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Small business management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Small business management - Essay Example Similarly, Clippy was a small venture, so utilizing media, which is effective yet cost effective was the motto of the owner. This is what exactly what Calypso Rose did. She utilized the power of social media channels and online marketing for not only advertising her products but selling them too. Clippy generate majority of its sales through its website or e-store (Clippykit Ltd., 2013). The website of the store has been built on Web 2.0 platform, which is quite interactive and allows the customers to browse through different products that the company is offering. The website gives a casual feel to the customers, so that customers can not only shop online, but also express their feedback through blogs, read about the owner’s journey to set up Clippy and know about the products that are offering available on discount (IOWA State University, 2013). Apart from this, Clippy has utilised Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, twitter and other social media channels to inspire people to cu stomise their own Clippy bags and get to use personalised products (Clippykit Ltd., 2013). The traditional media was all about delivering message to the customers, which were accomplished through radio, print or television. However, traditional media marketing was one-sided communication. If ClippyKit availed the traditional media vehicles, then it would have to spare extra funds for promotion of its products. Moreover, knowing the customers’ demand and their feedback regarding different products would not be known because the communication would be one-way. However, ClippyKit has utilised Facebook, Instagram to post the photos of its products, welcome other’s designs and interact with customers. This has assisted ClippyKit to venture into the sales of other products such as, Christmas cakes, gifts, accessories, school stuffs for kids, etc apart from see through bags (Hirschkorn, 2009). After analysing Clippy’s experience of utilising new media for its promotion , the focus of this essay would shift towards discussing whether the media strategies used by ClippyKit is typically what small businesses utilise or was it different from that. The suggestion that every marketing consulting firm have to offer for the rising entrepreneurs and small businesses is that the most cost effective way to promote their business, increase profitability and gather customers’ feedback is social media channels. The new media is the ultimate channel, which utilised by not only small businesses, but bigger companies too. For a small business firm, it is difficult to bring out a handsome sum of fund for extensive promotion in audio visual or print media. They see social media to be the most cost effective mode of promotion. Secondly, the reach of social media and other web-based media channel is higher to the customers nowadays, than even print or audio video media, so it is typically the first choice for almost every start-up business firms irrespective of country (Hirschkorn, 2009). The entrepreneurs can simply click the picture of their products themselves and post it on Facebook or other social media channel for branding. Posting photos on social media sites makes it easier for customers to know about the products and the process of sales becomes a lot easier. This is one of the key reasons behind the success of small start-up firms. The major function of media is

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