Saturday, June 22, 2019

QUSTIONS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

QUSTIONS - Essay ExampleBefore long, Google earned its popularity as it soon became the biggest search engine in the world. Googles business model is also based on innovation. Its brand became on the most popular brands in the cyber world. It was quick to expand its services to include Google Maps, Google Earth, Froogle, Google Scholar, Google Books, and alike(p) products (Spencer). In maintaining these two business models, Google is sure to stay at the top of the worlds internet products. Google has posted significant growth in revenues during its 2008 first off quarter. It generated revenues of $5.19 billion for March 2008 which is 42% higher than its March 2007 figures. It also posted 3.7 billion revenues from advertising commissions. It had a net income of $1.31 billion with $4.12 per share up from the twelvemonth 2007 $1 billion worth of profits and $3.18 per share (Perez, p. 1). With the internet world and its competitors growing at phenomenal rates, Googles capability of ge nerating profits has been sorely tried but it nevertheless still managed to register significant return of investments for the past several years. Most of the companys profits come from the pay-per-click text ads universe the best provider of this type of ad has helped to boost its profit growth (Perez, p. 2).

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