Thursday, August 22, 2019

Management Essay Example for Free

Management Essay Our group feels that this question can be answered in 2 different ways namely, from the manager’s perspective or from the employee’s perspective for each aspect of Ajzen’s theory. 1. Attitude toward the behaviour  In this case, the ‘attitude’ here refers to that of the recession. From employees’ perspective – employees will be low in spirits and morale during a recession as they know that there is a high possibility that they will be retrenched by the company. From manager’s perspective – The manager will have a positive attitude about improving the performance of the employees during a recession because if they do not do so, the company will take a long time or never recover from the recession. The manager can improve the employee’s performance by a. Communicating with the employees about the recession and the possible impacts it will have on the workplace. b. Provide continuous feedback which includes occasional recognition and rewards to boost their morale. c. Attribute the employees’ consistent performance and update them on the state of the economy. 2. Subjective norm From employees’ perspective – employees feel that they should not give in their 100% at work in times of a recession as the likelihood of being retrenched is still prominent, so why work so hard? They are pressured by their peers to act in this manner. From manager’s perspective – managers are pressured by the top management (CEOs, shareholders) to think of ways to improve the employees’ performance. Such methods are as mentioned earlier above. 3. Perceived Behavioural Control  From employees’ perspective – it is very easy to succumb to peer pressure and not give in their best in their work in times of a recession. From manager’s perspective – managers are completely in charge on their intention to improve the employees’ performance during a recession as it is their job to do so.

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