Saturday, August 31, 2019

Robyn Matthers

Robin Matter's was an extraordinary young person; a young woman who is physically short and nuggets, but graceful and well balanced, who is normally calm and quiet but loves to win and who is at her best in the toughest of situations . She saves Lee's life when he is shot and keeps Elli going when they strike to rescue Lee. She is a leader, and not Just when the going is tough. When Elli or Homer are active, she will let them run the show, but when leadership is needed, she will provide, even in ‘normal' situations.She is also compassionate and caring, sometimes in a big way. But often Just little things that make a big difference. At the beginning of the novel we are introduced to Robin as a responsible, reliable teenager who wasn't able to commit to the camp out without the conformation and permission from her strict parents. Elli finds Robin's parents' trust issues in their daughter quite amusing, â€Å"The funny thing about it was that if parents ever had a daughter they c ould trust it was the Matter's and Robin, but they didn't seem to have worked it out yet.The biggest problem she was ever likely to give them was being late to church. And that'd probably be because she was helping a boy scout across the road. Robin was fairly quiet and serious. She got effort certificates at school every year, and she was heavily religious. Though underneath the coax of this surface, Robin was an extremely determined, strong minded person, who could be highly competitive at times. Throughout the novel we see Robin progress and slowly, bit by bit; and she cracks the shell of the quiet obedient good girl she used to be, before the invasion.Robin's major character traits stay pretty much the same and she is still content to keep her morality throughout the war but we do notice small changes and impacts the war has ad on Robin. For one, Robin emerges as a leader. She was able to rise above the others when they were all having emotional breakdowns as their world was cru mbling around them, trying to comprehend the idea of an invasion on their own soil. She was no longer the small quiet girl who always carried out good deeds and lived a typical Wireman life.The invasion had created a certain strength within Robin that only really shed light in her past life when she was intently competing in sport. This strength allowed her to undertake tasks without a moment's hesitation in times of life or death situations. Robin skipped over the next bit pretty quickly but it's one of the reasons for writing all this down, because I want people to know stuff like this, how brave Robin was that night.She picked up the photocopier that sits on a stand near the lottery desk and chucked the whole thing through the door. Then she ran to Lee, heaved him onto her back, across her shoulders, and carried him through the shattered door, kicking out bits of glass as she went. † Robin's bravery saved Lee that night of the patrol raid. She turned into a heroin over the course of a night and as well as her commendable bravery and strength in arraying Lee to safety, Robin was able to overcome her fitful fear of blood and needles. I've given him two injections today. It was cool fun. ‘ ‘Robin! ‘ I nearly passed out myself, in amazement. ‘You faint when people even mention injections! ‘ ‘Yes, I know,' she said, with her head on one side as though she were a botanist studying herself. ‘It's funny, isn't it? † Overall, I think the drastic effects of the war had flicked a newly found switch within Robin's kind heart. The changes within had shaped her to be resilient in tough situations and had consequently saved the lives of friends.

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