Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Quantitative Research Tools Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Quantitative Research Tools - Assignment Example These quantitative analyses develop trends for future and guide strategy development and employment. The application of quantitative techniques in providing solutions to identified problems of a case study also validates the theory used to make any suggestion; unlike, qualitative research provides responses based on researcher’s biases (Dul, and Hak, 2008). Â  Since techniques under discussion are objective in nature, application in case study provides results leaving no or least room for subjectivity as for the questions. Hence, providing responses with defined scope of variables involved conclusions and recommendations. Â  Quantitative research is based on the cause and effect relationship. Testing of propositions in the context of the case study is also developed with logic and theories in deductive form. Therefore, instances of the case study are the only factors to impose the effect on the results. This also separates a researcher from posing any influence on the outcome, defining and explaining the variables of the case study under analysis that are usually prone to an extensive deviation on being explored with theory only or even using the qualitative research techniques (Gerring, 2005). Â  The exploration of a case study using mentioned techniques also provides evidence of the level of impact of uncontrollable variables indefinite terms. For instance, application of regression analysis to forecast the trend of sales in two branches of a company in distant areas but with almost identical operations and the most accounted variables would still not yield identical results. This difference in trend provides evidence related to the level of impact arising from differences in scenarios.

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