as my demo. Maybe it was part of being a musician, but he had a solid sense of rhythm and could extract up moves in truth quickly.A half-hour in, I trusted him enough to start assisting others, and we split up to work with some of our students. Despite my suspicion in agreeing to the lesson, I had fun, and most people were so nervous about touching their manager that I didnt have to worry about anyone hurt my nates. Maddie, enthusiastic or not, was having a bit of trouble and complained loudly when her chum salmon came in to help her. He swept her away, leaving me with her former dance partner bent.Id known he was here, of course, but Id been trying to avoid eye contact. There was no good way around it now, and we stood there awkwardly, eyeing each other, neither of us certain what to do. Autopilot kicked in, and I held my men out to him. I was the teacher here, and since h e was one of the worst dancers on the floor, it was only natural that hed need my help more than others. solidifying held up his get hold of in return, and as I took a step forward, my heel snagged on the carpet. I knelt down to check, thinking it would be pretty embarrassing to blow up and fall when I was the alleged model of grace and balance here. Glancing up, I met readinesss eyes. He was looking down at me, and his face was no longstanding shy or confused. His expression was considering andwell, hungry. Looking down, I suddenly realise the view I was offering up. He was able to see right into the heart of my cleavage, which was already considerably exposed by the dresss low neckline. From kneeling, my boo had ridden up, showing off the black lace top of one of my thigh-highs.I dont know what in particular he found the most alluring, but his gaze raked across my body, and e actuallywhere it touched, heat swept me. I rose, suddenly feeling like the shy and awkward one. De sire was written all over him, and it was a wonder the entire fashion didnt notice. He all-inclusive his hands again, and when we touched, electricity shot through my body.Finding the beat, I led him into the steps. He was every bit as bad as I take to beed, yet as I worked to guide him in the right moves, our bodies brushwood together out of necessity, I couldnt help but think that succession his dance rhythm might be lacking, thered been nothing uncoordinated about the way he make honey.Neither of us spoke for a minute or so, and I was sure he was caught up in the same physical spell as me, probably reliving our adopt from yesterday as well. My arousal was growing too, and wrong as I knew it was, I actually went out of my way to make sure we on occasion touched as I guided his body. Finally, sexually charged or not, I couldnt help but laugh.I think this is the worst Ive ever seen you dance, I told him. And be guileve me, thats saying something.He smiled ruefully, but I ha zard dancing was the closing curtain thing on his mind right now. Im out of practice.Well, Im glad youre actually here this time, instead of sitting on the sidelines.Things change, I guess.I held his eyes for a few moments. Yes. Yes, they do.A few more moments of silence passed before he asked, Hows your immortal, um, situation going?Hmm? stage sets hand had come within millimeters of brushing against my breast when we turned. Sternly, I chastised myself to forget about the way his body had mat-and looked and smelled and tasted-yesterday and remember my other problems. Oh, well. Not so great, actually. I got some more info, except its hard-fought to-When I fell silent, Seth bend his head and gave me a puzzled look. What?Id forgotten the idea that Id briefly hinted at to the vampires. SethI have a strange question to ask youand you can feel free to say no.The look on his face still seemed to say he valued to rip my habiliments off, but there was something elsesomething seriou s and concerned that made pleasing, sentimental feelings shuffle with my own lust.If theres anything I can do to help, I will.I know, I said. Except this isnt exactly your helpits Kaylas.If Seth had been doing any semblance of dancing now, he might have stumbled and missed a beat. As it was, it was broad of hard to tell the difference.Kayla? His four-year-old nieces name was clearly not what hed been expecting to hear.Do you remember when I said she had psychic powers?Yeahbut I didnt very think much of it.Well, I told you the logistics of summoning, right? Now Ive got a principal on where Jerome is but not how to find him once were in the right spot. I could do it if I was back to normal, or a psychic might be able to do it. Unfortunately, my usual ones arent easily accessible. wish was rapidly dominating over desire now. I was sad to see the arousal put up him, but this was a serious topic.Im not sure I like the idea of Kayla getting mixed up in any of this. In fact, I know I dont like it.I nodded. I know. I figured youd feel that way-believe me, I dont like it either. I loved all of Seths nieces, but Kayla in particular always tugged at my heartstrings. Just something that crossed my mind earlier. Well, I-ahAnother couple slammed into my back, shoving me forward into his weapons system. My hands reached out to catch myself, but it didnt stop our bodies from pressing together. Every part of me tingled at that contact, and if Id had any remaining delusions that I could forget about what wed done yesterday, they shattered for good now.Sorry, said Andy. He was dancing with Casey, and like her, he was a longtime staff member.Casey groaned. Georgina, please take him. Even Seth cant be that bad.Debatable, I murmured. I didnt want to move, didnt want to break my wait with Seth. I wanted to stay there and keep touching him, and because of that very impulse, I stepped back. My breathing was heavy, and it took me a moment to gather myself. I displace in one mo re deep breath and grinned at Andy. Okay. Lets see what we can do with you.Casey led Seth away, and I managed to avoid him for the recess of the dance lesson. When it wrapped up, everyone clapped in my honor and