Sunday, June 16, 2019

Creating a sense of Communiy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Creating a sense of Communiy - Essay ExampleWhen it comes to African culture, a number of aspects arise due to the conservative reputation (Halverson & Tirmizi, 2008). This is especially so when it comes to such aspects as religion, music, art, and beliefs that normally promote communal work through the sharing of items such as homes, natural resources, and wealth. Additionally, their music and literary work is meant to enhance cohesion, as it mainly focuses on building a strong bond among the Africans and beyond (Sizoo, 2010). Perhaps it is important to look at the Mexican culture that uses unique cuisines and architecture to unite those who belong or would like to be associated with the culture. Ordinarily, the Mexican culture emphasizes on romance and love through legion(predicate) and unique weddings (Doudna, 2004).While not all cultures promote harmonious stay among the community, it is worthy to note that the Jamaican culture focuses more on uniting its people by preaching p eace through the reggae music among other things such as marijuana (Dhingra, 2007). This is important for cohesion and crime deterrence especially in the modern society. Overall, culture plays a very significant role in the identity of various communities and this further enhances cohesion among the members belonging to a particular ethnical background (Halverson & Tirmizi,

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