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The Color Purple Film Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

The Color purple Film - Essay ExampleTheme of the film Color Purple The film capitalized on its capability to depict scenes visually. One problem, however, was that the speckle of the novel was too long to fit into a reasonable time scale for a movie. This led to some great parts of the book being removed. One important part was missing in the end. In the book, Celie standing up to Albert was the turning point of the story, as it forced Albert to reevaluate his personality. The movie left this crucial transformation out. This would explain why inkiness workforce were angered by the movie. (Denby, 56) Albert was shown in the immigration office, but he was never shown to have any remorse for the way he treated Celie, and that left his timber incomplete. The film shows that Shug A actually made a tremendous impact on Celies life. She taught Celie how to love, laugh, and live. Some parts of this novel are hard to read and understand because they are letters written by Celie but W alker does a very good job letting the reader know what the characters are feeling. The film goes after the componential features that made the book thriving. Among these features, the most prominent is well-built and well knitted character growth. Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey left no stone unturned in playing leading roles as Celie and Sofia. Danny Glover was also splendid, and along with these main characters, the supporting cast, too, did an planely inspiring task. The plot is fabricated deep into the chain of events and the characters all through, while never holding back even a single drop of sentiment. Such stuff keeps the earreach judging every prospective occurrence and counter checking every facet. Its levels of story lines make possible the series of events fascinating. It verifies that theres certain more to Celies life... The film The Color Purple originally written by Alice Walker was directed by Steven Spielberg and its screenplay was written by Menno Meyjes. Th e film was made in 1985. Alice Walkers novel The Color Purple and later its film adaptation by Steven Spielbergs have raised gigantic and hot debate between media and African-American community. A great part of this controversy covers even the extensive belief that both the novel and the film portray black male characters with a partial and unconstructive approach. They are typified as stereotypical tyrant, abusers, rights usurpers and rapists who are just there to dictate and oppress women in their life. This is, if analyzed thoroughly, not the first time Walker has been charged associated with gender and racial controversy pertaining to the black male characters depicted in her novels. Walker, in her own defense, has stated several times that women all too often are abused by the men they love. She adds that all of the characters in her novels, male and female, represent people that she has known throughout her life.

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