Sunday, April 21, 2019

Overloading Trucks 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Overloading Trucks 2 - Essay ExampleIn this similar concern, one of the trustworthy organisations of everywhereloading trucks control in Saudi Arabia can be viewed as the Weigh Station Management. The uncreated function of this control system is to check the weight of the trucks. All the heavy vehicles need to pass done the weigh station in order to obtain the idea about the weight limits. The purpose of utilising this system control is to impose legal load limits and therefore avoiding trucks from damaging highways and bridges (AlGadhi, 2001). In New Zealand, the vista of The Weigh-In-Motion System is normally used as one of the effective current systems of overloading trucks control. This system fundamentally comprises sensors, electronics and software. This cross system is installed to gather traffic data (Dornier Consulting, 2011). The system is typically used to identify over load, over height of the trucks running in the highway and also to minimise the static weight as order by the traffic. Also the Kistler Lineas quartz sensors can be apparently observed in both Saudi Arabia and New Zealand as the other overloading trucks control system. It is worth mentioning that the sensors act as a controlling prise which helps in minimising road damages and accidents in the form of transmitting certain valuable information (Traffic technical school Group, 2010). It can be affirmed that the

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