Saturday, September 7, 2019

Argument Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Argument - Research Paper Example Camera phone is a type of cell phone which has the option of taking pictures (Goggin, 2012). Due to this initially it was considered a tool of intervening in to the privacy of others and therefore many countries banned its use especially in the public places. Later on due to the extensive useful effects of camera phone it was allowed. However, with the passage of time inventors developed such sophisticated built-in cameras that now people don’t know even that they have been photographed. Despite of the fact that majority of the people consider camera phone as a blessing, it has given rise to many problems that were previously not present and therefore today people believe that the use of camera phones should be constrained especially in gymnasiums and other similar places in order to ensure privacy and security of the public while on the other side there are individuals who believe that the camera phones should not be restricted at public places. Hence it leads to an argument which is not yet resolved. People who believe that camera phones does not create disturbance or infuriation in their private lives does not supports the idea of banning camera phone at public places rather they support the idea of using it at places such as gymnasiums. This is primarily due to the fact that camera phones provides an opportunity to capture the most lovable moments of one’s lives and also to share them with others via social networking websites (Goggin, 2012). The mischievous intentions of people can be controlled by the implementation of strict rules and regulations which aims to provide protection to general public. Banning camera phones would be a significant step in this regard. However, if the use of camera phones is not protected by the law then there are substantial chances that people who do not have mischievous intentions will also indulge into harming activities for the sake of fun only. It is the basic

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