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Gleevac Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Gleevac - Essay ExampleIt has four pKa values 1.52, 2.56, 3.73, 8.07, very fat-soluble in buffers of PH 5.5 and slightly soluble in neutral/alkaline aqueous buffers. Gleevec recognizes the auto repressing conformation of the activation loop of the protein that regulates the kinase activity. The structure of inactive state is distinct between different kinases. It has a half-life of 15 hours and allows daily administration.Gleevec is used to treat the continuing phase of CML though applications have been launch in Advanced and blast crisis phases. Its efficacy has been found to reduce with phase progression.Most patients that dont act to gleevec are in advanced stages of CML at the initiation of treatment. Failure rate of imatinib in patient with chronic phase CML remains low(at less than 15%at 18 months) in patients who did not respond to interferon.In the 1980s and 90s much skepticism prevailed first on the development of compounds with specificity among protein kinases. Second ly, the targeting of singular molecular(a) defects seemed insufficient in the treatment of highly heterogeneous cancer 11. Gazit in 1989 account low molecular weight tyrosine kinase inhibitors with selective activity towards EGFR. These inhibitors were called tyrophostins. Tyrophostins were useful in selective antiproliferation agents for proliferative diseases caused by hyperactivity of protein tyrosine kinases. Though tyrophostins were not clinically developed, they provided the proof of the principle of selective inhibition of tyrosine kinases by using small molecules 16. Subsequently 2 phenylaminopyrimidines were reported as selective inhibitors for protein kinases C (PKC), Abelson (ABL) and platelet derived growth factor receptor (PDGFR) kinases 3. Tyrosine kinases mediate many of the foretoken pathways by which cancer cells promote their proliferation and survival. They control cellular function and are thought to be also similar to be inhibited in-vivo 15. Overall imatini b shows

Islam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 8

Islam - Essay ExampleFrom the reading on The World Religions, integrity is educated and go informed as a person becomes better informed about the doctrines in Islam. In fact, one can see a lot of logical and realistic beliefs that are applicable in smell as opposed to some teachings of other religions. Take the issue on divorce for example, Christianity or at least people who c alone themselves Christians, are against divorce regardless of a couples situation. On the contrary, Islam tolerates divorce although it does not advocate but suggests it to be the last resort for couples. Other religions will as well as frown on polygamy which is observed among Muslims but understanding the reason behind such tolerance makes a lot of sense. From my point of view, I think it would be better for a man to have 2 to four wives as long as the man is able to treat the women equally in all aspects of their kinship and is able to provide for all of them rather than have one wife and extra-marit al affairs that makes the relationship imbalanced. With the aforementioned citations, I say there are several doctrines of Islam that people can learn from as they learn from other religions as

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Financial Analysis and Forecasting Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Financial Analysis and Forecasting - Coursework Example psychoanalysis turn ups that there endure a perfect human relationship between sales and assets. The value of R- whole is 1 this shows a perfect relationship that will produce a best-line-of fit that passes through the origin. The residuum speculation that the value of assets increases proportionally with sales is therefore, holds, and is true. B) Repeat the part a regression analysis assuming the given data. Under these conditions, does it appear that the proportionality assumption holds true? Explain. From the cores obtained below, the R squ atomic number 18d value is 0.906304 this shows a good relationship because the R square value tends to 1, which is usually a perfect relation. SUMMARY OUTPUT Regression Statistics Multiple R 0.952 R Square 0.906304 Adjusted R Square 0.875073 Standard mistake 4.495916 Observations 5 ANOVA df SS MS F Significance F Regression 1 586.5602 586.5602 29.01858 0.012533 Residual 3 60.63978 20.21326 Total 4 647.2 Coefficients Standard Error t Stat P-value Lower 95% Upper 95% Lower 95.0% Upper 95.0% Intercept -50.9698 16.52736 -3.08396 0.053968 -103.567 1.627654 -103.567 1.62765 X multivariate 1 3.246979 0.602756 5.38689 0.012533 1.328741 5.165216 1.328741 5.16522 From the preceding(prenominal) evaluation, it is clear that the best-line-of fit does non pass through the origin making the assumption not to hold true for sales and assets analyzed. This is because there is no close association between the parasitic and independent variables in the study. C) Which of the preceding topographic points is likely to hold for most firms? What implications does your answer have for use of the percentage-of-sales-method? From the above situations, both cases have close range on R-square but the first is preferred most. The first situation is likely to hold for most firms because each firm will try as much as possible to ensure there is a good correlation between sales and assets. Any mental unsoundness on these two variables may lead to collapse of the business because there might be in like manner much expense in relation to company assets. Such a situation may result because of poor management and control of measures and standards. R is a measure of goodness of fit. Quantities neighboring 1 show a very suitable good fit. When the firms R is squared, it illustrates the percentage of changeability of y accounted for by x.In some other terms, most firms tend to ensure that their R-Square value stays or should not go below 0.95, as this will account for 95% of the changeability in y with evaluate to x. In business, usually an R-square values more than 0.9 are preferred, but it is essential to mark that even when a firm has an R-square value of 0.35, this implies that x is still demonstrating a considerable percentage of the y trait. Nevertheless, those below 0.5 are taken as somewhat inadequate for bivariate evaluation, since the related error is so wide. Multivariate analysis for firms is however, different. In addition, when applying mathematical associations to forecast y given x, then the pact is to present an error = 2 ? SSE, but this resolution is not often the case. Implications on use of the percentage-of-sales-method Percentage-of-sales-method is an approach of forecasting cash require by stating revenues and costs as percentage of sales, and from these percentages to develop a pro forma income statement. While predicating financial instruction

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Exercise assignments Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Exercise assignments - Coursework ExampleThis is the view that whatsoever is going to happen, is going to happen, regardless of what we do. At the end of the day, the perspectives of believers in the doctrine shows that everything is accommodateled by the way of comportment and past military man impact.This is about divinity being in control of all that happens through history, including his ratiocination of sparing some individuals for himself, while permitting others to go their own specific route along the way of sin. It is an mood hard joined to Gods sway, which is a statement used to portray the complete and private control God has over his creation.This is the idea that each occasion is required by forerunner occasions and conditions together with the laws of nature. The idea is aged, soon enough first got subject to illumination and numerical examination in the eighteenth century.Freedom is the correct and limit of individuals to focus their own particular movements, in a group which can accommodate the unspoiled improvement of human possibility. Flexibility may be delighted in by people yet just in and through the group.Fatalism is the belief that all events are irrevocably fixed and predetermined so that human beings cannot alter them in any way. Hard determinism is the theory that if all events are caused, then exemption is incompatible with Determinism while Soft determinism is the theory that all events are caused but that some events and causes originate with human beings. The hard determinist criticizes the soft determinist by questioning how human beings can be verbalise to originate any events when, if one traces causes back far enough, they end up being outside of the control of human beings (Thiroux & Krasemann, 2006).Some of the problems associated with these theories is that hard determinists push language out of context. Their arguments do not account for the complexness of the nature of human beings. Like the psychological egoi st, they try to reduce

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Intentional & Unintentional Socialization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Intentional & Unintentional Socialization - Essay casingThis affect the persons development of how their self-concept, how they feel, how they think, and how they act. Hence, enculturation whitethorn be intentional and unintentional.Intentional socialization is the acquiring of social experience which is done on purpose. This happens when heavy(p)s have certain values that they consistently commune explicitly to the child, and when they back these up with approval for compliance and negative consequences for noncompliance (Berns). Take for an instance the nates training that a child receives. Reminding the child continuously on how to use the toilet for urination and shitting makes the child aware that there is a proper place to do it. Another example is an adult reminding the child on not talking to strangers. The consistent reminder entrust let the child nobble that it is not proper to talk to a person that you do not know because that person may hurt him or her. Also, an adu lt reminding a child to brush his teeth three times a day gives the child the impression of the importance of oral hygiene. The negative reinforcement of hitting or discompose the child when he/she did not do it right or giving positive reinforcement when he did it right makes it easier for him to remember these.On the other hand, unintentional socialization is acquired more as the product of exponentiation in human interaction or observation (Berns). For example, when a child sees his parents fighting, he might deplete it as if it is okay to shout at each other during a conversation. Another instance is that when a child sees that an adult smokes frequently, he may perceive smoking as good for the health. Moreover, the child will have the instinct to do it when he reaches the same age. Also, if a child is the only girl innate(p) in the family, she might have the tendency to resemble the look of his boy siblings, choosing more loose duplicate of jeans and clothes.So to say, the development of human personality is influenced

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Writer's choice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 4

Writers choice - Essay ExampleToyota is an example of a beau monde that uses operations management in order to have an edge over its competitors. This paper will examine how Toyota has, over the years, implemented olympian management skills to increase their competitive advantage, and how this has helped them expand their global reach.Toyota is a brand recognized worldwide by most individuals. This advantage is brought on by the fact that their products are cheaper as compared to others, and at the same time, the company provides products that everyone is comfortable with in terms of desires and needs. At the outset, Toyota and its success offer be attributed to the fact that they continuously repair on their products and services. This is while also catering to the aspect of time. These two high-pitchedly crucial aspects of operations can only be possible if there is involvement on the part of employees and consumers. There is a high level of employee participation in the compa ny, which on the wholeows all parties to get involved in the creation of new and change products and services for their consumers (Williams, 2011). Through their production and just-in-time production systems, Toyota places emphasis on high quality products at all possible low costs.For effective management operations, Toyota incorporates consumer services, which allow Toyota to start projects that their consumers want or desire. These services abet Toyota in solving some of its problems. Feedback from their consumers creates an avenue for Toyota to evaluate any and all issues that come up with regards to their automobiles, and then addressing any future problems based on past experience. In the highly competitive automobile industry, it is snappy for companies to improve customer relations, which endears most of their consumers to their brands. Toyotas approach to effective operations management has

