Friday, September 13, 2019

Geology Volcanoes&Earthquake Assignment10 Assignment

Geology Volcanoes&Earthquake Assignment10 - Assignment Example Animals are extremely useful especially in predicting an impending earthquake. Before destructive earthquake strikes animals, exhibit strange behaviors such as they abandon their homes and move to safer areas. In the japan and china, most scientists pursue this mystery to predict an earthquake. In regard to increased interest in the management of natural disasters and improved communications, the public can now learn more about the earthquake before it hits. Nevertheless, the fluctuating earthquake rates as seismicity shows can hardly be used to determine whether the imminent earthquake is significant. Theoretically, a mega quake can occur if the length of the fault is very large such that it generates an earthquakes magnitude of more than 10. However, realistically a mega quake cannot happen because scientists have never recorded an earthquake with such magnitude. The highest they have ever recorded is magnitude 9.5 in Chile. There are ideas in place about the best place to occupy during earthquake. The ideas are referred to as ‘triangle of life. According to scientists, these ideas are misguided. During an earthquake, the ground cannot open up but instead faults do form. If the ground opens up, there will be no friction cause earthquake. In this respect, California will never sink into the ocean because the North American plate and the great Pacific plate move past one another horizontally. Due to this movement, San Francisco and the Los Angeles will be adjacent one day. It is paramount to realise that a large earthquake cannot be prevented by making very many small ones. Also, lubricating faults can be a dangerous exercise because it makes the earthquake happen sooner than it would have if the water were not injected into the fault. Further, the weather conditions can cause an earthquake especially a windy weather which can trigger a tremor to occur. In conclusion, there has never been a relationship between the earthquake and the space

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