demanded I teach a follow-up. I assured them I would, but I was too fluster and preoccupied to settle on a date right now. I promised to get back to them later.Several of them immediately jumped in to put the room back together, and seeing no further reason to stay, I travel rapidly off to my office. My plan was to check up on some of the paperwork and pass over out until everyone was gone so that I wouldnt have to see Seth again. I was half-way down the hall when I heard someone call my name.Georgina?I halted. It was Maddie. I turned, hoping the smile on my face looked neither phony nor panicked. Fuck. She was here to bust me for cozying up with her boyfriend on the dance floor. And honestly, it was no more than I deserved.But her face was all smiles and good cheer as sh e handed me a stack of paper. I went kind of crazy, she said sheepishly, but these are some condo listings I printed for you. Ive been searching online the last couple of days and kind of looked at everything since you still werent one c percent sure of what you wanted. Got a lot of good hits by the beach.I took the stack from her, stunned. This was the last thing Id expected.Its probably overkill, but it should give you a lot to look at. consequently, if you get some ideas, we can go on from there.I glanced down at the top sheet, displaying a three-bedroom condo out on Alki. Iwow. Thank you, Maddie. You shouldnt have.She beamed at my thanks. Happy to. Let me know what you think-and thanks again for the lesson. It was so much fun Hopefully Ill be less horrible next time. Maybe I can get Seth to practice at home.She gave me a quick hug and then hurried off to catch a ride with Doug. I trudged to my office, papers in hand, and set them on my desk. I collapsed into the chair, feelin g horrible. While Id been out doing bad, wicked things with her boyfriend, shed been working diligently to find me a new home.I attempt hard after that to browse some spreadsheets, but my heart wasnt in it. I mostly stared at numbers without genuinely comprehending them, and when a knock came at the door, I welcomed the distraction. I jumped up from my chair.Come in. I wondered if Maddie had forgotten to give me another ream. But it wasnt her.Seth stood in the doorway.I stared, hoping my mouth hadnt dropped open or anything embarrassing like that. Whatwhat are you doing here? I thought you leave.He looked as though he wanted to step inside but was afraid to. Doug took Maddie home, and I came back toto get He stopped and shook his head, unable to continue with a lie about having forgotten something. I came back to see you.I remembered the way his eyes had watched my body, the smoke in them when the skirt had ridden up my leg. That same smokiness was there now, and I snarl my own bodys desire flare up in response. Really, though, after the way wed touched while dancing, the desire had never really left me. Nonetheless, I tried to be reasonable.Seth, we cantnot againitsI know, he said. At last, he crossed the threshold. And I told myselftold myself Id let it gobut I havent stopped thinking about you since yesterday. And after tonight. Hesitantly, as though afraid someone might be lurking, he take out the door behind him. Just the way you looked out there. It wasamazing. Believe me, I didnt screw up dancing because Im bad at it-which I am. Its because I wasnt thinking about it at all. I was thinking about you. God, I couldnt stop. And its not estimable how sexy you are tonight. It was more. It was the way you lit up the room, the way you charmed everyone and made them happy. You dont need any special powers to do that, Georgina. Its just in you, part of who you are. How funny you are, how smart. Its what made me fall in love you back then, and its what He di dnt finish, and I was glad. If he had said makes me love you now, I wouldnt have been able to handle it.I noticed that hed move a lot nigher. I took a deep breath. It would have been easier on me if you said you just thought I was sexy. Shallowness I could handle. Not this emotional depth.He gave a rueful smile and stepped even closer so that we were only a couple feet apart. Oh, believe me, I do. And it would be a lot easier on me if you werent.I could scarcely breathe. We were so close now, and every atom in the room felt charged. I felt charged. There was no mistaking the look on his face. He wanted me too-badly. Lust and desire spilled off him, and I knew my own face mirror those feelings. He was careful, though, standing as close as he dared, wait for my signal. There was a tension to him, like it would only take one small sign from me for him to explode.Desperately, I tried to grasp a hold of everything reasonable that I knew. I remembered how miserable Id felt when he left to go see Maddie yesterday. Hell, I tried to think of Maddie herself-that cheerful, guileless face that trusted me so much. I tried to think of Dante. None of that worked, though, because all that was in my head was Seth, how perfect it had felt being with him. How perfect it felt being with him even now.Reaching out, I took his hand and brought it up to my collarbone. It was all he needed. He stepped closer and traced the lines of my neck, then move down to my shoulder. He pushed the dresss strap so that it slid down my arm. His hitchs followed it, pulling it farther so that the top of my dress fell forward, revealing most of my breast. My pap was already hard and ready when his hand travel over and pulled the rest of that side of the dress down, completely exposing my breast. He cupped it, squeezing its fullness and running his fingers along the curve.His other hand moved to my other side, cupping that breast and teasing its nipple underneath the dresss silk. My body pressed c loser to his, and our mouths met, hot and intense. Yesterday had been sweet and full of emotion. There was emotion here today, but it was intermingled with raw lovemaking, with an wolf instinct that made me wish hed ravage my body right now.And honestly, that wasnt too far from what happened. I stumbled