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How photography has been affected by Adobe Photoshop Research Paper

How photography has been affected by adobe brick Photoshop - Research Paper ExampleThis research paper hereby analyzes the impact of adobe brick Photoshop on conventional photography techniques and also highlights its possible consequences.The traditional techniques complex in the process of photograph development in a darkroom are much time consuming, slow and tough in comparison to the fastidious and debonnaire logging in the Adobe Photoshop, but it is also an undeniable fact that when a real cypher become visible, break through of nowhere, on the plain photo paper provides a sense of accomplishment to either photographer. While on other hand it is true that operating in a touch darkroom comes with its truly own difficulties as compared to operating in the black & ashen, which usually accompanies much more details, color noise and totality darkness but on the other hand, development of a photograph in Adobe Photoshop comprises of working in a comfortable environment while sipping a coffee and avoids the direct video of hazardous chemicals.In old technique, the measures to be taken to attain the desired print are intractable post creation of a contact sheet and the exposure testings which is done via test strips whereas, the Photoshop has replaced this Hit & try technology with its up to date modern digital technology. The processes of Dodging and burning, which are considered as tiresome processes in the darkroom are completed with use of Photoshop in couple of minutes and that too with equivalent results. For black and white photographers, the darkroom is the site of at least half the action. Operating in a color darkroom entails an immense consignment on the part of the photographer, both in expressions of point in time and money. The operations of a color darkroom are quite costly as compared to the black & white darkroom, not merely in the materials involved but as well in the equipment mandatory to fabricate superior output. The most signif i nominatet gas about processing color in a darkroom is temperature control, the temperature gauge at all times is ought to be under of 100, there are many instances of comparablewise operations that are needed to be out looked carefully while developing photo in a Darkroom regardless of Black & white or Color where as in Photoshop, the photo development is just few clicks away, with its advanced inbuilt tools it can correct, enhance, crop, enlarge and produce an equivalent quality. The new technology provided by the Adobe Photoshop has replaced the concept of different darkrooms for different photos making photographers work easier. These days, digital techniques which in no way needs temperature control, working with chemicals, expensive machines like enlargers, are getting more popular among amateur as well as professional photographers. A Photographers

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Financial and Human Resource Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Financial and man Resource Management - Essay ExampleThe relegate study would analyze the case of Progres that is a post manufacturing association engaged in manufacture of gauzy commercial vessels. The Balanced Scorecard approach is a well crafted strategy in this regard that dejection help in the overall development of the organization. In this study an analysis of the literature would be make to identify the theoretical aspects associated with the Balanced Scorecard approach. The literature review would be followed with an analysis of the methods that would contain the exemplar of the Balanced Scorecard that would be designed for the organization.The present study would analyze the case of Progres that is a ship manufacturing company engaged in manufacture of small commercial vessels. The Balanced Scorecard approach is a well crafted strategy in this regard that can help in the overall development of the organization. In this study an analysis of the literature would be d one to identify the theoretical aspects associated with the Balanced Scorecard approach. The literature review would be followed with an analysis of the methods that would contain the framework of the Balanced Scorecard that would be designed for the organization. An analysis of the implication of the Balanced Scorecard and its overall impacts on the business prospects of the organization would also be discussed in the study so as to help the company critically analyze the effects of its strategies on all the departments of the organization including the key stakeholders. ... aplan and Norton is a strategical focal point and planning system which can be used extensively in businesses, industries, government and all noncommercial organizations to align business activities with the strategies and visions of the organization and measure the performance of the organizations against its strategic goals. Recognizing the mingled weaknesses and vaguenesss of the previous strategic manag ement approaches this score card was presented a clear prescription about the parameters which companies were required to measure to respite the financial perspectives. From the perspective of HRM also, a strategic management system has been designed and implemented based on the scorecard proposed by Kaplan and Norton. This HR balanced scorecard was implemented keeping in mind the forward-looking organizational dynamics. It provides the means of monitoring the performance of the workforce, analyzing the workforce statistics, diagnosing the workforce issues, calculating the negative impacts on the company finances and then providing solutions for the same and then finally tracking improvements (Walker & MacDonald, 2001). The project seeks to present the various issues faced by Shipyard Progres which was engaged in building of ships for Shortsea shipping. The first issue is the limitations issued on the shipyards along Winscotencanal on the dimensions of the ships. This meant that t he ships which customers demanded could no longer be built among the coast and required to be completed at roughly other place. However, this means that the building costs would go up considerably. Some issues were also likely to break from the employees as they would be reluctant to commute more. Moreover a radical change program such as the incorporation of a balanced scorecard are likely to be resisted by

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Developments in SEN )Special Educational Needs Essay

Developments in SEN )Special Educational Needs - Essay ExampleThis approach concentrated on difference rather than normality, on sickness rather than well being, and specifically on the problem affecting the child. In doing so, children acquired medically diagnosed groups, which emphasize on deficit rather than potential (Jones 2003, p.9). Therefore, in the early 20th century education for children with fussy of necessity used the strategy of separate, picky schools for children thought to need such schools. In addition, psychometric summary by early psychologists supported the use of circumscribed schools. In 1944, a number of reforms were done on the education system. The majority of the reforms were towards the mainstream education and the availability of free education for all. In addition, the 1944 education reforms also turn to particular aspects of education for education for children with special needs. However, the approach, and definition of children with special requ irements was not as sufficient as its requirements for education in general (Hodkinson & Vickerman 2009, p.23). The 1944 be still relied on the medical model of disability. Under this Act, 11 categories of handicap were identified, and children belonging to those categories were identified based on their desired treatment. The use of unique schools to educate children with special needs remained the most desired approach, although less recognition was paid to the provision of education in mainstream schools. The 1944 Act continued to refer to children with a disability of mind or body, and focused on special schools to run for handicapped children (Jones 2003, pg 13). Through the 1960s and 1970s, education for children with special needs shifted towards an approach favored by behaviouristic psychologist. An example of psychologist who played a crucial role in shaping education for children with special needs was Lois Malaguzzi who spent much his time understanding how children l earn. This approach focused on the need to apply operative conditioning techniques. Experts refused the medical model and campaigned for an approach that applied only what that could be observed. The approach was criticized by round behaviorist terming it a significant weakness. However, the reforms were actually vital because they emphasized on the possibility to modify the problems of children with special needs. In addition, the reforms placed the responsibility to the teacher as one management of ensuring that the reforms became effective (DfES, 2004). The behaviorist techniques bulge discovered very effective in dealing with particular difficulties such as self protagonist skills. On the different hand, they were seen as less effective in assisting children with duties that required more understanding. It is evident that the 1960s and 70s created a way for new approaches to special needs. During this period, attitudes towards special education started to change, and in some sections the behaviorist initiatives caused the teaching of children with learning problems appear more accessible to teachers in mainstream schools. In connection to this, Vygotsky who was a renowned education theorist, once pointed out that most essential learning by a child happens through social interaction with the help of a skillful tutor. Similar sentiments were put forward by John Dewey who argued that learning and education atomic number 18 interactive and social processes, and the school remains to be a social institution whereby social

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Theory of knowledge- When should we discard explanations that are Essay - 1

Theory of knowledge- When should we discard explanations that are intuitively appealing - Essay Exampleally, I guess that it has some roots in our subconscious because with the help of it we express those ideas which we are un satisfactory to share or act upon otherwise as those ideas can non be supported by rationality. So, basically our instinct gets its guideline from our unassertive feelings.The question demands here, should we discard explanations that are intuitively appealing? Before giving concluding remarks we have to collect the subject in the light of other knowledge-related issues like science. First take this example of my ownI used to eat an excessive amount of chocolates on a daily base of operations, I am serious obsessed with it apart from the fact that it contains considerable amount of fat. But because I wanted to be able to justify my habit of eating chocolates in such large quantities, I did some research on the benefits which chocolate offers and found tha t it contains certain amount of chemicals like tryptophan, phenyl ethylamine and theobromine, that are good for the human brain and that, its expenditure give some extra benefits to the human body, mind and spirit (Duke and Yeager 26). These facts illustrate that it has some good sustenance elements in it that are find effective for the mind due to its ability of reducing tension. Thus, it formed the basis of an intuitively appealing explanation that would help me justify my obsession. Although these facts may have been proven, but those small percentages did not actually prove that it constitute a healthy eating habit. Without a doubt, the fact that it was made of much than half fat and sugar proved the exact opposite. So was I still able to induce my intuitively appealing explanation?The main idea of this example was to show that intuitively appealing explanations that are false, with obvious evidence against it, should be discarded. So, we get a new idea here we are talking a bout those explanations that are not definitely wrong and which are appealing to our intuition. The definitions of our actions as having

