Sunday, March 17, 2019

Values Education Essay -- Education

A multitude of complex and contentious intelligent issues face individuals and groups alike in Australia on a day-to-day basis. By notion, licit Studies is then intended as an opportunity for students in their precedential years of schooling to develop knowledge and tangible skills, as wellspring as shape the values, attitudes and beliefs necessary to enhance their awareness and ability to actively participate as informed, proactive and critical members of monastic order (Queensland Studies Authority, 2007). To effectively navigate the judicial and moral mindfield that beckons, it is vital for students to be informed about their rights and responsibilities at bottom legislation (Eekelaark, 1992). Essential to the progression of students through the syllabus is the concept of value Education, which when taught in conjunction with Productive Pedagogies models in the classroom describes explicit or implicit school-based activities which promotes a students knowledge and understa nding of values, which develops the skills and dispositions of students so they can enact particular values in their everyday lives as individuals and members of the community (Queensland Government Department of Education and bringing up, 2004).In Queensland, Legal Studies consists of half a dozen prescribed sections of study throughout Year 11 and 12 The legal system Crime and society Civil obligations You, the law and society (renting and acquire family jobs sport environment consumers technology rights and responsibilities at least two units to be chosen) Independent study and Law in a changing society whereby students collect, organise, analyse and synthesise relevant information and evaluate its quality and hardness across a variety of sources (Queensland Studies Aut... ...ueensland Government Department of Education and Training (2004). Productive Pedagogies. Retrieved from Queensland Government Department of Education and Training website http// blic_media/reports/curriculum-framework/productive-pedagogies/pdfs/prodped.pdf Schultz, J. (2004). The Place of value in SOSE Inquiry An example related to the topic of Reconciliation. The Social Educator, celestial latitude 2004, 15-23.United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (1998). Learning To Live unitedly In Peace and Harmony Values Education for Peace, Human Rights, commonwealth and Sustainable Development for the Asia-Pacific Region. Bangkok, TH UNESCO Principal Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific.Woodgate, R., Black, A., Owens, B., Biggs, J. (2011). Legal Studies for Queensland Volume 1 (6th Ed.). Brisbane, AU Legal Eagle Publications.

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