Saturday, July 20, 2019

Essay --

Cellphone’s use by students at school has become a controversial issue for the educational system in today's society. Most teachers and school administrators believe that cellphones are disruptive. Although school officials ruled policies to prohibit using the cellphones during class time, students carry them all the time in class. The text messaging, calling and even browsing the net during class time caused them to be distracted and be uninterested in learning. In other word, students who pay too much attention to their cellphones become uninterested in learning during class lectures and they would like socializing more than listening to the lectures . This behavior can also affect others in class and distract them. Many school boards have been worried that cellphones can impede education, therefore they banned using it. Students should have a controlled environment to be able to learn successfully. Cellphones should be banned in schools because they create distraction in cl ass, they can be used for cheating on the tests and privacy invasion issue. In many schools cellphones are banned because it is known as a disruption and distraction tool in classes. Allowing cellphones in classes is not a simple controversial issue as long as most teens have one of them and wherever we turn we cut them through text messaging and calling. Although, cellphones made our life convenient, they are disruptive in some parts. It happens all the time that someone makes a loud conversation in a bus or store and annoys other people. At schools the distraction may even be greater than public places. Students that carry phones with them in classes can cause distraction among the other students because sometimes they forget to turn off their phones... and they can cause the privacy be taken away. Lately, cellphones have become a big issue for schools and they have a big role on learning process. Teachers argue that cellphones are distraction in classrooms and they should be banned. Cellphones make students to text, play games and act irresponsibly during the time when they should study. This causes them to be distracted and not to pay full attention to the class. Cellphones can be also used as a cheating device as long as it makes possible for students to accesses to the internet or by taking pictures of the exams charge other students. Camera phones can invade privacy and safety in schools since some students take and spread inappropriate pictures of other students in locker rooms and restrooms. Cell phones impact education and schools, therefore they should not be allowed to use in schools.

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