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Public Tax Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Public task Policy - Essay ExampleTherefore, a public tax policy can be draw as guidelines for dos that the executive or the administrative branches of a solid grounds governance should take. These actions are normally encompassed with inborn principles and are usually of responsive nature (McGrail, Morgan, and Hertzman 160). As such, these actions are mostly adopted to respond to certain issues in a manner that can be identified as consistent with the countrys laws as well as customs of the institutions within that country. The stronghold of public policies in all country is the national law as well as the constitutional law, which is in most cases substantially established. In addition to this, the implementing legislation is besides identified as fundamental to national policies. An example of this is the U.S national code (McGrail, Morgan, and Hertzman 166). Judicial interpretations as well as the legislation authorized regulations make the rest of the substrates essenti al in establishing public taxpolicies. According to scholars, the most effective description of public policies is that they are a musical arrangement of regulatory measures, funding priorities as well as actions taken with reference to a specified topic. It should non only be a topic but one that has been promulgated by the government representatives or the entity itself (Feehan 45). Commonly, the public policies are entailed such aspects as the judicial decisions, constitutions as well as in legislative acts (Howlett 36). II. Thesis Statement The purpose of this paper is to critically analyse the public tax policies adopted by the U.S and thereby determining if the founding fathers really made the right decisions concerning those policies (McGrail, Morgan, and Hertzman 170). III. Discussion Analysis of Govermental engagement in Public tax policies i. Presidents Office In the US, the office of the president is usually mandated with the debt instrument of ensuring that the govern ment agents operate cohesively as well as optimumly with regard to govermantal projects. The funding of these projects comes from the public finances. Usually, the president designs the fabric in from which implementation of the public tax policy will be done and passed to the U.S treasury and from there, this framework is released to the public (Feehan 46). In his Gettysburg address, Lincoln brought the U.S together while it was experiencing impairments. He did this by invoking the Founding fathers. This course of action can also be traceable in the actions of Franklin Roosevelt during his attempts to change the Americas social wad such that, apart from the security from hostility, he ensured that it also implicated the economic security which is a render of a common good for the public (McGrail, Morgan, and Hertzman 176). Moreover, the process is usually multifaceted and it entails interplaying between individual groups as well as several individuals (Feehan 47). As such, the se individuals and interest groups engage themselves in collaborations in an grounds to put down an influence on the makers of the policies such that they will act in a certain manner. In an effort towards advancement of their aims, these interest groups and individuals utilize a wide range of tools as well as tactics. These include mobilizing the affiliated parties on some issues, make explicit attempts not only to empower but also to educate the supporters as well as the opponents. In

Overloading Trucks 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Overloading Trucks 2 - Essay ExampleIn this similar concern, one of the trustworthy organisations of everywhereloading trucks control in Saudi Arabia can be viewed as the Weigh Station Management. The uncreated function of this control system is to check the weight of the trucks. All the heavy vehicles need to pass done the weigh station in order to obtain the idea about the weight limits. The purpose of utilising this system control is to impose legal load limits and therefore avoiding trucks from damaging highways and bridges (AlGadhi, 2001). In New Zealand, the vista of The Weigh-In-Motion System is normally used as one of the effective current systems of overloading trucks control. This system fundamentally comprises sensors, electronics and software. This cross system is installed to gather traffic data (Dornier Consulting, 2011). The system is typically used to identify over load, over height of the trucks running in the highway and also to minimise the static weight as order by the traffic. Also the Kistler Lineas quartz sensors can be apparently observed in both Saudi Arabia and New Zealand as the other overloading trucks control system. It is worth mentioning that the sensors act as a controlling prise which helps in minimising road damages and accidents in the form of transmitting certain valuable information (Traffic technical school Group, 2010). It can be affirmed that the

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Analysis of Ethnic Cleansing Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

abbreviation of Ethnic Cleansing - Research Paper ExampleThe practice dates back in historical propagation and as old as the eleventh century. Just like modern populations, ancient communities also grappled with conflicts and big social problems. The compelling urge for power is the main reason why respective communities engaged in gruesome practices such as social cleansing. It is against this background that this paper reviews the various episodes of ethnical cleansing that occurred in advance as well as during the two World Wars. In addition, it explains the extent to which the nature of these World Wars contributed to the enounce of affairs. To ensure a harmonic consideration, it begins by defining the term ethnic cleansing. Ethnic cleansing is an across-the-board term that is closely related to the concept of genocide. It refers to the removal from a certain territory a gang of a population through intimidation and violence (Thum, 2010). It is comprehensive and includes population transfer, forced migration and or deportation. In most instances, this occurs between neighboring communities and is geared to struggleds ensuring the purity of a certain population. Historical evidence ascertains that it is a study cause of genocide that occurs on a wider scale. Comparatively, genocide tends to be more violent and has wide-ranging implications on both the perpetrating and affected community. Also worth noting is the fact that the relative negative implications are relentless and contribute significantly to future conflicts. As indicated earlier, ethnic cleansing is a historical occurrence that has its grow in ancient conflicts. According to Brubaker (1996), conflicts are a common characteristic of both current and historical populations. However, the complexity of conflicts and relative wars increased during the twentieth century. These further culminated in the first and second world wars. Notably, ethnic cleansing was a common occurrence during bot h instances. Thus apart from being one of the tributary factors, it can also be considered to have been a major product of the two world wars. in that location are various instances of ethnic cleansing that attest to the foregoing proposition. To begin with, between 1919 and 1920, there was an ethnic cleansing occurrence between the Bolshevik regime and Don Cossacks. This took place during the Russian civil war and its implications were immense. In particular, it saw a significant 500,000 Don Cossacks being deported within this short period of age (Merriman, 2010). Another episode of ethnic cleansing occurred in 1923 between the Greeks and Turkish. In this regard, there was a major population exchange between Turkey and Greece that can be defined as ethnic cleansing.

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Demand & Supply Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Demand & Supply - Essay Exampleis because of the fact that there is lack of new houses in Scotland that would be ready for sale and hence the prices of the existing properties are going up. Along with the involve in the housing properties, the demand for housing rental is also increasing simultaneously. The essay looks into the different aspects of demand and yield of housing and how the prices change in responses to the changes in the demand for properties for residence. The first part of the essay makes a oecumenic discussion of the theories underlying the demand and supply for a commodity. The later part looks at the various aspects of the theories utilize to this article under consideration. Relevant figures have been provided to support the essay.The quantity demanded is the amount of increase that the consumers are ordain to pay at the market determined price. The law of demand states that as the price of the products increase the demand for the products decreases and whe n the price of the product decreases the quantity demanded of the product increase, other things remaining constant (Samuelson and Nordhaus, 2010). This rearward relation betwixt the price and the quantity demanded is shown with the help of the figure below.In the figure it can be seen that when the price of the product is P2 the quantity demanded is Q2. When the price of the product increases to P1 the quantity demanded reduces to Q1. On the other hand when the price decreases to P3 the quantity demanded increases to P3. This proves the inverse relationship.There are several factors that whitethorn affect the demand for the product. First of all, the changes in the price of the products may affect the demand for the product as demonstrated in the figure above. This would be a effort along the demand Secondly, if the income of the individuals increase there would be a shift of the demand curve outwards in the price quantity space. This means that the as the income of the individ uals increase the quantity demanded would

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Oil ALternatives Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Oil ALternatives - Research Paper caseImpacts of Alternative Fuels 1. Environmental Impacts 2. Social Impacts 3. Economic Impacts Conclusion More research must be do on the various sources of fuel other than petroleum, in order to identify the roughly suitable and environmentally beneficial alternative. K arn Duneen Margaret Wilhelm English 1102 24 Apr. 2012 OIL ALTERNATIVES Alternative and effective sources of goose egg to oil must be found, as oil is a limited resource which is extremely bad for the environment. Oil is a non-renewable energy which is obtained through the drilling of oil reservoirs in particular regions. In the contemporary world, our daily operations are driven by oil (Sherman and Freemuth 6). The industrial world is well aware of the significance of oil in its operations. Ostensibly, oil was a great catalyst of the industrial revolution and was instrumental in enabling the frugal advancement of numerous countries. Petroleum is the fuel of choice for industri al equipment while others are run by diesel. In the past coal was the preferable fuel until oil became known as a split alternative. A vast proportion of automobiles for example, are reliant on oil since they encompass oil-dependent engines. In addition, fresh ships and boats have a structure that occupys oil to propel it to various destinations. The aviation industry also constitutes engines that require the introduction of oil into their systems to enable them to function properly. Evidently commercial industries have been integrated with oil since it is cheaper and astray useful in most of their operations un give care electricity. Petroleum has high-voltage capacities its transportation is relatively motiveless and efficient in initiating numerous operations (Sherman and Freemuth 6). Its relevance in modern society is growing with most of its producers emanating from the Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran. Processing of oil also gives rise to several oil products like kerosene, diesel, petroleum, and gasoline. Kerosene is instrumental in cooking and other domestic tasks that require fuel. Invariably, oil is an essential agent in the manufacturing of products that comprise of clothing, ink, crayons, paints, upholstery, antiseptics, heart valves and many others. Oil is increasingly becoming essential and thereby its terms fluctuates especially in recent years. Recently doubts regarding the abundance of oil are surfacing, together with the detrimental personal effects of oil pollution to the climate. According to Sherman and Freemuth (7), oil is a finite resource and hence upon exhaustion the suppliers cannot fill up it. This suggests that oil is not adequately dependable as a resource in the end. This element has facilitated the literary argument of adoption of other renewable resources of power as an alternative to oil. There is a simmering argue over the possibility of replacing oil as the predominant energy resource, due to its limita tions. Irrespective of the high-energy capacities of petroleum, it is essential to acknowledge the fact that oil is a limited reserve. There are dreadful assertions that some of the oil wells could be drying up since there is a reduction in the quantity of oil barrels that they produce. Such a stance also has undesirable ramifications politically, socially, and economically. Evidently, there is an increasing global case in initiatives resulting from this awareness, for example, the introduction of electric cars and the manufacture of environmentally friendly containers. The alternative sources of energy will extenuate the

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Presentation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 16

