Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Define the term culturally competent organisation and elaborate what Essay

Define the term culturally competent organisation and elaborate what actions could be pee-peen by the organisation to increase its cultural competency - Essay ExampleThis is more relevant in service sectors, especially the health care industry. One must appreciate the uniqueness of health care industry before proceeding further. A health care skipper needs to strike an equation with the patient before any substantive healthcare can take place since, matching of frequency in thought, feelings and culture is essential for the patient to really start trusting a professional nurse. Unless this trust is developed and nurtured, any hope of speedy recovery can be safely forgotten. The only way such trust can take roots is through cultural compatibility. The patient must feel completely at home for medicines to start taking effect. (Sue, D.W. & Sue, D, 1990)A culturally competent healthcare institution accepts the difference that exists among different cultures and races and not only res pects that difference but excessively adapts itself to serve all those who come from diverse cultures. The first abuse towards becoming a culturally competent healthcare organisation is to engage in deep research about different cultures and taking professional avail from persons who are experts in the nuances of these cultures and ethnic groups. The results and findings of these researches need to be circulated in an easily intelligible format among all the healthcare professionals in the organisation so that separately one of them gets the opportunity of equipping themselves to face challenges of cultural diversity.But a culturally competent organisation not only tries to adapt itself to diverse cultures of those whom they serve. They also induct such cultural diversity within their ranks by employing people from diverse cultures so that it becomes almost natural for the organisation to automatically adapt to practices predominate in far off countries. (Cross, T.L., B.J. Bazr on, K.W. Dennis, and M.R. Isaccs, 1983)Such a constructive approach towards overcoming the barrier

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