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Public Tax Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Public task Policy - Essay ExampleTherefore, a public tax policy can be draw as guidelines for dos that the executive or the administrative branches of a solid grounds governance should take. These actions are normally encompassed with inborn principles and are usually of responsive nature (McGrail, Morgan, and Hertzman 160). As such, these actions are mostly adopted to respond to certain issues in a manner that can be identified as consistent with the countrys laws as well as customs of the institutions within that country. The stronghold of public policies in all country is the national law as well as the constitutional law, which is in most cases substantially established. In addition to this, the implementing legislation is besides identified as fundamental to national policies. An example of this is the U.S national code (McGrail, Morgan, and Hertzman 166). Judicial interpretations as well as the legislation authorized regulations make the rest of the substrates essenti al in establishing public taxpolicies. According to scholars, the most effective description of public policies is that they are a musical arrangement of regulatory measures, funding priorities as well as actions taken with reference to a specified topic. It should non only be a topic but one that has been promulgated by the government representatives or the entity itself (Feehan 45). Commonly, the public policies are entailed such aspects as the judicial decisions, constitutions as well as in legislative acts (Howlett 36). II. Thesis Statement The purpose of this paper is to critically analyse the public tax policies adopted by the U.S and thereby determining if the founding fathers really made the right decisions concerning those policies (McGrail, Morgan, and Hertzman 170). III. Discussion Analysis of Govermental engagement in Public tax policies i. Presidents Office In the US, the office of the president is usually mandated with the debt instrument of ensuring that the govern ment agents operate cohesively as well as optimumly with regard to govermantal projects. The funding of these projects comes from the public finances. Usually, the president designs the fabric in from which implementation of the public tax policy will be done and passed to the U.S treasury and from there, this framework is released to the public (Feehan 46). In his Gettysburg address, Lincoln brought the U.S together while it was experiencing impairments. He did this by invoking the Founding fathers. This course of action can also be traceable in the actions of Franklin Roosevelt during his attempts to change the Americas social wad such that, apart from the security from hostility, he ensured that it also implicated the economic security which is a render of a common good for the public (McGrail, Morgan, and Hertzman 176). Moreover, the process is usually multifaceted and it entails interplaying between individual groups as well as several individuals (Feehan 47). As such, the se individuals and interest groups engage themselves in collaborations in an grounds to put down an influence on the makers of the policies such that they will act in a certain manner. In an effort towards advancement of their aims, these interest groups and individuals utilize a wide range of tools as well as tactics. These include mobilizing the affiliated parties on some issues, make explicit attempts not only to empower but also to educate the supporters as well as the opponents. In

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