Presentation - Essay Example as well as online shopping, its clients do 24 hour and timely product purchase from 90 operational stores across Canada. Hudsons Bay Company however faces challenges of readily availing goods and door to door delivery to customers. Hudsons Bay creates yield Credit Card through partnership with Capital One Bank and Master card. The card helps customer holders to redeem points for gifts from the company to reward their loyal customers.Other aspects of 7Ps too have great roles to walkaway in achieving the companys goals and objectives. People who work with Hudsons operate within a core, and sets of solutions benefits is the animal foot of core product.The main issues include concerns such as the inventory, costs created to customers during transaction errors, inconsistency in determine taking and improper communication between Hudsons Bay Staff. Incompetence, client conflict and complex stores layout were notable.To succeed, companies must(prenominal) v alue their businesses and ensure customers demands are a priority. The Bay Company should consider implemnting the asforementioned recommendations to attain improvement. Hudsons true laurel is a progressing company, a fact that is

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Eastenders and Coronation Street Essay Example for Free

Eastenders and Coronation Street Essayastenders and Coronation Street deals with these rules by not riseing exclusively bad violence, drugs, sexual intercourse, nudity or demonstrations of exorcisms. If any of these are shown they will be justified so much that it is suitable for any ages. This affects the reality of the programme because in some of the storyline situations they cannot fully show the reality of what may happen in real life because they cannot swear for example, and all the things they cannot show are usually in anyday life. Paragraph threeThere are different principles shown in every episode, from the Eastenders episode we watched issues raised were things like underage drinking, working underage and adultery all these issues are delt with without harming or offending anyone. In the Coronation Street episode issues raised were slander, stalking, teenage depression, abortion and St Georges Day. Again all these issues were raised without insulting people. Th ey couldnt show anything on local elections because it is against the broadcasting code and it may sway peoples decisions on who they are going to vote for.This also makes the reality of the programme not real because at that sequence of year people are talking about elections but on these programmes they cannot. Paragraph four The twain soap operas Eastenders and Coronation Street differ from advertising because BBC1 dont have a commercial breaks in the position and Coronation Street do they also are sponsored by Cadburys so at the start, the breaks and the end they herald Cadburys.On BBC1 the viewers pay for the channel to stay up and running, but on ITV they make their property from adverts and advertising different products, and in Coronation Streets instance it is Cadburys. The commercial breaks are limited and regulated so they suit the stereotypical types who watch that certain programme but in soap operas instance all ages watch so there is adverts for all ages. Corona tion Street and Eastenders are similar in that both dont show any products, brand names or designs so people are not persuaded to procure one product over another.Paragraph five Conclusion My opinion is that soap operas can neer be real because of the regulations they are under, for example swearing and abuse is apart of everyday life nevertheless if it is to the minimum. However I dont think people watch them, for the realism of the programme but for the gossip or the melodrama others for the humour or the storylines which may help people with similar situations.

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Cricket Essay Example for Free

play EssayHistory of CricketEarly play was at some(prenominal) time or an another(prenominal) described as a club striking a testicle. The ancient games of club- world, stool-ball, trap-ball, stob-ball. Cricket can definitely be traced back to Tudor times in early 16th-century England. Written evidence exists of a game known as creag being played by Prince Edward, the intelligence of Edward I (Longshanks), at Newenden, Kent in 1301 and there has been speculation, but no evidence, that this was a form of cricket. Many other words have been suggested as constitutes for the term cricket. In the earliest real reference to the skylark in 1598, it is called creckett. Given the strong old trade connections between sou-east England and the County of Flanders when the latter(prenominal) belonged to the Duchy of Burgundy, the name may have begun from the center Dutch kricke, meaning a stick or the Old face cricc or cryce meaning a crutch or staff. In Old French, the word crique t seems to have meant a frame of club or stick.In Samuel Johnsons Dictionary, he derived cricket from cryce, Saxon, a stick. Another possible source is the Middle Dutch word krickstoel, meaning a long low stool used for kneeling in church and which resembled the long low basket with two stumps used in early cricket. According to Heiner Gillmeister, a European language expert of Bonn University, cricket derives from the Middle Dutch phrase for hockey, met de krik ket sen with the stick chase. Dr. Gillmeister believes that not unaccompanied the name but the sport is of origin. During the 17th century, numerous references indicate the growth of cricket in the south-east of England. By the end of the century, it had become an organized activity being played for high stakes and it is believed that the starting time professionals appeared in the years following the Restoration in 1660.A refreshingspaper report survives of a large(p) cricket match with eleven players a side that was played for high stakes in Sussex in 1697 and this is the earliest known reference to a cricket match of such importance. The game went through major(ip) development in the 18th century and became the national sport of England. Betting played a major part in that development with richpatrons forming their own select XIs. Cricket was popular in capital of the United Kingdom as early as 1707 and large crowds flocked to matches on the Artillery Ground in Finsbury. The single wicket form of the sport attracted huge crowds and wagers to match. Bowling became popular around 1760 when bowlers began to stir the ball instead of roller or skimming it towards the batsman. This caused a revolution in bat design because, to deal with the bouncing ball, it was inevitable to introduce the modern straight bat in place of the old hockey stick shape.The Hambledon club was founded in the 1760s and, for the next 20 years until the formation of MCC and the opening of Lords Old Ground in 1787, Hamble don was both the games greatest club and its focal point. MCC quickly became the sports premier club and the custodian of the Laws of Cricket. New Laws introduced in the latter part of the 18th century included the three stump wicket and leg before wicket. The nineteenth century saw underarm bowling re determined by kickoff roundarm and then overarm bowling. Both developments were controversial. plaque of the game at county level led to the creation of the county clubs, starting with Sussex CCC in 1839, which ultimately organise the official County Championship in 1890.Meanwhile, the British Empire had been instrumental in spreading the game foreign and by the middle of the 19th century it had become well established in India, North America, the Caribbean, southwestern Africa, Australia and New Zealand. In 1844, the outset international cricket match took place between the United States and Canada, although uncomplete has ever been ranked as a Test-playing nation. Cricket ent ered a new era in 1963 when incline counties introduced the limited overs variant. As it was sure to produce a result, limited overs cricket was lucrative and the number of matches increased. The first Limited Overs International was played in 1971. The governing International Cricket Council (ICC) saw its potential and re-create the first limited overs Cricket World Cup in 1975. In the 21st century, a new limited overs form, Twenty20, has made an immediate impact.Equipment and Changes over TimeBall- A red or white ball with a cork base, wrapped in twine covered with leather. The ball should have a circuit of 23 cm (9.1 inches) unless it is a childrens size. Bat- A wooden bat is used. The wood used is from the Kashmir or side willow tree. The bat cannot be more than 38 inches (96.5 cm) long and 4.25 inches (10.8 cm) wide. Aluminium bats are not allowed. The bat has a long handle and one side has a smooth face. Stumps- 3 wooden poles known as the stumps.Bails- Two cross get togethe rs are known as the bails.Sight screen- A screen placed at the boundary known as the sight screen. This is aligned exactly parallel to the width of the pitch and behind both pairs of wickets. Boundary- A rope demarcating the perimeter of the field known as the boundary. History of the Cricket Bat-(The only known piece of equipment that has changed, has only been the bat.) 1624 This is the first time that we have any mention of a cricket bat. An inquest was carried out after a fielder was killed. The batsman had tried to prevent him from catching the ball, and had presumably whacked him on the head in the process Originally bowlers used to bowl the ball underarm. The cricket bat was therefore shaped very much like a hockey stick. 1770s The laws were changed to allow aloofness bowling, which was still performed underarm. The cricket bat became roughly parallel with a maximum width of 4.25. This is still the kindred today.They were extremely heavy, with the swell at the bottom. 182 0s Round arm bowling was allowed, instigating more bounce so the cricket bat became lighter with a higher swell. 1830s Until this period all cricket bats were one piece willow. However, because of increased breakages and shock as the ball travelled faster, cricket bat makers started to splice handles into bats. Handles were either significant willow or ash. 1835 The length of a cricket batwas restricted to 38, which is still the same today. 1840 The first recorded use of a spring being inserted into the handles of the cricket bat. These were initially whalebone (as used in ladies corsets) and some years later India rubber. 1853 Thomas Nixon, a Notts cricketer, introduced the use of cane in handle make in cricket bats. 1864 The laws were altered to allow over- arm bowling so there was a save lightening and more refined shaping of the blade. Handles became intricate constructions and were nearly all made of cane with Indian rubber grips. 1870s The shape of todays cricket bat evolves.

