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Love Blood and oil Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Love Blood and crude - Essay ExampleThis meeting took fleck between the Saudi Arabias King Ibn Saudi and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. This agreement progressed at various foreign form _or_ system of government doctrines with the subsequent United States presidents to George W. Bush. The 2008 Klares documentary film Blood and Oil featured much of what was presented in the Klares book that is, the conflict of oil.The oil reserves in the Middle East have ample been regarded a stupendous source of strategic power by America. This claim is evidenced by a memo to the state department that is dated August 1945. According to Michael Klare, a progressive energy analyst, in his documentary, Blood and Oil, the Middle East oil resources contributes to the United States weakness (Morris&Young 6). Based on the equivalent documentary, Blood and Oil, Klare examines the relationship between United States foreign policy and Oil. Plying the part of a film commentator, Klare hints on the importance o f accessing and dogmatic oil within the presidential doctrines right from FDR through the administration of George W. Bush. On this point, Klare argues that controlling of the worlds energy resources is foundational to the United States of America foreign policy as from the World contend II. Notably, the notion of Blood and Oil administrations demonstrates how the United States energy policy and foreign policy to be genuinely essential intertwined (Morris&Young 9).Since the year 1860, the United States of American is known to be the leading petroleum consumer. condescension its worldwide low population of approximately five percent of the entire world population, the United States oil based economy consumes approximately twenty five percent of oil that is produced globally this can be approximated to twenty million barrels per day. In the 1960s, the United States became intensively self sufficient and was producing over fourscore percent of its own oil. Nonetheless, the

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