Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mexico Versus venezuela research paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Mexico Versus venezuela research paper - Essay ExampleAnother economical problem is that closely of the countrys commercial bank assets are by the financial institutions of the U.S. This shows that Mexico is solely dependent on their neighbors in the top. If the economy of U.S were to collapse then, Mexico is to experience a orotund economical problem of their history. Another big problem facing the economy of Mexico is the big existence of drug cartels in the country. Mexico has a reputation of organism the hub of drug lords to the homogeneouss of Pablo Escobar, who controlled most of the Mexico. These drugs end up ruining the youth of the country wherefore not organism able to discharge their duties bringing a stalemate to the economy. Drug cartels bring violence to the country hence discouraging investment from foreigners in the country. In addition, these drugs bring about money laundering and this as comfortably becoming perilous for the economy of Mexico (Krugman, 25).Howe ver, the best economic policy to this issue is by surely put in education, infrastructure, telecommunications, energy and agriculture. It is to protect the poorest if the U.S economy starts to slow down. The government has to come with a better direction of taxing informal commerce with the financial system in order for a business to chip in for public investment. Mexico should try to collaborate with other countries and stop solely depending on U.S.Venezuela is the preferred country of choice. It is that Venezuela is precise conscious when it comes to environmental conservation since its most territory is dedicated to the national parks and reserves. (Soto, 47).Big airlines like Air France, British, Lufthansa, Alitalia, and Iberia all serve Venezuela hence being a good economic fare. Economic liberty score of Venezuela is at 36.3 Venezuela is also a big player in the petroleum industry. This gives it a study economic boost. The country is also the most urbanized in whole of S outh America (Middlebrook 98). notwithstanding

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