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Morgan stanly Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Morgan stanly - Essay Example The headquarters is located in New York City, Manhattan, and the representatives of the company, as well as subsidiaries can be found in 42 countries. Total assets that company manages or supervises, reported by the company, total $ 304 billion. The company was established in September 1935 by Henry Morgan, Harold Stanley, and others. The establishment was stipulated by the Glass-Steagall Act, that required the proper division of the banking and investment activity of the financial organizations. As Chiou and Larson (2005) emphasize the first operational year appeared rather successful, as the company managed to gain the 24% of the market share (which involved up to $ 1 billion) in managing the public offerings (up to 70% of the company’s assets) as well as private placements. In the end of 1930s the company participated in the industrial development of the USA by offering $ 100 million debentures for the US Steel Corporation, as well as obtaining the rail syndicate in 1939. T he 1950s period is considered as quite notorious for the financial structure of the company, since the company was involved into the banking activity by co-managing the World Bank’s bonds. ... in the same year, and entered the real estate business by this merger. In 1990s, the company added another financial management approach, and started serving like the underwriter for most technical and scientific initiatives. Therefore, Morgan Stanley served as the key underwriter for Netscape, Cisco, Compaq, Dolby Laboratories, Brocade, Google and others. The core products that the company offers for the financial services market involve Global Wealth Management, Investment Management and Consulting, as well as working out proper and relevant management strategies for the institutional financial securities. Industry Analysis Financial services that are offered by the Morgan Stanley and competitors are generally intended to regulate the financial flow, stabilize the economic and financial global situation, as well as secure the managed financial reserves, debts, and investments from financial catastrophes and crises. Therefore, the financial services industry involves such spheres as banking, financial insurance, managing security, investment fund controlling, retail, payment systems development. Considering the circumstances of the 2008 financial crisis, stabilization, and reformation of the global economic system is regarded as the priority for most experienced economists. They make emphasis on developing effective financial management tools, that financial companies possess. (Horrigan, 2004) In accordance with the estimates, offered by Halah Touryalai (2013), Forbes observer, the Morgan Stanley controlled up to 40% assets of the retail clients in 2012, and the forecasts for the years 2013-2014 expect that this share will suffer 16% decrease. RBC Wealth Management’s (regional assets broker) market share, in its turn is

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