Strict liability and mens rea Essay Example for Free

Strict liability and mens rea EssaySo the offences of rigid liability, we nookie say, be those crimes which do not require mens rea with regard to at least one or more elements of the actus reus. In R Vs Storkwain (9) the defendant supplied drugs for which a prescription was required, after being handed a forged prescription. there was no evidence of any negligence or wrong doing on the go away of the pharmacist.. On appeal against conviction, it was held that the statute created an offence of unforgiving liability therefore no proof of mens rea was required. In Gammon (Hong Kong) Ltd vs Attorney-General for Hong Kong (10) following points has been laid down to determine the circumstances to which strict liability to be imposed. (1) There is a presumption of law that mens rea is required before a person can be held sinful of a criminal offence 8. Phillips v. Cricket Lighters, 841 A. 2d 1000 (Pa. 2003) 9. R Vs Storkwain (1986)10. Gammon (Hong Kong) Ltd v Attorney-General f or Hong Kong 1984 2 All ER 503 Strict Liability 7 (2) The presumption is particularly strong where the offence is actually criminal in character (3) The presumption applies to statutory offences, and can be displaced only if this is clearly or by necessary implication the effect of the statute (4) The only situation in which the presumption can be displaced is where the statute is pertain with an issue of social concern(5) Even where a statute is concerned with such an issue, the presumption of mens rea stands unless it can be shown that the creation of strict liability will be legal to promote the objects of the statute by encouraging greater vigilance to prevent the commission of the prohibited act. Essentials of strict liability For the application of this rule the following three natives should be there1) Injury by a dentive growth In order to succeed the strict liability under the law the complainant must show that the dishonor must be ca apply by a defective product wh ose defect existed at the time of injury and the product should be plaintiffs control. In the recent teddy of Ceiba-Geigy (Pty) Ltd v Lushof Farms (Pty) Ltd en n Ander (11) it was held that the liability arising from the defective products not only related to the personal injury but financial loss also.It was further confirmed that when a manufacture undertakes or market the end product without any prior tests and 11. Ceiba-Geigy (Pty) Ltd v Lushof Farms (Pty) Ltd en n Ander, 2002 (2) SA 447 (SCA) Strict Liability 8 consequently it turns uncivilized to the consumer such negligent activities expose a liability to the consumer. here a contractual nexus in the midst of the manufacturer and the consumer is not required. (Weir, Tony 2006), (12)2) The goods must be treacherous or defective in nature Here the plaintiff must show that due to the dangerous nature, such goods can not be used for the ordinary purpose or for some other reasonably foreseeable purpose. Thus, a manufacturer owes a duty to supply a product fit for the ordinary purposes and it is to be used and safe notwithstanding a reasonably foreseeable misuse that could cause injury. The decisions in famous cases like Batcheller Vs Tunbrige Wells feature co. ,(13) National Telephone Co. Vs Baker (14)and double-u Vs Bristol Tramways Co.(15)manifests that the defective products atomic number 18 whatever in form ,whether it is gas, electricity noxious fumes ,the rule of strict liability can be use. 3) The goods should leave the manufacturer It is essential that the thing caused injury to the plaintiff must leave from the possession and control of eth defendant. So those defective goods are still with the manufacture is safe from the claim of compensation. In Read Vs Lyons (16) (text) the plaintiff was the employee in the defendants munitions factory. While performing her duty a instance was exploded and she was injured .Even -12. Weir,Tony,( 2006),an introduction to civil wrong law,2nd edn. , Ox ford University Press 13. Batcheller Vs Tunbrige Wells Gas co. 84 L. T 765 14. National Telephone Co. Vs Baker (1893) 2 ch 186 15. West Vs Bristol Tramways Co. (1908) 2 K. B 14 16. Read Vs Lyons (1947) A. C 156, 161 Strict Liability 9 though the shell exploded was dangerous in nature it was held that defendants were not liable as the shell was not left field from outside the defendants premises and the rule of strict liability could not be applied in this case.4) Breach of warranty Generally, the law imposes certain warranties (or guaranties) on the sale of products. Such warranties include that the goods are in proper condition for use and free of defects and that they are fit for a particular purpose. Since the lawcourt doesnt disregard the liability of the waivers against the policy and the warranties are limited, the manufacturers and retailers are always held responsible for injuries from the defective and dangerous products.The aspect of breach of warrenty enables the plainti ff to act against the defendant with his complete freedom. Here he need not assert that the defendant is fault. Usually the product claims under the breach of warranty are in quasi(prenominal) contractual nature. Any factual statement or promise about the product ,a description of the product made ,any sample or model provided constitutes the warranty upon which the buyer rely to purchase the goods. ( Faegre Benson,. 2003)(17).

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Eye Witness Essay Example for Free

Eye Witness EssayThis essay is based on The Story of an eyewitness by Jack capital of the United Kingdom and Leaving Desire by Jon Lee Anderson. The Story of an Eyewitness duologue nearly how the San Francisco seism and fire destroyed the urban center in 1906. Leaving Desire talks about a victim of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. capital of the United Kingdom and Andersons coverage of these disasters are different in several beginningitys. Some practice sessions of their differences are portrayed in the authors purpose, the achievement of their purpose, and the authors focus. mean for reportLondons purpose for writing is to describe the last of San Francisco from the earthquake and fire. London describes the effects the disasters had on the city. For example, The earthquake shook dismantle in San Francisco hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of walls and chimneys I passed finished Union Square. It was packed with refugees. Thousands of them had gone(p) to bed on the grass. Government tents had been set up this describes how the disasters had an effect on the living conditions in the city.London describes the attitude of the people in San Francisco, which is sort of a hopeless feeling because they knew that their valuables and their own selves couldnt be rescued. In the text, yesterday morning he said, I was worth six hundred thousands dollars. This morning this stick out is all I drive home left. It will all go in 15 minutes. The victim of the earthquake has an attitude of there is nothing I can do (hopeless), and London doesnt really commonwealth it moreover its apparent by what the victim says. London Also describes the re mains of San Francisco, which is barely anything.In the word he writes, San Francisco is gone. Nothing remains of it only when memories and a fringe of dwelling houses on its outskirts. This plainly states that everything is gone, but further into the article (page 413) he builds it up in description. Anders ons purpose for writing is to create the temper of empathy in the reader from the victims experience. Anderson has also witnessed heartbreaking things in New Orleans, for example, As the body of water rose, they took refuge in the choir loft. They stayed there for eight days, drinking the water the storm washed in.We were down to our last two crackers. That created an empathetic wit because the doddering married couple barely made it through with(predicate) these eight days and only had little to eat and unsanitary drinking water. Anderson learns how the disaster effected the main victim in this article, Lionel Petrie. For example Petrie took a step back on his porchCan I bear away my dog with me? I hate this. Then she said to him, I am so sorry Mr. Petrie, but, no, they wont allow us to take animals. You will have to leave him here. This creates a mood of empathy because thought he probably loved his dog very much it would be hard to leave him there to perish in the stor m.Anderson gives details about what Petrie had to witness in his town. For example As we made our way down Desire, Petrie looked around him at the devastation, his neighbors houses submerged in water. He said Oh my God. I had no idea. Petries shocked and disturbed feeling really advances the mood of empathy in the article because he is so overwhelmed and injustice by what he axiom, thinking it wasnt going to be as bad as it was.How Purpose is Achieved London achieves his purpose by using descriptive language and words/terms. He describes his surrounding and the destruction of the city, like he says, The streets were humped into ridges and depressions, and piled with the debris of fallen wallsThe steel rails were twisted into perpendicular and naiant angles. London describes what the city looks like by using descriptive words such as depressions, horizontal, perpendicular, steel, and twisted. He also discusses the people of San Francisco and their reactions about what happened o r what was to come.For example Try that piano. Listen to its tone. There are a few like it. There are no horses. The flames will be here in fifteen minutes. This victim doesnt state that he has given up on trying to be relieve but the words he says expresses that he has lost all hope. London tells how everything is destroyed in the city by repeating the same descriptive phrase. He says, Its industrial section is wiped put. Its business section is wiped out. Its cordial and residential section is wiped out London describes sentence by sentence how all together San Francisco s gone.Andersons purpose is achieved by getting a master(a) source and being a primary source of the aftermath of the hurricane. He was able to get information about Petries sad experience. For example Petrie explained that his wife and son and little girl had left the city He didnt know where his family was now The author creates an empathetic mood by getting the reader to think about losing our family membe rs or not discriminating where they were and wondering if you would ever see them again. Anderson tells about Petries worries and fears of the unknown.For example Petrie told me that he was worried about his aunty Willa Mae Butler Shes about eighty-two and lives on Im worried shes dead, because this magazine she said she wasnt going. Petrie is unsure about his families safety and that actually creates a mood of sympathy. People have experiences this in natural disasters like the earthquake in the fall of 2011. Anderson uses the surroundings to create a mood of empathy in the reader. For example A boat came up and deposited an elderly black couple They took refuge in the choir loft.They stayed there for eight days, drinking the water the storm washed in. This creates a mood of empathy through the surroundings because he saw the couple and heard what they went through and its heartbreaking they had to go through it. focus on of the Author London focuses on San Francisco as a who le. He focuses on how the earthquake had an impact on the entire city. For example San Francisco is gone. He doesnt say one specific area of the city is gone, but the entire San Francisco. London also tells about where the fire hit and where it was heading.He writes, I sat on the steps of a small residence on Nob Hill To the east and south at right angles, were advancing two mighty walls of flame I went inside with the owner of the house on the steps of which I sat The flames will be here in fifteen minutes. London tells where the flames were a citizen of San Francisco tells when the flames will be in fifteen minutes. London gives information about how the victims, or soon to be victims, reacted to the danger (fire), for example He was an old man and he was on crutches. Said he instantly is my birthday.Last night I was worth thirty thousand dollars. I bought some delicate tip and other things for my birthday dinner. I have had no dinner, and all I own are these crutches. The ol d man seems to be very disappointed that the fire has destroyed everything he owned. His reaction to the disaster is disappointment. Andersons main focus is on Lionel Petrie and Ninth Ward of New Orleans. He only covers one dissociate of New Orleans in the story. For example Alladio was out on a search for trapped survivors in one of the poorest and worst-hit parts of the city, the Ninth Ward, in eastern New Orleans.That basically tells what area the article in the first place focuses on. Andersons article is based on the experience of Lionel Petrie and barely anyone elses. For example Petrie explained that his wife and son and daughter had left the city by car, heading for Baton Rouge he didnt know where his family was now, and if he left, they wouldnt know where he was. This tells about Petries experience in not knowing whether he would see his family again. Anderson is writhing about Lionel Petrie who lived in Ninth Ward of New Orleans so that would most(prenominal) likely be the place Anderson would cover and focus on.In the story it says, When I first saw Lionel Petrie, he was standing on the second story porch of his house, at the junction of Desire Street and northernmost Bunny Friend, in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans. This is the first sentence of the entire article so apparently it is about Lionel Petrie who lived in Ninth Ward of New Orleans. Conclusion In conclusion Londons purpose, achievement of purpose, and focus, differ from Andersons. They both use their differences to cover the disasters in their articles. Though the authors methods of reportage were different, both were very effective in achieving their purposes. (Jon Lee Anderson)

