Tuesday, May 28, 2019

John F. Kennedy :: essays research papers

John F.Kennedy was destined to be president of the UnitedStates. He would rather mold chronicle than let history molditself. John Kennedy was born in Brookline, MA in 1917.His mother was Irish and his father was a graduate ofHarvard University and had entered the business world. after(prenominal) their arrival as immigrants, Johns grandparentsentered politics. John had attended four different schoolsbefore attending Harvard. He first attended Dexter workin Brookline where he played football. He was thenenrolled at the Riverdale Country Day School in Bronxville,NY because his father had moved for business reason. Hehad in like manner attended the Canterbury School in New Milford,MA and then he spent his secondary school years atChoate in Wallingford, CT. As a student, Kennedy wasaverage. He had potential of a great intellect and had acapacity to learn scarcely he failed to apply himself. Therefore,he was happy as a B student. In 1946, JFK started downthe road mapped out for him b y his father. Since Kennedywas more of a scholar than a politician, it wasnt easy whenhe ran for Congress from mammy 11th district.Since his family was well known, he fit right in. He servedin the House of Representatives for six years. Then in1952, he ran for the Senate against Henry Cabot Lodge.He win and then began to capture the eyes of men in theDemocratic Party. In 1956 he decided to run as theDemocratic Vice Presidential nominee, but he lost to theSenator of Tennes design. His effort, however, earned himnational prominence, exactly what he wanted. In 1960 hewon the Democratic Presidential Contest. From that timeon JFK had developed into oneness of the most effectivespeakers in the history of the presidency. While a juniormember of the Senate in 1952, Kennedy me Jacquelin LeeBouvier, who was working as a photographer for the working capital Times Herald. On September 12, 1953, theymarried in Hyannis Port on Cape Cod. Although Kennedywas not born a politician, he learned the trade fast. His pursuance for presidency started in 1959. His campaign was avery exhausting experience for him. He had planned earlyon that he would cover everything, do everything and seeeveryone. The highlight of the 1960 Presidential Campaignwas the series of four television debates between Kennedyand his adversary, Richard M. Nixon. Even off screen,Kennedy had a way of turning the debates to hisadvantage. When the ratings were in, Kennedy had clearlypassed up his opponent by a considerable margin. Manyexperts believe that his appearance on television was thekey factor in winning most of the votes.

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