Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Eastenders and Coronation Street Essay Example for Free

Eastenders and Coronation Street Essayastenders and Coronation Street deals with these rules by not riseing exclusively bad violence, drugs, sexual intercourse, nudity or demonstrations of exorcisms. If any of these are shown they will be justified so much that it is suitable for any ages. This affects the reality of the programme because in some of the storyline situations they cannot fully show the reality of what may happen in real life because they cannot swear for example, and all the things they cannot show are usually in anyday life. Paragraph threeThere are different principles shown in every episode, from the Eastenders episode we watched issues raised were things like underage drinking, working underage and adultery all these issues are delt with without harming or offending anyone. In the Coronation Street episode issues raised were slander, stalking, teenage depression, abortion and St Georges Day. Again all these issues were raised without insulting people. Th ey couldnt show anything on local elections because it is against the broadcasting code and it may sway peoples decisions on who they are going to vote for.This also makes the reality of the programme not real because at that sequence of year people are talking about elections but on these programmes they cannot. Paragraph four The twain soap operas Eastenders and Coronation Street differ from advertising because BBC1 dont have a commercial breaks in the position and Coronation Street do they also are sponsored by Cadburys so at the start, the breaks and the end they herald Cadburys.On BBC1 the viewers pay for the channel to stay up and running, but on ITV they make their property from adverts and advertising different products, and in Coronation Streets instance it is Cadburys. The commercial breaks are limited and regulated so they suit the stereotypical types who watch that certain programme but in soap operas instance all ages watch so there is adverts for all ages. Corona tion Street and Eastenders are similar in that both dont show any products, brand names or designs so people are not persuaded to procure one product over another.Paragraph five Conclusion My opinion is that soap operas can neer be real because of the regulations they are under, for example swearing and abuse is apart of everyday life nevertheless if it is to the minimum. However I dont think people watch them, for the realism of the programme but for the gossip or the melodrama others for the humour or the storylines which may help people with similar situations.

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