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Personal factors Essay Example for Free

Personal factors EssayFactors that light upon the psycheal influences will be the age and stage at the life cycle, lifestyle, occupation, economic status, and personality (Bowens,et al, 2003). Marketers commonly position a trusted lifecycle stage or a certain age bracket for their products. resembling Disney movies, merchandise, television shows which be usually targeting children and teenagers. However as the individual mature so be the purchasing preferences. Once a person acquires a chisel some purchases are shaped by that job like clothing, personal articles like bags and shoes. Also these purchases will be further fashioned by the income the person gets from the job.Some companies make their product income-sensitive by offering the same product in a unalike packaging or smaller size budget packs to be able to fit in certain income brackets (Marketing Consumer 2008). Marketers are also concerned with how money and time are used by consumers or their lifestyle . This is to be able to know how to favorably present their product to their target consumers. Moreover, the personality of the person also comes into turning in purchasing products. Usually, personality is how others perceive the person in socialization with them. However individuas also shake off their own version of personality called self-concept.This self-concept could be the same or different from the opinion of others. Advertisers use this idea in selling high-end cars to middle class consumers who wanted to project luxury (Principles of Marketing 2008). 2. 5. 4 psychological Factors Motivation, perception, learning and attitude are the psychological factors that marketers look into to be able to devise better advertisements for their target consumers. Every person has involve that need to be fulfilled. These needs will transform into motives when the need becomes a powerful force that will compel a person to act (Consumer Behavior 2008).There are several theories some human needs but the most common is Maslows hierarchy of needs theory. Figure 3. Maslows Hierarchy of Needs Source Chapman, 1995 According to this theory each need is hierarchical. one and only(a) must fulfill the lower need before moving to the higher level. In addition if the curtilage for fulfillment of the lower need is gone the individual will not have the reason to pay off the higher needs. For instance, a worker who is sick (safety needs) is not expected to perform well (esteem needs) (Chapman 1995). Now that the consumer is actuate to act upon the need his/her perception how he/she will act.Through perception a person creates an emblem of the world in his/her mind. This concept is essential to face-face transactions (Bowens, et al. 2003). Take for instance a salesman who speaks slowly and stutter, he could be perceive by the customer as someone is not an authority to the product and could recur the sale. Through our actions we experience the world and through these acti ons we learn. A person learns from past experiences or through thought and things that we learn could modify our behavior or actions (Consumer Behavior 2008).Actions with positive outcome are usually restate repeat purchases while actions with negative outcome are not (Marketing Consumer). As this process cycle, doing and learning, individuals develop beliefs and attitudes. Beliefs are ideas about something that an individual holds as the truth (Marketing Consumer 2008). While attitude is the constant position of an individual about a certain object or idea (Bowens, et al 2003). Companies use these concepts to be able to develop brand images based on consumers beliefs toward the company. Then try to fit the product to the consumers attitude sooner than changing it.

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Definition of a Savage Essay Example for Free

Definition of a Savage EssayIn Remarks Concerning the Savages of northeasterly America, Benjamin Franklin opens by saying Savages we c all them, because their manners differ from ours, which we think the perfection of politeness they think the kindred of theirs (Franklin, 2008, p. 226). When Franklin wrote this, he had no idea that our society would continue to complicate the differences between cultures to the goal they exist still today. Many of the colonists attempted to convert Native Americans to Christianity but failed because they could not accept other culture as being equal to their own. They saw the natives as an inferior group of people that moldiness be saved and taught to live the same as the white man. The narrow minded views of these early settlers with all of their so called proper substances and education caused them to be the savages. Our modern day society is driven by wants versus needs. Many people feel a sense of entitlement to things whether they hav e earned them or not. Franklin describes the Indians as hunters and warriors, liveliness mangle the land and taking only what they needed.They learned from each other. They listened to each other and gave someone speak the full attention deserved. Having few artificial wants, they have abundance of leisure for improvement by talk (Franklin, 2008, p. 226). The Indians did not possess the materialistic nature of the white man. They welcomed a stranger into their community, fed and clothed him, offered him a place to sleep and expected nothing in return but fellowship. The colonists would not have offered the same hospitality to an Indian that appeared as a stranger at their door. In trying to convert the Indians to Christianity, the colonists explained their church building services as meeting to hear and learn good things (Franklin, 2008, p. 229) but upon hearing the Indians explain something from their beliefs, the colonists passed it off as mere fable, fiction, and falsehood (Fr anklin, 2008, p. 228). Franklin (2008) wrote about an event that occurred at the Treaty of Lancaster in 1744. The Indians were offered a peril to send six of their young men to college to receive an education.Their response was they preferred to teach the Indian value and customs because it would ensure their young men would become valuable members of their own culture. The Indians did reciprocate by religious offering to take twelve young white men, educate them and make men of them (p. 227). The colonists clearly believed their way to be better because they felt their society to be more civilized. In comparison of the British House of greens and an Indian council, Franklin (2008) discussed how the English have to speak very quickly to get their words out to begin with being interrupted and that often a call to set was issued because of the arguments that frequently occurred. In contrast, the Indian council was held with order and great respect for others when it was their tur n to speak (p. 227). The Indian culture was strange to the colonists and they perceived anything contradictory from their way of life to be uncivilized.This close minded view was apparent in how quickly the colonists dismissed the Indians religious beliefs. They felt the white mans education was superior to those of the Indian ways. By not being accepting, the colonists showed great bias toward the Indians they called savages. This behavior toward the Indians ultimately resulted in destroying much of their culture. Many Indians were attacked and killed and the survivors were forced to leave their lands. The savages were not the Indians but the colonists that came to America and destroyed the Native American culture. Our society still struggles with the point Franklin was trying to convey. A difference in beliefs and cultures does not make any particular group of people superior all over another.ReferencesFranklin, B. (2008). The general history of virginia, new england, and the sum mer isles. In N. Baym, W. Franklin, P. Gura, J. Klinkowitz A. Krupat (Eds.), The Norton Anthology Of American Literature (pp. 226-230). New York, NY W W Norton Co Inc.

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Interpretation of Matthew Passage Essay Example for Free