from the press of our bodies and found my back pressed-gently-against the wall as he continued caressing my breasts. My hands wrapped around his neck, sorrowful up to half-tangle and half-pull his hair. He finally released my breasts and ran his hands over the length of my body, down my hips and thighs, across the sheer, silky fabric covering my legs. Sliding his hands back up, he pushed my skirt up and slipped one hand under my thigh, so that it wrapped around his waist and kept the dress up. His other hand moved down under my black lace thong panties, examine to see if I was ready.I was. I was warm and wet and slick, and the finger he slipped into me went in so easily that he t hen tried two, then three. I groaned and arched my back as he moved his fingers in and out of me and his mouth left hard, bruising kisses on my neck. My own hands fumbled down, trying to unfasten his pants. When Id tugged them and his boxers down, he gripped my hips and turned me around so that I faced the wall. He shoved my skirt back up and tugged my panties halfway down my thighs. I bent over and extended my arms, using my hands to brace myself against the wall.He entered me, forceful and deep, with no buildup or teasing. He was just as hard and long as I remembered, just as wonderful. Steadying his hands on my hips, he garget approximately into me, desperately trying to sate the need Id seen in him earlier, the need I shared. I cried out each time he shoved into me, knowing I should be quiet in case someone else had come back to the store. But I couldnt be. I was too caught up in the out-of-control passion of this moment, in the sinuous, primal lust that had consumed us both. And underscoring all of it was the realization that it was Seth. Seth, Seth, Sethwhom I loved more than anyone else. You are the world .He moved his hands up from my hips to cup my breasts, forcing me to readjust my position. All the time, he never broke his rhythm, staying fast and urgent. His fingers pinched my nipples hard, and I cried out louder. I think that turned him on even more, spurring him to thrust harder into me. Hoping to excite him further, I completely gave myself over and let go of any restraint with my voice. The louder I moaned, the more his body pounded into mine. It was all I could do to keep myself from getting pressed against the wall, and as I moaned over and over, it had nothing to do with arousing him and everything to do with the ecstatic and exquisite force of what we were doing.And when I finally came, the heat between my thighs building to an unbearable high, it was his name I screamed. A surge of new wetness came with my orgasm, and then I heard him g roan and give a thrust so hard that it did shove me against the wall. His hands still clenched my breasts, his nails take into my tender flesh, as he shuddered and took his release. He came for a long time, his low cry slowly fading.When he pulled out, the loss of him in my body made me feel incomplete. Nonetheless, I straightened up and leaned against the wall, gasping to catch my breath. My voice was hoarse.Jesus, I said. That was bad.Seth looked startled-and then hurt. Bad?No, not performance bad-more like dirty, wicked bad. The kind of stuff that gets an R rating.What, we cant do that? He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around my waist, nuzzling my neck.Well, yeaher, well, damn it. Were not supposed to be. Not at all. Its just that last time, it was likeI dont know. It was making love. This time it was nates? he supplied.Oh God, I groaned. Seth Mortensen just said fucking out loud. The end times are near.He laughed and placed tiny kisses over my cheek. Im not some innocent . You should know that from my books.Yeah, but still. You arent ONeill. Unless youre getting into fistfights that I dont know about.Mmmnot lately.We stood there in each others arms, both warm in the afterglow of what wed done. Then, just like last time, a strange awkwardness began to grow. We didnt even need Maddie calling now. I carefully pulled away.You should probably go, huh? I didnt say it, but I was certain hed be seeing her later.Yeah, but He sighed and rubbed his forehead. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be.What, having an illicit and cheap affair?He grimaced. No. But I mean, Ive spent ages imagining what itd be like to be with you and wishing you werent a succubus. I was always down on myselfI felt so school to be consumed by sex like that. And now that its finally happened-now that you arent a succubus-its not superficial or shallow at all. Its soI dont know. Its powerful. I wish this was an illicit, cheap affair. I wish I didnt feel this so deeply. Otherwise, when we said yesterday was it, it really would have been it.I wished then, more than anything, that hed say he was going to leave Maddie and we could be together again. He didnt, though, and I certainly wasnt going to claim it up. Besides, what good would it do? In only a few more days, Id be back to normal, and our relationship would be as dysfunctional as before. What I wanted was pointless.Can I He took a deep breath. Can I see you again? I know we said no moreI knew that by see you again he meant have sex with you again. And somehow, I realized we were on a precipice here. The beginning time had beenwell, not accidentalbut certainly unexpected. This time had been an out-of-control creature lust. But now? An open declaration of this affair-premeditated sex-it took things to a whole new level. There was no going back. I studied those eyes I loved, the warm and gentle lips. I assessed my body, how it ached yet still burned with pleasure. Then I glanced over at Maddies painstakin gly researched real estate packet.That should have been my mood killer, my warning. It was a reminder of who we were both betraying here. Seth had given in, but though I was on the verge, I could still pull back and save us from this. I had the power to say no.Yes, I said at last. You can see me again.

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