Saturday, October 19, 2019

Business Process Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Business Process Management - Assignment Example Excellent performance is a key for business success and Companies that are highly competent, set themselves apart from other firms by focusing on constant performance improvement. Some frameworks that are proposed by business project management for performance measurement are (Kellen, 2003): The Balanced Scored Card: This is the most utilized framework and had greater adaption. Balanced scored card is used to measure the things that are related to the organization’s strategy and important for logistic company. It is broken in four sections that are as follow (DHL, 2008): Activity Based Costing: Through activity-based cost, the allocation of overhead is done according to an individual customer or product instead of the allocation of overhead on overall products. Activity based costing link the cost to the sources that are being used to provide a particular service within an organization. In such ways, the flow of expenses run from resources to activities and leads to the most demanded services. In this way organization, become able to have detailed analysis of activities that are profitable and providing excess revenue to the organization as compare to their cost. This strategy is the part of the company from 1988 (BJH, n.d.). Economic Value Added: Economic value added is a measure of financial performance. The EVA is linked with the formulation of overtime and the value of shareholders. The usage of this method is done as the motivation plane of managers because the purpose of this approach is to server management with the information that can motivate them to create maximum wealth for shareholders. In DHL, EVA model is deployed to maximize the wealth of shareholders (Camerinelli, 2009). Quality Management: Quality improvement programs just not improve the performance of the organization but also enhance the level of customer satisfaction and for the improvement of

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