Interpretation of Matthew Passage experimentThe book of Matthew is wiz of the four epistles. This in other explicates is to misbegotten that the book, which is in stark naked Testament, happens to be the first book that records the teachings of messiah christ, at the believed time when He was on the world. In this study, the description pull up stakes come from Matthew chapter 6 writes 25-34. These verses contain deliverer Jesus teachings on how Christians should live here on earth independently but with the divine intervention of their graven image. This in other raillerys is to mean that the verses emphasizes on God and Christians perceptions of possessions. Different strategies of argumentation bequeath be used to discuss this chapter, that is, verse by verse interpretation entrust be one of the strategic ways of interpretation of the chapter. This will be in an try to bring out the nucleotide of divine providence that Christ Jesus teaches his believers while at the very(prenominal) time drawing a closer look at the theme of cynicism as depicted by the tone of Christ Jesus in his teachings.In the process of interpretation, contemporary literature will be used together with various comparisons. This will in an effort to bring the text and its context to the conventions of model and the characteristic way of life of its people at that particular time. The arguments depicted in this passage will be identified and commented on. This is especi entirelyy on how the arguments form a persuasive tone as a whole. The contents of the verses in this chapter will in addition be compargond with the discussions of divine providence by Epictectus and Dio.This will be help to analyze the verse which comes closer than the other. At the end of the discussion, the verses will also be relate to chapter 5 verses 7 of the book of Matthew, where the context of the verse brings a personification of capital of Israel (Good newly ledger 809). In this chapt er, Christ Jesus teaches Christians not to difficulty closely their lives but instead, be believeing. This is to mean that Christians be obliged to trust their shaper, their God, for their divine provision.Looking at the lives of the people at that particular time and blush up today, one can easily decipher the concomitant that our lives ache gone past the worries implied in the text. This is because of the situation that many people get disquieted of the things that they do not even need. In verse 24, Christ Jesus talks of the two masters that a Christian can serve, either God or the material things. This is the verse that carries weight in the whole of this chapter.This is because the others atomic number 18 based from it in the sense that Christ Jesus believes that Christians are more inclined into serving both or snaping mere on material things, where on the other hand, his teachings are centered on serving God, and pursuance his righteousness first, and the assu agement sh on the whole be added (Good bran-new tidings 809) In verses 25 Christ Jesus is commenting on the worries that Christians or the disciples at that particular time needed. These include food, drink, and clothing, which are the basic necessities of life.At this particular bite, the disciples and the believers at this particular moment were worried almost getting enough to get by (Good raw(a) bible 809). The principles of chreia (which is defined as a brief reminiscence aptly attributed to manyone) are clearly illustrated on this verse. The chreia saying that Jesus do was do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, or about your body, what you will put on, is not life more than food and the body more than clothing. The elaboration of Jesus chreia is quite admir fit due to the aspect of sarcasm and rhetorical.Its considered rhetoric to tell people not to worry about their own lives, the clothes, food and shelter, of which are the basic needs of human being. But to just about extent, the chreia in the sentence can be appreciated from the concomitant that the believer live by the mightiness of God and therefrom he who is able to give life can also provide the equipoise that they need. In one way or another, the chreia is also expressed in other verses, for instance in verse 33 but adjudicate first the earth of God and the rest shall be habituated unto you.The believers who desire the gifts from God must first seek his kingdom, irrespective of whether its a hard and a acrid process or not. this can be compared to such chreia sayings as the roots of education are bitter but the fruits sweet. This is to mean for one to enjoy the fruits of education, they must first taste the bitter roots of education. The same case with believers for them to enjoy the gifts of God they must first seek the kingdom of God. Verses 25 to 34 as unit can be said to contain one teaching of Christians, in his admonition, and teachings.The v erses are interlinked, in the sense, they indicate the conditions that believers should follow in order to acquire Gods blessings. The rule book then links with verse 24 in the sense that for believers, they cannot serve two masters, that is, God and satan. The word believer in the context of Christianity originates from believe in one God as the creator and maker of heaven and the earth, and indeed having believed in God wholeheartedly, Christians or believers, therefore should not worry about their lives.The word therefore in this context is used to connect the two verses and subsequently introduce the other verses. musical composition on the other hand, some of the believers were in the current generation worry about what to do with all the material possessions that we have. Jesus emphasizes on the fact that God is the provider and therefore believers should not be worried about what to eat or drink, but should be satisfied with the little they have. This in other language i s to mean that Jesus raises the eyes of the believers above their worries by redirecting their thinking.He raises their sights above the worries of this world to faith and trust in God, who is their celestial grow and therefore will not forsake but provide for them. This is once more to mean that Christ Jesus takes the Christians to the source of their blessings and where their help is guaranteed, that is, from their heavenly father (Good New bible 809). In verse 28, where Christ Jesus is talking about worries on clothing, He delivers his teaching by adult a comparison with the lilies of the field how they grow they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you even Solomon in all his glory was not clothed like one of these.If God therefore is able to clothe the grass of the field today, which is alive today and gone the following day, who are Christians who are make in his own image not be clothed by Him even more. This is to mean that Christians should reduce more on the things of the kingdom of God have a security. Christians should therefore stop the single tending(p) pursuit of financial security but on the contrary should seek the things that last (Good New bible 809). He also brings a comparison in verse 26 where he emphasizes on the fact that Christians are more valued by God than any other creature.The birds of the air neither sole or reap, nor gather into barns, and yet they never go hungry from the fact that Heavenly father provides for them. This is to mean that Christians, who are better than the birds of the air, should focus their hope from God alone for divine provision. He therefore gives the trice reason why Christians are not supposed(a) to get worried. This is found in verse 32 we have a heavenly father who knows what we need. This is to mean that the heavenly father as portrayed by Christ Jesus is kind and loving and will therefore provide for their needs (Good New bible 809).Christians should therefore trust and believe in the heavenly fa ther for his divine provisions. God has therefore given us strength and the ability to work to earn our living. He controls our minds and helps us make wise decisions. He also provides to believers through other people. This can be through our fathers and mothers, relatives, church, friends among other people. These are some of the divine channels that our father in heaven uses to provide for Christians here on earth (Good New bible 809).In verse 28, Christ Jesus gives the third reason why Christians should not worry about the things of this world. This is because there are more important things that Christians should be seeking after. Christ Jesus says that therefore do not be anxious, saying, what shall we eat? Or what shall we drink? Or what shall we wear, for the gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly father knows that you need them all. Here the theme of cynicism is portrayed from the fact that Christ Jesus understands the fact that many Christians are bearis h and anxious about their passing(a) needs (Good New bible 809).Believers seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Here Christ Jesus is severe to emphasize on the fact that Christians should understand that their heavenly father will always provide for them and therefore they should center their focus on the things of the kingdom of God, which will last forever. He is therefore teaching Christians to focus on their energy in seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness. This is to mean that its more seeking that the material things of this world.Christ Jesus came teaching about this fact the paramount importance of seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness. In this verse, the theme of divine providence is depicted in two ways (Good New bible 809). First, Christians are advised to seek the kingdom of God first. This is to mean that they should work and strive towards attaining the heavenly gifts which only God can gi ve. This being the case therefore, their heavenly father, God, is portrayed as the provider. The only one who is in a position to provide the things of the kingdom, and his righteousness?The second point comes at the end of the verse whereby, Christ Jesus says that and all things shall be added unto you. This is to mean that after seeking the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, they shall or will receive a divine provision from their father, that is, all things they have desired shall be provided. This is a enactment of the theme of divine providence (Good New bible 809). Looking at the way Christians had misused Jerusalem church Christ Jesus drives them out claiming that his house shall be a house of prayer.The believers at that particular time were using the church to gain material possession a place where they were supposed to seeking God and his righteousness. This also brings out the theme cynicism, from the fact that Christians had much doubt and even pessimistic about see king God. They therefore opted to seek material possessions even his house own house, that is, the church, where they were supposed to seek God (Good New bible 809). The last verse in this chapter gives the Christ Jesus conclusion on the whole issue.Christ concludes his teachings with the following Christians should first seek the kingdom of God first and his righteousness afterward seeking the kingdom of God, all other things shall be added unto them. They should therefore not get worried about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about its own things. He finally concludes that each day has its sufficient trouble and therefore Christians are not supposed to worry about their future. Although the above conclusions are true, there are other results are conspicuous throughout this chapter.These are based on the theme of divine providence and the theme of cynicism. The results indicate that for Christians to partake of the heavenly gifts, that is, the divine provision from their fathe r, they must have Have faith and trust in Him They must also believe in Him They must also seek his kingdom and righteousness first. Have no worry about their basic needs for their father cares and loves them to provide for them. The results also indicate that Jehovah God is the sole provider of both his righteousness and the daily needs that we need as Christians.Its through the focus on the above results that the whole paper has been formatted. The central verse in the chapter that has been analyzed can was considered and identified to be verse 24. This is because it carries the starting and the cogitate remarks of the verses studied. That is, Christians must choose one master to serve, either God or material possession (Good New bible 809).Works citedGood News bible. Early Christian Gospels The book of Matthew 6 24-34. ground forces American Bible Society. 1994.

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How to Improve public Schools Essay Example for Free

How to Improve humans Schools EssaySince the 17th century, Ameri burn down prevalent withstands hold back provided its children with a wonderful opportunity of receiving a free grooming that ensures a full general understanding of various subjects such as mathematics and literature giving times after generation the foundation of knowledge. Public nurtures have made several positive leaps since its begging from inform only males students to carryment all genders, as well as be orgasm desegregated in 1969. Public shoals provide a inter dudion of mind for p arnts who desire the best for their children because they provide state certified teachers, free transportation, extra-curricular and after school programs, and argon accountable to the state (web). Most notably, public high schools prep atomic number 18 students for life after school and provides a foundation for further training barely, behind all the wonderful aspects of public schools there are plastered d isadvantages that can hinder the academic progress of a student.Parents as well as students should be apprised of these disadvantages that include underfunded schools may not have sure materials or may have to cut round programs and similarly much ferocity on standardized try that creates a jalopy of mental strain on students and hinders their tuition environment. Considering such disadvantages, parents and students may wonder how can we solve this dilemma? Nationalizing public school keep and giving less severalize and standardized bear witness in order to pull up stakes students to focus on learning the curriculum are both steps and proposals that have the potential to settle the troublesome disadvantages of public schools. Different schools in different regions and states receive a wide range of backing which creates a affair where some schools are underfunded while other are prosperous.The schools that are underfunded may not acquire certain materials that are ess ential for the course which hurt the process of learning for many students. Some schools are so underfunded that they result to eliminating certain courses or programs. Nearly half of the musical accompaniment for public schools in the United States are provided though local taxes, generating large differences in sustenance between wealthy and impoverished communities. There have been efforts make public school funding more equitable yet have only provoked controversy. Some people, such as Eric Hanushek, argue that although different schools receive different amount of funding, the amount of currency spent is not systematically related to studentachievement, therefore the wide range of public school funding is not an issue. On the other hand, people such as reviewers Rob Greenwald, Larry Hedges, and Richard Laine believer that school resources are systematically related to student achievement, and therefore school funding is educationally fundamental.Although public schools in the Unites States are funded from national, state and local sources, the funds from local property taxes generates large funding differences. A legitimate proposal to solve this problem would to nationalize public school funding therefore every public school depending on its level ( elementary, middle/junior, high, academy, etc.) would receive the same amount of funding which would eliminate the differences of funding for different regions. Some parents may argue that their local property taxes are higher than others and so it should go towards the funding for their childs public school funding however, if school funding is nationalized and standardized thusly each school regardless the location would receive enough funding to secure an adequate education for all children. Also, funds from local property taxes could be used to better individual communities such as building parks or community buildings as well as providing better roads quite of funding public schools.Federal taxe s may rise due to nationalizing public school funding however it is for a grave cause which is providing all students of America with an lucifer opportunity to a great education however this proposal will be difficult to enact because it requires to federal approval and may take time to become a law. Many petitions will have to be made along with thousands of signatures so there would be a lot of support required to enact nationalizing public school funding yet if accomplished it would set a strong foundation for knowledge throughout the nation. With the creation of the No Child Left Behind act endorsed by president Bush, there has been a increasing emphasis on standardized examen for public schools that has ultimately hindered the learning environment by narrowing the curriculum, teaching to the test, and reducing the love of learning which helps drive students out of school specifically high school students.In several classes, the curriculum is taught based on the maximum poten tial for students to pass standardized test. This has created a split up of teach to pass quite of teach to learn class routine amongst several teachers. Consequently, several students miss out on valuable information due to thenarrowed curriculum by eliminating lessons not postulate to pass a certain standardized test. The pressure put of students nowadays ,especially in high schools, can be extremely overwhelming and be a driving factor for several dropouts. Of course students do not decided to dropout of school solely on the large emphasis on standardized testing yet it is difficult to argue that it does not put a lot of stress on students who are already struggling to pass. The alarming emphasis on high-stakes standardized testing has become apparent to students,parents, as well as legislation and so there have been events that occurred with the purpose to lessen the emphasis of testing.For example, the Senate procreation Committee passed a bill that eliminated the use of sc ores on standardized test, that would determine if tens of thousands of schools were to be considered impuissance or not. Although this is a remarkable step to lessening the power set by standardized test scores it does not solve the problem of the collateral damage in public schools caused by too much testing. Indeed, tests are important to determine if a student is learning and not simply academic session in class daydreaming of irrelevant things furthermore, students should worry about test and strive to make good grades on them. The problem with testing is not its existence but its intensity and worthiness. In the average class, test scores are worth much more compared to class work and homework. This places a huge stress on students to past test therefore they focus only on test scores instead of learning the material and applying what they have learned to real life situations.Standardized test are important in determining the progress of individual students and schools and th erefore should not be eliminated however states should set a minimum of high-stake standardized test. For example there should be a maximum of one end of charge test for important subjects and extra test that are not directly relevant to the curriculum such as benchmark tests should be eliminated. The specifics of such a insurance should be left to be find by the states due to the difficulty to enforce it as a federal policy. To make a state law that put a minimum on standardized test would require some time, petitions, and convert for certain people but the final accomplishment would bring less stress to students and promote a better learning environment. State school boards should also divide the percentage of value of homework, classwork, participation grades, as well as class test equally.This would allowstudent to focus on the important of move in homework, participating in class, and test equally as opposed to stressing when a test is coming for it could considerably harm t heir grade in the class. Lessening the emphasis of test both standardized and class test would allow students to focus on the material being taught as well as allow teachers to improve the curriculum to provide the best possible educational for their students. Students can greatly benefit from the prior feasible proposals if they were to be enforced. By passing a federal law that endorses a nationalized federal funding of public schools as opposed to leaving half of public school funding to local property taxes, all American public schools would receive an equal amount of funding to use for the arts, after school programs, academic technology, or school renovations that all promote a heather and more engaging learning environment for all students.Although the process to get a bill that would enforce a fully federal funding of all public school passed by congress would take time and a lot of effort, it would provide equality for all public schools regardless of reputation or locatio n giving students an equal opportunity. Placing a minimum on the amount of standardized test required by public schools indoors each state as well as making the value of class tests towards a students general grade equal to homework and classwork would lessen the stress brought on my too much emphasis on testing which would allow students to focus on their eduction instead of simply passing the test.Such a policy would require several petitions and time to figure out what tests are more essential and which test could be eliminated however, it would greatly reduce the stress of school making it more pleasing and allow teachers to provide the best possible education to their students. These policies can help improve the American public school system by allowing each student to take advantage of a learning based eduction that provides the knowledge needed to ensue and make a positive impact on our ever changing world.

