Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Patient Privacy Policy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Patient Privacy Policy - Research Paper Example Patient Privacy Policy Evaluation process of the policy involves using questionnaires to different departments in hospitals: workers, patient, and tests on the responsibilities that are played to observe the policy. The evaluation is in terms of the responsibility of each individual, the release of information, employee related information and enforcement of the policy (Danis, Clancy & Churchill, 2002). Evaluation on responsibilities tests the understanding on the importance of respecting the rights of patients by keeping the information on their health private and the need to be sensitive to the concerns when using or disclosing the health related information. The evaluation process also focuses on understanding the policy concerning the protection of confidential information in public areas. Evaluation also is on understanding the accountability for maintaining the privacy of its patient and the confidentiality that is in the information. There are situation that the policy to keep the information of the patients private as it is disclosed in some situations such as those for law information officials as part of an investigation when the patient is a victim of a crime. Once the information is disclosed, the information of the patient is not private as it is to the public and can be known to other people. This is a problem in implementing the policy, as there is no surety in using the information only for investigation purposes.

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