Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Press release event Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Press release event - Essay Example Buses will leave for Bradford Woods from the School of Public Health – Bloomington building, on Oct 15th @ 8am. Culture of Care emphasizes the Bystander Intervention Mechanism to help students demonstrate care for one another. The program encourages them to adopt an active approach for the delivery of care to other members of the society, as this is essential to overcome the obstacles that arise due to the more prevalent Bystander Effect. Many of us are well-aware of the reluctance that is demonstrated by our people regarding performance of social duties. Considering every social responsibility to be the duty of others is the primary reason behind the Bystander Effect; a phenomenon that is detrimental to our society as a whole. This encouragement program targets Hoosiers to rise to the occasion and have the courage to care, by learning about overcoming the Bystander Effect. Goal of the retreat is to answer questions pertaining to what, why and how this initiative is important. The topics pertaining to social and psychological well-being are of the highest priority and will be addressed accordingly. The aim is to bring about a positive change in the behaviors of the members of the society by educating them in a way that is informal yet contributory towards the learning of the society as a whole. Being the first-ever retreat hosted by this initiative, the event will inspire fresh ideas brought forward by students to make the campus a safer place for all. Revolving around the notion of Bystander Effect, the activity will seek to find answer to questions

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