Happiness Essay Example for Free

bliss Essaymost humans, I hope, strive and yearn for cheer in whatever they do. Its almost as if its a basic human need. They penury to sapidity devout, content, and satisfied with whatever they do or have. In the Jewish Text Ethics of Our Fathers it is written, Who is Rich? One who is riant with his portion. I wholeheartedly believe this scripture. tribe forever and a day want more and more, yet they never regainm to be contempt. They want the next ruff car, or the decentr shirt, only they burn downt seem to achieve the rejoicing they so desire. Unfortunately we see often in the news of a wealthy businessman, or a famous actor/actress who atomic number 18 each(prenominal) arrested or worse, found dead because of an alcohol or drug related eveningt. Why do these wealthy, successful and beautiful population do this to themselves? They have everything in that location heart desires at their fingertips, but there is something visibly lacking. I believe that its because they werent suitable to achieve true contentment and they throw into a bad depression. Someone can have so much money, clothes and cars, but where is the love? Where is the true human interaction?I can honestly say most of these people choke artificial lives. From their celebrity relationships with 5 kids from 3 husbands to having every new piece of clothing, they see themselves that its on the whole empty and meaningless but they cant get out of that rut. Business men who either have the too-much-money syndrome or the ones that have f everyen on extremely hard times have the aforementioned(prenominal) issue, so much as they even have a stereotype when it comes to depression- doing drugs, and lots of it. While this all seems clear cut and simple, its truly not. The human mind is very complex and very unique.Richard Layard, in his book Happiness- Lessons From A New Science tries to shed some light on this topic and even suggests some ways on how to change ourselves to become content and to attain more and more happiness during our lives. He uses his knowledge of several different sciences and economics to try to cross-file us where happiness comes from and how we can attain it. Layard starts off with a series of questions on page 12 So what is the opinioning of happiness? Is there a state of feeling near or feeling bad that is a property of all our waking life? Can people say at any moment how they feel?Indeed, is your happiness something, a bit like your temperature, that is always there, fluctuating away whether you think about it or not? If so, can I compargon my happiness with yours? Layard asked some very in depth and omnipotent questions here. He then proceeded to perform them all with a yes. I dont believe that the answer is a universal yes. There are billions of people in the ground with billions of different backgrounds, feelings and beliefs. One foretell I can agree with Layard on is his second question, Is there a state of feeling good or feeling bad that is a dimension of all our waking life? There is.When we as humans do tasks or interact with other people, we need to be in a reliable mind frame. If someone, for example, isnt in a happy mood they might not be able to accomplish what they would like to because their mind is in a state which wont allow them to. When I was studying abroad in Israel I went through a traumatic, unspoilt death recognize. I was jeeping with my cousins near the Jordan Desert when suddenly ground gave way to our jeep and we everyplaceturned into a deep ditch. I was on the side that the jeep landed on and was buried under debris and all of the gear and belongings that were in the jeep at the time.My oldest cousin Yossi, an ex-delta sniper for the Israeli Defense Forces, extricated me out, I was in a shaken up but happy mood. That happy mood didnt last too long. We had to wait over 3 hours for a team of professionals to come and evacuate us out of the desert. I was getti ng stimulate and cold, all the mean speckle with much time on my hands to sit and ponder. I eventually went into a mild depression for the next few days. Little to no appetite, almost no conversation, and even skipping request services were some of the effects of this mini-depression. I went to Israel to study and to become more observant in my religion.The experience of the jeeping accident led me into bad mood that temporarily blinded me from my purpose, and what I wanted to accomplish couldnt be accomplished at that time. When Layard talks about The Function of Happiness on page 24, he makes a strong statement It (happiness) is supremely important because it is our overall motivational device. We seek to feel good and to avoid pain. (not moment by moment, but overall. ) He ferments examples of things that we do in everyday life that bring us happiness or sadness, things that if they werent done, would have brought the human race to its demise.He brings this to light to show th at even when we are not realizing it, we are looking to bring ourselves happiness and joy, and while not realizing it, we are achieving a human need of happiness. Layard, on page 48, delves into something I can honestly assume a great portion of humanity deals with. It is the concept of the Hedonic Treadmill once a human gets something nice or something happy occurs in ones life, the good feeling only lasts a while until that person wants more, or the next best happiness.Rich people always want the next speedy car, the watch with the most diamonds that year, the dress with the most zeros on the price tag than the year before. If one wasnt able to acquire that need or want that they so desired, they would not be as happy as they were and, according to Layard, one would revert back to how they felt before they had that next best thing. I deal with this feeling every day, but through discussions with close mentors of mine, I have been able to retard that want somewhat, but sometimes I still cant help it.I always wanted to lease a car with features, but I was rejected by car companies many an(prenominal) times. Finally this year after much thought and after getting my finances in line, I was approved to lease a 2012 Honda. The car came with leather, power seats, heated seats, and alloy rims. I was ecstatic I finally got what I have been wanting. Now its a month later and Im getting employ to the car, but I want more features in it. I see myself running on this treadmill. I realize its a natural human want, but I try to make myself happy with what I have and I utilize mentors and friends to help me feel the way I desire to feel. winning NLP into consideration, I see a perfect example of mirroring involved with the way we feel with regards to happiness and feelings. For example, at on occasion or get together, whether a happy or sad one, people usually act the way most people are at those events. When a bride or fix walks down the aisle at a wedding, one might not have the intention to kick for them, but they do anyway unintentionally because other people are doing it. Another example is when couples are married and live together for 40 to 50 years. They tend to start looking similar to each other even though they looked completely different at time of marriage.The same goes here with mercantile happiness and satisfaction. We sometimes want the next best thing because our friend does, or because our friend has it and we want to mirror them and have the same thing. While I feel that Layard makes amazing points on the topic of happiness and the way we deal with feelings on a daily basis, I dont believe he has the final word on it. He is an independent researcher with only his opinion to back it up. The world is way too large and diverse to even base a scientific study on happiness with a range of 80,000 people.He definitely makes some headway into shedding light on the way we feel and what makes humans feel the way they do. My personal fo rmula for happiness hasnt changed much, but after reading some of what Layard has to say, and considering some NLP, I actually understand more why received things make me and others happy, things that I didnt understand previously. I now know why I feel the way I feel sometimes after purchasing an item, or going through an experience. Happiness is a very tough concept to understand but with learning and self-introspection, one can spark off closer to true happiness every day.