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Civil rights movement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Civil rights movement - Essay ExampleThis was the period that was well-nigh associated with the rise of Black Nationalism. Therefore, in the late 60s, there were several organizations including SCLC, SNCC and NAACP which faced challenges from militant organizations such as the Blank Panther party. Black Nationalism was significantly influenced the pan-African leaders such as Muhammad and Malcolm X (Mcwhorter 17). The proponents of racial liberation usually viewed the African-American freedom struggle as a movement for human rights. The system of the Black Panther of picking up the gun revealed some of the sentiments of most of the individuals in the black society. Jackie Robinson was withal one of the celebrated individuals in civil rights. This was after the Dodgers participated in the Civil Rights Game on Saturday. intimately of the honest citizens were killed together with the black fendors. The civil rights activists used civil disobedience to implement change. For example, Emmett Till who was an African American boy was murdered brutally in Mississippi. He was 14 years old when he was murdered in Mississippi after he was reported to be flirting with a innocence woman. This brutal murder included torture before the actual cleaning of the innocent African-American boy. Therefore, the killing of the boy triggered the civil rights movement since he was beaten and shot by two white men. On the other hand, it was evident that Emmett was disobedient to her mother after she discovered that he had an affair with the white woman (Mcwhorter 19). Additionally, Curt Flood who was a renowned baseball payer for the St. Louis Cardinals was a pivotal player in the team. During this epoch, he refused to accept a trade after the 1969 season. It was quite evident that the trade was closely associated with racism. However, he was unsuccessful after appealing to the Supreme Court in the United States though his legacy notwithstanding remains alive even after his death (Mcwhorter 23). In 1962, most of the citizens staged a protest when the court ordered the University of Mississippi to register black students. The University is too known as Ole Miss. Martin Luther faggot junior was an active minister and a civil rights advocate who had established the nonviolent protest movement. He now and then led several protests and ostracises regarding human rights in the black society. Martin Luther King Jr. was the most effective boycott leader since he understood and used several tactics to defend the rights of the black people. This made Martin Luther King Jr. an essential and honored leader amongst the African Americans. In fact, the African Americans throughout the American land were receiving immense attention when they were fighting for their rights. As stipulated above, the American society was at unease during the 1960s. This violence got worsened when the blacks started fighting back violently (Mcwhorter 25). The most illustrious boycott durin g this era was the protest for jobs and freedom. Malcolm X was also another believer of black rights. According to Malcolm X, the blacks have a right to fight for their lives. Therefore, he was a considerable influence to the young black youths in the society based on the aspect of racism. However, he was not promoting violence as he was always accused by his critics. Before his death, he had make a book regarding black America. During this period, the African

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